Monday, September 08, 2008

Soup in a bag

Ibrahim has fasted a few days this Ramadan. He did this out of his own free will and never once complained of feeling hungry or thirsty. I'm really proud of him. I've decided that if he wants to fast it's up to him, I'm not going to ask him to try. He's got to do it by himself. He's only nine so it's not a requirement, but it is nice that he's decided to try on his own.

Fasting normally causes people to feel a bit subdued and quiet. No so in the case of Ibrahim. He's been up to his usual tricks and the only time he ever sits still is when he's allowed to use the computer. Ibrahim is crazy about the internet. He looks up games on Google and plays for hours. I installed Zacbrowser on the computer to try to keep him in a safe zone. In the beginning he loved it and it kept him occupied, but soon he played all the games it had to offer and he became bored and started searching on his own.

I don't think it's a good thing to have kids sitting for hours and hours in front of the monitor. The internet isn't always a safe place for children. So far he is only interested in games. He likes the interaction and making things happen. He hasn't got the ability to use chat programs.

Since Ramadan started the kids don't want to play outside. It's simply too hot and humid out. So Ibrahim has been stuck inside because I can't trust him to play outside alone. He's getting bored, poor thing. His old plastic bag obsession is resurfacing. Yesterday he went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and put leftover soup in a plastic ziplock bag. I caught him tossing it around the living room like it was a bean bag. I made him take it into the kitchen and told him to throw it away but he hid it instead and Nora discovered him sucking soup out of a hole he had made in the corner of the bag... ewe... Later I found him playing with plastic wrap. It's time to take that boy out for a long, long walk or to the park or something.

I DO NOT want his five year plastic bag obsession to return. I thought he would never get out of that. And the weirdest thing was that just one day it stopped. Just like that. One day he was mad about plastic bags and the next day it was like the whole five year obsession never was. So I'm a bit alarmed by soup in a bag... And I would not have been pleased if the bag had broken either...sigh..

School will start in a few weeks. I can't wait!

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