Saturday, September 13, 2008

Are you boycotting TV in Ramadan?

There are mixed feelings about the amount of TV watched  and the type of programming available in Muslim countries during Ramadan. There's even a 'No More TV in Ramadan' campaign. And a lot written here.

I rarely ever watch TV. I don't like TV. I prefer to look at the news I am interested in on the internet and watch any relevant videos. I don't have time for television series or other programming. If I find a film I'm interested in I buy the DVD or download it and then put it on my iPod so I can watch it as I find time. But I do appreciate Ramadan TV programs because they keep my family busy (and quiet) after futoor and I can either take a nap or get some reading done at that time.

What are your thoughts about TV in Ramadan? 


  1. Whether you prefer the internet or watching TV during Ramadan, making a big deal out of either is bordering on fundamentalisim.

    If you are doing things all year round that you feel you can't do in Ramadan, then you shouldn't be doing them at all.

    Seriously, I don't think it matters if you view material from the web or from the TV, (let's not forget listening to the radio) it is still entertainment material. If it is OK to do the one, it is ok to do the other or not at all.

  2. Assalaamu 'alaikum. I agree, and I don't think it has anything to do with fundamentalism. I usually am not the type to watch a lot of tv, but during this long, hot, boring summer I found my self watching more and more shows. So this Ramadan I decided to avoid the TV altogether, and the shows I used to watch online too. I want to use the extra time for reading Qur'an, ibadah and doing productive things, not sitting around being passively entertained.

  3. I havn't watched television since my daughter discovered spacetoon and MBC3, even when she's not watching, it has to be on...sometimes this is keeps her out of my way.

    What I don't like about Ramadan TV are all the new sitcoms that come out, one after the other and they are all people seem to be talking about
    'are you following this and that???' Ummmm no.

  4. Don't get me wrong, I understand the need to get away from the tube every once in a while, what I'm talking about is why is this an issue only for Ramadan?

    We always complain that it is boring in Libya at times, so now there is something new going on. A new show for people to talk about instead of talking and gossiping about each other. Face it people usualy move in the same cicles in Libay so the conversation DOES get old.

    The title of Khadia's Composition is "Are you boycotting TV in Ramadan" meaning that this was a Ramadan question.... a religious argument per se. So my objection to this article is in the religious aspect... why are people allowed to impose their pecularities other people? I know Libya and I know they way people put pressure on other people to "be like them". I know how people make it a contest to see who is better at something than others. Unfortunately, religion has be come like a run to see who can out do who with religion. And this is what I object to.

  5. I'm not against TV in Ramadan, but why do they have to broadcast in Ramadan such a stupid, silly programm?? Thats a reason, why TV should be boycotted!

  6. ALL of you get with the program ... watch BAB AL HARA and stop being jealous ! LOL !

    Face it TV is here to stay and it is a influence on society . It is also another form that is used to social network by and with .At least it is something you can still say yes or no to .

    Spending time on the internet can be and IS just as senseless as watching TV when you spend ALL your spare time on the internet , and miss it when you are not ON the internet . That is called a addiction and if you can't go somewhere or be with people WITHOUT texting , watching , or listening to something FROM the internet OR ON the internet , then how is that any different from people that watch TV constantly? It is just a more mobile means of being mindless .

  7. P.S. No I don't want to boycott TV during Ramadan .That was the question , right ?


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