Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day One

We woke up this morning to the sound of pouring rain. Since I love rain I saw this as a good sign. Of course the sound of rain in the morning makes you want to crawl deeper under the blanket and stay there but this wasn't possible today - day one of Eid begins!

Hubby and number two son, Yusef, went off to the mosque wearing raincoats over their traditional Libyan clothes and the girls and I stayed home to get the rest of us dressed and straighten up the house. After the 'boys' came back from the mosque I took the annual Eid Day photo, this year minus number one son Adam who is in the US. Then off we went to my in-laws for the day.

The day was long, as I predicted it would be. But I was prepared with an assortment of things to do and games to keep the kids occupied. Fortunately the rain stopped and the small kids were able to go outside to play. All in all it was a peaceful day. 

Eid Mubarak to all who celebrate!


  1. happy eid, you keep me good company through your blog. i would like to comment on that eid photo of your family....your kids are so beautiful, God bless!

  2. happy and blessed eid ,younhave a very beautifull family ..
    an american once married to a libyan

  3. The kids look great! Bought Adam some T-Bone steaks, and a 5 quart bucket of ice cream (Tin roof sundae). Tony cooked. It was a good night, but I think Adam was a little home sick (but won't admit it). Eid Mubarak! I love you!

  4. Masha Allah and May allah Protect them and look over tham

    Fe Aman allah

  5. Eid mobarak for you and your lovely family..
    Bless you all

  6. An Arab poet said:
    عيد بأية حال عدت يا عيد
    بما مضى أم لأمر فيك تجديد
    أما الأحبة فالبيداء دونهم
    فليت دونك بيد دونها بيد
    Eid is inside not outside!and if you have some problems that you cant solve Eid will be just another ordinary boring day
    The Outsider!

  7. What a beautiful family you have! Great picture. Thanks for sharing them with us. Eid Mubarek to you! (I'm ready for it to be over myself! It's pretty exhausting...)


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