Sunday, June 07, 2009

Care to comment?

In my last post I wrote about how I felt on the first day of my arrival back to Libya after a month's absence. I said it was dirtier and stinkier than I remembered and that Libyans smell like Libyan food (onions and spices). I wrote that the streets were lined with trash and rubble.

Lots of people agreed with me but some accused me of being everything from racist to suffering a mid life crisis. One commenter even threatened me: 'and be sure you will be treated so badly soon when i meet u'. There were a few comments that I didn't post because they were vulgar in the extreme.

I said Libyans smell like Libyan food.... well guess what? Indians smell like Indian food, Ukrainians smell like Ukrainian food, Chinese smell like their food and so on. The saying 'You are what you eat.' means just that. And don't forget that old people have a specific smell and babies most certainly have their own special odor. Does this mean that I hate them? Any of them? No! Of course not. How ridiculous!

And for the people that didn't like the fact that I pointed out the trash and rubble - OH PLEASE! Go outside and open your eyes for God's sake. There is garbage all over the place and you have no one but yourselves to blame for that. Probably you have gotten so used to the mess that you don't even see it anymore.

There are plenty of Libyans who care about their surroundings and try to keep things clean and make a difference. There are lots of Libyans who have lived abroad and have learned how other people and cultures feel about keeping their country clean (my husband for instance). They come back wanting to clean, save and protect Libya's environment.

For those that accused me of hating Libyans... I have watched Libyans throw trash on the roads and beaches for the past twenty years. Lazy Libyans who think that someone will follow them around and pick up after them. Oh yes... I hate THOSE Libyans. Wouldn't you?


  1. can't agree you more...
    I have pointed this out several times in my blog, for god's sakes I have seen a man peeing in front of my apartment, I have takes his pic, so I'm not speaking out of no where...
    Lots and lots of rats which are in the size of cat are around my neighbourhood and I'm living in the middle of the city, not the suburb.
    Most of people are happy with the trashes around their houses. Luckily my neighbours are not like that. They are all incredible Libyans...

  2. I am a libyan who has lived in the UK all my life and for the past 18 years I have visited libya every summer. I love libya I really do love it but what Khadija is saying is true. I struggle in the first week in libya year after year to get coordinated and back on track. Every year I am overwhelmed on how dirty our country is. The thing is libyans I meet also admit that libya is dirty so why is there this double standard that if you're libyan by genetics you can say that but if not it's considered as an offensive and racist remark? Double standards people!

  3. Libya and the Libyan people, dirty and ignorant, backward and dirty ha ha ha
    So why return to Libya
    Kept in dirty polluted blood of your children

    It seems that your husband's family and surroundings, dirty dirty, no, no We do not advice you will not stay where there is filth and cockroaches

    Do not forget to unsavory Libyans arrested defeated Philadelphia Hahahahaha ha ha ha

    Khadija memorable of the 340 Marines in the prison of the castle Hahahaha like animals

  4. There is nothing wrong in what you said.

    I have commented again on your actual post!

    It is how people precieved what you wrote that is wrong! Why should anyone take it personal?!!!

    I mean yes there is trash everywhere...i have seen libyans throw garbage at my university even when the trash can is just a step away....

    Some students even show up smelling like food, or in the summer not showering as they should...yes that doesnt mean all libyans are like that...but it is something that is happening...

    Plus khadija has Libyan children. She is more of a Libyan than most of you would like to give credit for.

    I say, continue writing, and i think readers should be a little more open minded...there is nothing wrong with hearing what is really there!

    Just like there are clean libyans, there are not so clean libyans. There is the good, the bad, the ugly in every country...pretend she was talking of another country...somewhere we she took a vacation...we all observe...we all say ewww when i visted this place i hate this or that even though we love the ppl of that what...its our own thoughts...

  5. assalamo alikom

    Yes there are lots of Libyans who throw trash everywhere, but what can I do ?? hate them?!! No I don't hate them but I hate their behaviors..

    as Muslims, we can try to change something even by just talking and reminding people about what they should do..

    I don't throw trash on roads although I have never lived abroad... I think in this country we still have values and manners need to be considered.

    Thank you sister & please accept my comment...

  6. aa it is good that you published the disgusting post by the rambling anon previous. what a jerk! ibet they wouldnt defeat any ships nowadays! what do you think, anon. dont be so sensitive. if libya is dirty, clean up a little. if you hate khadija, who can be annoying, dont read her blog. it is that easy.

  7. Anonymous said...Libya and the Libyan people, dirty and ignorant, backward and dirty...yes
    yes and cockroaches yes some of theme even talk.
    Philadelphia was defeated by the turkish not by libyans Hahahahahah.

  8. A shine picture delivered about a country that is really encouraging stereo-type .

    Thank you !

  9. I read your post and I hated to comment only because it was too true. Though, I don't agree with you about saying that many Libyans who lived abroad value the state of cleaniness (in the sence that cleaniness is strange to Libyans)..I have to say that cleaniness wasn't too strange to Libyans in this way, but due to the lack of water, etc. it was a state of cause and effect, and now there's no excuse. In my opinion, the state you refer to is like following safe regulations by car drivers, apply the low seriously, and the streets will be safe and clean. However, while we have such gangs ruling the shabiat, interested only in stealing more public money rather than serving their own communities, this will remain a dream. So the problem is ours and we are to blame, yes.

  10. i think your blog made for affront libyans . i mean when you said libyans smell like libyans food . now you looking for the excuses when you said indians smell like indians food ...etc. so your smell like American food ohhh americans are mixed from all the world god help you how to smell your self o!o!
    try to improve your mine. it is bad way to attack the people where you live.

  11. Sic 'um girl !So true and not in a derogatory way either .No one wants to hear the bad news of their country , culture , or religion but let's face the REAL facts , it is what it is .

  12. You got some pretty sick puppies writing comments here Khadija .Who in the world is that Anonymous coward that wrote :

    Anonymous said...

    Libya and the Libyan people, dirty and ignorant, backward and dirty ha ha ha
    So why return to Libya
    Kept in dirty polluted blood of your children

    It seems that your husband's family and surroundings, dirty dirty, no, no We do not advice you will not stay where there is filth and cockroaches

    Do not forget to unsavory Libyans arrested defeated Philadelphia Hahahahaha ha ha ha

    Khadija memorable of the 340 Marines in the prison of the castle Hahahaha like animals

  13. Libya used to be beautiful from desert to sea
    Today they couldn’t keep it clean for U & me

    Constructive criticism is banned. How mean
    With no vote, government can never be clean

    Filth, garbage, and trash in every city street
    Government corruption & ignorance do meet
    No good comes from official paid 4 his seat

    Some Libyans feel are God’s gift to humanity
    How to explain such hypocrites full of insanity

    A message to all Libyans. Have an open mind
    Crippled Libyan condition shouldn’t be denied

    As long as the uneducated stay the same
    With closed eyed officials play a dirty game
    Libya can never go forward - what a shame

  14. I lived in America for 15 years and I had seen much more dirty places than we have in Libya. As with regards to american people, you can find lots of youtube stuff about american people who are so dirty that they clean their skin only once a year. If you don't like this place leave it to your american paradice. who force you to live with your agly, stinky, dirty husband? By the way your children are Libyans( depends on who their father is) as far as I know. you have been saying dirty stuuf about them. Lastly I don't know how your husband has been tolerating your abuse.

  15. keep telling the truth Khadija Teri. People need to hear it.

  16. Welcome Home,

    I think an anti litter program in the schools might help. Also anti littering spots on tv are a good idea, plus the distribution of lots and lots of municipally seviced waste dumpsters conveniently located though out the city would be big help. Maybe even color coded for types of waste to ease recycling. I don't know, is any of this doable?

    I realize there is a lot of need and not a lot of money but Lybia is not as poor as many middle eastern countries and I think they could take the lead in some of these things.

    Everyone is happier when things are cleaner and more beautiful, we just need to win the public to the notion that we all must do our bit and every bit helps.

    Hang in there KT, you are holding up the mirror and even if some people are angry, so what, everyone who can read knows who is right here.

    Big Fan

  17. every time when I come back to Libya with hope to see things different then I realize it won't, I feel sick and hate it that's because of all what you have said. starting at the airport,
    what about the smell? I'm sharing the same office with expatriate employee working together, I can't describe you how the smell of disgusting food they are eating like pork & others. So what,truth hurts.
    I'm Libyan but I'm not of those who claim they are Italian or the coolest people in the world. wake up..

  18. Hello, KT, long time no comment, so brace yourself for a ramble. I hope all's well now, and I'm sure your visit meant a lot to your mother and the rest of the family.

    So you vented about trash and the Libyan BO of spices. As far as I am concerned, you have every right to vent and express opinion, even if your opinion is disagreeable or demonstrably wrong. On the other hand, when expressing a critical opinion of society, irrespective of whether one is perceived as an outsider or insider by oneself or others, I think one has to be prepared for some flack. A threat to harm you is not what I call flack, it is criminal and stupid.

    By the way, it's too late now, but I wanted to suggest that you bring some tuna from the US for your family. Nowadays, in ordinary US grocery stores, and under labels as mainstream as Star Kist, you can buy "real tuna" finally. This is not the stuff I guess you grew up with, KT, this stuff got taste. lol lol I think you grew up with the tuna that I wouldn't even use as fertilizer. And speaking of that... I'll tell you a real story that you will probably like. This happened in Seattle during the month of Ramadan. A new group of Libyan students had just arrived, and they got a visitor to check on them and see how they're getting along. Naturally, they invited him for Iftar (fast breaking) and he agreed to be treated. He told me they put out the food, and of course, they hadn't and couldn't do much cooking, which meant your favorite food figured prominently in that meal. But my friend said the stuff was AWFUL, looked awful, smelled awful, and tasted worse. So he started to probe gently, "Where did you guys get this tuna?" One of them pipes up immediately, "I told you guys, we should not get these cans with the blue-eyed cat on the label, we should have bought the black-eyed cat brand!" lol lol lol.

    The good stuff is called "solid light tuna," not "chunk light tuna." It consists of pink, salty filets packed in olive oil, not multicolored mishmash in swamp water. I used to drive all the way to Pittsburgh (180 mi) to bring back cases of Italian tuna (Cento brand) from the "strip district" and distribute it among other Libyan neighbors. Now I can just get fantastic stuff down the street. I understand completely how an American of your generation cannot stand tuna, but I am optimistic that future Americans will have a very different taste for tuna. I can say the same about bread, even the average American now has a sense of what it really is. Did you notice a change of American taste on your trip? Did you get to visit a grocery store and notice the change in selection? Everyone knows what baguette is now, and a lot of Americans know that olive pits are not red, neither are pistachio shells, and fresh mushrooms do not come out of a can.

    OK, all you angry anons. Disagree with KT all you want, but don't ever deny her the right to feel one way or another about Libyans or Americans or even Martians. Besides, is there any society in the world that gets criticized by outsiders more than Americans? I doubt it. Think about it. If Libyans could not dis Americans, then what the hell would they use to fill their little vicarious living? Just look around and see how many Libyans are critical of American government vs. their own. Without America as a target of criticism, Libyans, among others, would have devolved into non-critical beings long ago. Come on, guys, say thanks to America... then bite like hell!

  19. hey khadija.. welcome back.. just wanted to let you know dont let the comments get to you.. youre just stating the obvious.. no culture/country/people are perfect.. if that were the case.. we would be living in a better planet..anyway please dont let them get to you. and dont waste ur energy on them either.. we need to state the obvious in order to see change.. Im a big fan of your blog.. and im Libyan living in Libya and who used to live in Canada for 25 yrs.. I love my country to bits.. but at the same time i dont get offended by the truth either.

  20. my sister tells me to come visit.... why on earth would i come to a place where the people would trash up their cities and beaches... i live in a well mantained area that has laws about throwing trash around... if you dont mind trash fine keep it in your homes, but please keep areas where everyone goes clean and well maintained ... it would boost your economy to have vistitors see what beauty there is in your old towns and cities.. i live in an area that is mostly vacationers in the winter, they come because of the weather and the great(clean) beaches and towns..yes there are dirty areas in the USA and there are people who dont care what their neighborhoods look like in every country in the world.. teri has commented on this in regards to lybia... so if you dont like her comments do something about it or shut up and live in the squallor that you have become accustomed to.... personally i would like you to pick up your trash or anyone elses you see on the street... one of these days i want to come to your counrty and see the beauty of it not your trash...of course i can keep my dollors and see any number of large citys in america yes they may have trash and yes they may need to be cleaned up in some ways but on average people in this counrty keep it clean so that all may enjoy their citys and towns and beaches and parks and all manner of places without the bother of trash flying by in the wind.

  21. I am a libyan who was born and raised in the US. This summer was the first time in my life that I have ever been to Libya. I moved to Tripoli about six months ago. As a Muslim, I know that Allah will not change the state of a people until they change themselves. In order to change for the better, one must identify the problems. Sometimes it takes someone with some perspective to point them out. Honestly, I was shocked when I got here. Besides the garbage that is all over the place, there are some really dangerous things happening in this country. One of the first things that I noticed when I got here was the absence of Islamic manners. The men here dont allow a single female to pass by without checking her out from top to bottom. The women here have completely missed the point of hijab. It seems as though rather than dressing in a modest Islamic way, each girl tries to come up with a more provocative and attractive way to cover her body. I wore hijab in the us for about 13 years now, and honestly I felt much more respect for my hijab by non-Muslim men in the US than the muslim men in Libya. I have seen and experienced more harassment in this country in six months than I have in my whole life in the us. Its gotten to the point where some men don't even care if you are standing right next to your husband, they'll disrespect you and him...and stare. The problem with this country is that Islam is absent...forgotten-to most people. Praying five times a day is not enough to make you a good Muslim. Mothers and fathers need to wake up and look at their children. Look at the way they dress. Listen to what they are listening to. Find out who their role models are. Its your job. Parents are not only responsible for feeding and sheltering their children. We are also responsible for raising our children, teaching them good manners and how to deal with people in a polite way. I know that this is a really long comment, but I have so much to point is though, we really have to wake up and start making changes...otherwise this country is headed in a very dangerous direction.

  22. KT can say whatever she wants about Libya, it's a free country isn't it? Oops, hold on...

    I was in Libya as a tourist last year and I thought it was fantastic. It's true, there is litter and rubbish everywhere but I've seen that in many Middle Eastern countries, some explain it away by the nomadic roots of the people but still.

    The West was like that as well not so long ago. It's a question of education more than anything else, start 'em young.

    Great blog!

  23. It is not because we are fans of your blog to comment or because we care the only thing you spoke about it is precious our country the situation is like when you have a careless father or mother you'll accept them as they are so if you speak about any other country we don't care.

    writing without name doesnt mean I am a coward but in issues like that I like to debate in meeting rather than writing.

    can I ask you a question are you looking for a position in the ministry of Environment???

  24. I like the comment of the last anonymous. The same problem of litter and rubbish is common in many other Middle Eastern countries. However, I still believe that the situation in Libya is arriving to an ecological crises level. Just come and look at some places in the Jabal Lakhdar, in Toulmeitha or Ptolamais ( once was the joy for the seer ) , in the Wadi el Kouf ( the Valley of the Lion ) , in Al Maraj area ( the Garden of Libya ) and in other areas of this region that was once the Switzerland of Libya. People are becoming very careless because they see others not caring and nobody cares anymore. My understanding of a community to organize itself and live in a civilized way, it implies that it needs law and order and an enforcement of the law for everyone…I repeat for everyone regardless of tribe, situation or what's Dad's position in the government of crooks is. My strong belief that if law is being practiced for all the community, it will succeed, and people will accept it. I still have faith that Libyan have a basic sense of justice.
    For the people who attacked Khadiajateri, I say the Green Mountain is becoming a vast trash area, and the trees are blossoming with plastic bags, so keep your efforts to something more useful.

  25. If you drive by the Crimea Road towards Sawani there is a fertilizer factory - Please people who think Libya is clean and beautiful, go take a drive there and enjoy the aroma of the area. It is absolutely anti-environment.

    Another thing, the people who think Libya is clean, please explain to me why every stack of eggs that you buy from 'respected stores' are covered with chicken shit? What kind of hygienic people are you? What, for God's sake are you eating eggs with shit on them for? I never saw that in any other countries that I visited (including Tunis - the one you all think is worthless).

    Please let me know what road in Tripoli is not turned upside-down and kept that way for months and often years? Why don't you give your country to somebody to take care of it. Most Libyans don't deserve Libya.

    For the guy who said he lived in America for 15 years - I doubt if he ever got out of his backyard, considering his uncivilized attitude. Let me tell you in the end, Libyans nowadays have lost everything; their religion (its absolutely fake by the admission of religious scholars), their morals, and their culture. Gone!

  26. hi Khadija

    why you deleted my talk about european contries it is completely true because I am eye witness, now I am completely sure understand why you talk like that there is something sick in your mind.
    I can prove some of theose people who wrote comments are not better in their houses than the situation in Libya, really I am very sorry to send you an apology, I thought you would be fair to published it but everything is clear now, and thanks to the low wage workers who made Europe cleaner.

  27. ** Funds for cleaning usually come from taxes. **
    I come from a VERY clean country with VERY big government and VERY high taxes and cost of living. I don't care if Libya's streets are dirty, how much time do people spend on the streets here anyway? Nobody taxes me to death here. I get to keep my money, I can afford a great lifestyle and I can make my home as beautiful & clean as I wish. I can easily ignore the garbage on the street. That to me is still better than giving my money to the government for them to decide how to spend/waste it. :) Just my 2 cents.

  28. Hi

    I am in agreement with the person who wrote about some possible positive actions we might take,
    1. more public trash cans conveniently placed and regularly emptied.

    2 A campaingn in the schools and on television that promotes a cleaner city, anti litter.

    3.A reminder that changes rests with each of us to do our part. to pick up dispose of trash. It starts with one person who wants to make a differece.

    5. Ban plactic bags and fast food wrappers. All bags must reusable and supplied by the shopper and wrapers must be paper (so they will at least bio degrade with time un like plastic.

    These are not expecsive solutions, though it will require a municiple garbage service and a city dump where trash can be recycled or at least buried.

    I'm glad you are back khadija. sorry for you loss. How is the new house? have you moved yet?

  29. @Anon who hates taxes:
    Ahhhh...a Neocolonialist...the worst of the Eurotrash. Why should you care about the fact that Libya has no government? Poor education, poor healthcare, poor infrastructure, pollution, and a very poor human rights record. You sicken me, you are a parasite and I hope you bleed to death in a filthy Libyan hospital. I guess you aren't in a rush to renounce your Eurotrash citizenship either...

    Just my 2 cents...

  30. @ 1 of the anonymous:

    "and thanks to the low wage workers who made Europe cleaner."

    I think anyone in this country shouldn't be sarcastic about the low wage workers or even executives...

    There are lots of things we can not publish here that we all know for sure...

    we are not shitting this country, most of us love this country, so that we left our homes and move here...

    I am more Libyan than any other Libyan deep in my heart. While most of the citizens are trying to leave this country, we choose to leave our clean and modern cities countries and move here...

    Life standards can be upgraded so easily. It is not directly affected by the capital of the country, it starts at your home.

    How come any one can accept the streets to be dirty and their homes clean for exchange of not paying taxes?

    Too much to be said about this subject but yet I can see that all of us have different point of views for this subject.

    And Khadija didn't tried to offend any Libyan. This is a fact about this country.

  31. Dear TankGirl:

    First, I have yet to see a Libyan with their "poor education" to have such poor manners as yours.... you are so unaccepting of alternative opinions and vile. I'm sorry for you.

    Have you heard a term "personal responsibility" or it's all about the government in your little socialist world?

    I see plenty of Libyans who are willing to work hard and are successful. I believe everyone has a chance at success.

    Please do not forget free university education, free scholarships available for study abroad.
    Maybe you and I see a different sides of Libya (?) but pretty much everyone I know uses private clinics and travels to Tunisia for medical care instead of "bleeding to death".

    Bottom line: ask how many Libyan people are willing to give up 50% of their income in taxes to get their streets cleaned up.

    No country is perfect. There are trade-offs.


  32. @ The Neocolonialist BNP member:
    Why should Libyans (who have the means) be forced to travel to another friggin country to get decent health care? Why should they have to travel to another country to get a decent education? If they had just these TWO things, your stupid ass wouldn't even have a reason to BE in Libya because Libyans would be doing your job!!

    The problems we are discussing here are very much issues indicative of lack of government and/or civics. Libyan households are clean, the shops are clean, they are not lazy and/or dirty people.

    But who can they complain to? There is no free speech, they are practically hostages in their own country!

    You have a passport to get the hell out when you want and a place to make money you can hide from your government. You are a sickening, self serving sycophant. And stick my bad manners up your white ass.

    Have a nice day!

  33. Salam Khadijah-Teri,

    You have caused quite a stir! hahaha....
    You know my Gran was Hungarian, and as a young girl, I remember she always had an aroma about her. Even her house,had this same smell.
    It was not an offensive smell but unusual (for me anyway).
    I could never figure out what it was....

    About 10 years after my Gran died, I visited Hungary for the first time. It was during one of my souvenir hunts that I stumbled across a little shop that sold every type of Paprika product avaliable.
    Once I opened the door, to that little shop,I was hit by the waft of Paprika,and all those precious memories of my Gran.

    Your post reminded me once again of that aroma.... Thank you Sis.

    Khedegah ;)

  34. hi khadija
    i think there are some prople looking for the chance to slang us. and you get theme chance to attack us

  35. to khadija teri
    where is the place where you smell the people like food . if you note smell food in Academy of Graduate Studies where you teaching .so we have to take care for your nose .

  36. Hi Teri, great topic here. Tankgirl you are so right, who can they complain to? When I went to Libya in 1995, I could not believe the stench/trash.

    My sweet brother-in-law was very embarrassed for his country and is the reason he went back to Libya after receiving his degree in the USA.......he wanted to help educate his beloved people to a better way of life.

    I did however want to ask you why you felt the need to make it racial? white ass!!!!!! LOL

    Oh, I almost forgot........I fixed shrimp scampi and smelled of shrimp and garlic the next day...I did wrap up my garbage and put it in the trash container for pick up.......A WASTE MANAGEMENT COMPANY WOULD BE ONE HECK OF A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Sandi

  37. 36 comments on this post, it could have been more if it was not being censored just because an American and a woman wrote about Libyans.

    What suprises me, that few intellectual Libyan Bloggers have written about great subjects and all what I see zero comments on their posts, why is that?

    As if Libyans are only active when somebody makes comments about them which they do not like.

    Why Libyans do not have the guts to be critical of their own society, how do they expect their fortunes to improve if they stay on the sidelines. This attitude has been going for decades, and it gets worse every year.

    It is normal for a person to come back from a trip and to be critical of the city he/she live in. When I visit Seattle which is a beautiful city but I can make a comment that it is dirty comparing to Portland and traffic is a nightmare.

    Many parts of USA I call it the thirld world when I compare it to the Northwest because it unclean, dirty, backwards, run down neighbourhoods, smokers, lousy public transportation, streets full of potholes, gangs and the list goes on...............

    To evaluate a country, city or a company, it is by the services it provides to it's customers and citizens.

    I will give you a simple example. At Portland Airport the wifi is free and electric outlets are every where to plug your laptops, when I travel to another city, the wifi is not free, I have to pay for it and to find an electric outlet is a nightmare, the only place you can plug your laptop is were the restrooms area are located because the night janitors are vaccuming the airport. Every time I return to Portland from a trip, I appreciate the city for the excellent quality of life I live in. As a citizen I expect the best and nothing less and the same goes for a Libyan citizen in his country.

  38. welcome ,I'm really surprised of what Mrs Teri said.
    We are Muslims and alot of our brothers went USA and UK to study some of them stayed there for along time lived with families for long years they sure met a lot of dirty things in thier houses like bringing dogs,and pigs which couses the dangerous disease by infection.>>>>>>>>>>>> there are alot of things to say>>>>
    Thanks for God for Islam .

  39. I have lived overseas and have seen some pretty nasty places and clean ones. Some people don't care how long you have lived in a country, if you aren't "one of their own" they won't listen to what you have to say. Their country can be as filthy as all get out but to them, it's ok because they are either "used to it" or simply don't care about doing something about it. How about creating an organization that goes around picking up such trash? Or maybe getting the prisoners there (like over here in the USA) to be USEFUL and clean up the garbage lying about? There are MANY avenues to venture into when it comes to keeping a country clean. Sadly though, because you are a "foreigner" despite the fact having lived in Libya for more than 20 years and having children fatherd by a Libyan your comments fall on deaf ears. So, I am assuming some of these people would much rather have garbage piled ear high rather than taking a stance and DOING something about their circumstances. Wondered what they would say if a "one of their" had such disparaging remarks to make about their country? Turn a blind eye? I applaud you for pointing out the obvious.

  40. "We are Muslims and alot of our brothers went USA and UK to study some of them stayed there for along time lived with families for long years they sure met a lot of dirty things in thier houses like bringing dogs,and pigs which couses the dangerous disease by infection."

    @ Anonymous:

    I NEVER heard (as an American living in the USA) of the average American bringing a "dirty pig" in their homes and as far as "dirty" dogs many mMANY dogs (in the thousands sweetheart) are used in rescue efforts INCLUDING overseas least we forget the dog and the pig are one of God's creatures ALSO!!

  41. i know what you mean by the smell of onions and spices , i remember when i had to go get my husband from the library at school for dinner i had been cooking libyan food and when i walked in the library everyone would look at me probably thought i smelled like a libyan or that i was a damm good cook lol , anyway i always showered and washed my hair and clothes after cooking libyan food lol, chris m

  42. MusicLover:

    From one Portlander to another...

    Very well said!

  43. There is no Comment but questions. What is good about Libya? And Living in Libya? Have you asked yourself this? Or it is just that you belong to it as your kids and husband were born in it. Do you realize that you're Husband from the village and he does not count in Tripoli? As he is just already difference. The world, culture that he introduces you to, is difference. Do you understand that you can walk 2, 3,4 am in Tripoli and it is all ok and safe ? Can you do that in US. Can you talk about Florida? New York? How many nightmares have you get while you were in Florida each time you listen to the news that there is some one missing and then you found out he/she been killed or rape. Why do not you talk about good thing? or the only thing you have are bad ? is it because stories happened to you ? or you been affected Somehow by faceing other couture. Ben walid People are from there and not from Tripoli. And Tripoli is mixed. many of crabs comes to live in it !!!!

    Why you are in Libya anyway? Do not say because of your kids and Husband!! As you say guys life is short and please do not say because I can stay at home and do internet thing as long as I want. And Because you do not have to work.

  44. anonymous...

    my husband is not from a village - he is from Tripoli. I'm not sure why you think he's from a village, maybe because I post pictures from other places in Libya? I do enjoy seeing Libya and actually getting out of the city is when you finally see the beauty of the country.

    Regarding safety... In Florida, where I am from, it is very safe. I can go out at any time of the day or night. In fact, my mother doesn't even lock the doors of her house and no one has ever stolen anything from her. Unlike Libya - where we live with bars on all the windows and doors.

    As for crime reports... there is rape, killing, etc. here in Libya. I have personally witnessed drug dealers selling heroin on the streets in Benashur and other areas. It is common to see grown men fighting in the markets and streets in Tripoli. There is even a website I found once that has crime reports of Libya list (will look up the link and post it later) - and don't forget that Libya even has a weekly program on television of crime and accidents.

    Twice I have had men expose themselves to me and two of my daughters have also witnessed this as well - one man even sat in his car and masturbated in an area where school children would walk by. My daughter who was 10 years old at the time was a witness. To teach my daughter about the responsibilities of civic duty my husband took her to the police department so she could file a police report of what she had witnessed. The police said it was the first time someone had come to report this type of crime and they commended my daughter for her bravery and civic duty. They said this type of behaviour was common in Libya but people were afraid to report it. It is a citizen's civic duty to report crimes that they witness so as to make their countries safe.

    Crime happens in Libya. Unfortunately Libyans like to turn a blind eye and pretend it doesn't happen.

    As for me sitting around the house all day... anyone that knows me would tell you that I am a workaholic. I normally put in 12-hour days at two different institutes as well as organize monthly forums and workshops for English teachers in Libya. And that's just a small part of what I fit into my life. Elhamdulilla!

  45. I am sure you know that it does not count for anyone lives or born in Tripoli that he/ she is from Tripoli. Why do not you start from asking him, Where are you from originally? And let is see the result of that!!!. I believe the beauty is there in Tripoli ,in other cities, and Village. Yes Tripoli is not as beautiful as before Maybe it does not matter for you How Tripoli got affected through the years. Anyone could start telling you about it from painting to demolition Plus what happened when village people comes to Tripoli and what did they do in Building Ask your husband About the Cows and the sheep How did they bring them to the balconies in their flats. * From farm to balconies* and still coming !!! I am not against them as I do understand it is big change and takes time for them Telling you this So you can get more space through that imagine and what is going no. Yes it is not perfect city and also it is the Capital. I wish you have come from the Capital. So you see my point. Regarding safety, I would start by thanking you for sharing your story and what happened to you and your Daughter. Good Girl. Of course you guys had to report wwhat happened. Please do not think you are the only right person in Libya. Too many has reported many issues to the Police. Who is the police Village people? It is a problem but please do not hold it back on Libya. It might happened to anyone and everywhere. I saw wores then that. Have you heard about African dream ? and how they come to Libya for the money So they can go to Europe ? I am not including them all !!! Stolen, killing, drugs and bars been experienced of above. Going back to the past, No we have not had that .

  46. Does what you are saying fixing anything or carrying hates? We still love Libya and hoping for the better at least the past to return back to us. We talk about issues .we do not blame straight our issues we are not lazy to discuss problems. You are welcome to do that. Please do not take yourself out of Libya whenever you like. You have been in This country for long time now !!! Would not you like to bring us attention to some issues in Florida, USA or your blog all about Libya? Should you wait for me to start writing same like your way about the US? Or it is better to start things in genteel.We are adult and not into what is bad here you are!!!! Why do not you start by talking about black American and their behavior ? how they park their cars in supermarkets etc it is also an issues right ? How many woman been missing ? So far. I am from Tripoli but not far from the world. We know geographic. Do you ? why do not you talk about the media and how American lives their dream and how they do not know geographic. Is it Fun? I remember I was talking with friend telling him my holiday would be in Egypt next month and he said I am also planning to go Asia one day. Note: he is from the USA. Should I include them all? Although it happened with me many times. I would prefer to talk about the fact that they have less knowledge because of their media and education!! If you find one website, I can find for you too many and if you post one thing I post too many. You tell a story I tell a story. What is the point? Should we be against each other? I asked you questions believe me I expected your answers, you still running away What is good about Libya ? I am sure you are not blind. I see many things. Do not you? Spend few min and try to list things we are not wasting our life here!!!. Google your country and its Crime. So you know better Do not live into you neighborhood only you talk about Libya !!!. Looks you have spent many years in bad neighborhood and now you see bad things only. Your neighborhood is not Libya. My country is not perfect but I have done my list from my experience. I compared between my country and other.though I should not do that. No compares had to be done in this but I have found many good things and less bad.. it is still on the top for me. When are you going to get your list? Since you only see it third world country!! What are you doing in Libya? Life is short. It is full of bad things. so are you done? or you will talk and list at least at every one month one thing you see good .. or just bring Issues as hates. Nothing improving for you ? Even the new education channel. it takes place for you and your fun !!!

  47. It intrigues me how people 'see' things. I took a picture in Cairo and my two BIL took offence - asked me to delete it because it showed garbage - was not really garbage - but I asked why - that is what it looks like - their response - we love our country - I love this country as well - but the facts are the facts - they are slobs when it comes to garbage in the streets. I have a friend who vows that Libya is cleaner than Egypt - she has been in BenGazi - and and she swears the streets are spotless - hmmm - asked hubby about this - and he said no - the streets are just as dirty as the streets in Tripoli and everywhere else I have been to - so I am intrigued at how some people have 'blinders' on when it comes to certain things.

  48. I know friend who was coming to work in Libya but from the Media, internet and people talk. The guys changed his mind about it. 2 months later he gets an offer and it was back to back offer. He said I will give it try and see. Now he is just looking for full time job in Libya as he likes it and wants to live here. He said I can not believe how I saw it before through the Media, internet and people talks. So yeah some people are blind, complaining and each one could see different things in this word but what is the reality? Come and see Tripoli * Libya* by your own eyes!

    Sis Khadija Teri what type of people you are ? Of above!! Or if any?

  49. I'm agree with you that we are what we eat,not only when food's elements be reflected on our genes,just take a look on someone who eats a lot of meat,he gets rude heart...

  50. I am glad you have decided to take up the White woman's burden. :)

    The Hillian savages who roam Libya's shores and deserts are in great need of taming.

    I wish you the best of luck with your endevor.

  51. If people haven't traveled or lived in other places around the world, they have no idea how filthy their cities really are. I get so upset about the rubble and garbage here in Jeddah. People just throw their trash in the streets and they don't care. I don't get it. It's one of the things that bothers me most about living in the Middle East. Good for you for speaking up about it.

  52. yes, it's scientifically proven that food changes our gens. even before birth the mother's food can change the baby's genotype.

  53. Thank you for informing people about the condition in which libyans are living.

  54. I was not aware that Lybia was such a dirty country.

  55. The Government of Libya should take drastic measures to improve the condition of its people.

  56. Khadijah off the subject but I need some info: How would I research genealogically the parents of my hubby? Is there somewhere where records are kept. I know about the family books that everyone seemed to have but us, but I need dates of birth and parentage. Any suggestions?

  57. the people below me (I think its them) cook somethign so awful it makes me sick.

    I had moved out of my old aprtment due to this horrible stench that would pour into my apartment. The managers said they couldn't do anythign about it and it was tough luck for me.

    It was like really strong sausage somebody ate then pooped out. It would wake me up in the middle of the night, and it wasn't me farting away in my sleep!

    I asked peopel at my job who work with animls if it could be some sort of animal musk, nobody could identify it from my description.

    Well, it would come through the vents and I even went so far as to tape over the wall sockets, I had to run 2 air filters non-stop, eventually I broke the lease and moved out.

    The people who lived next to me were Ukranian or something like that. I'm convinced they were cookign some awful awful food that would get into my vents.

    A guy at work I had told about the awful stink, came to me one day and said there were some Russians in the lobby, so I went and casually walked by - yep, thats it, or very close, but not nearly as intense.

    Much to my horror, shortly after movign into my new aprtment the stink was back. and guess what? below me are a slavic couple of some sort.

    I thought maybe it was on my stuff, but I traced it to the vents just like last time, this time not nearly as bad, but it was there off and on, here for a few days then gone for weeks.

    I tried febreeze (one of my filters died before I moved out of the last apartment), and even the industrial strength EarthCare crystals, to no avail.

    Does anybody know what this awful thing could be? That would smell like a combination of disgusting sausage and crap, and be cooked by russian or german people?

  58. I have love the blog cause I am vice president of the SCI- Service Civil International. Last year we have been in a schemes called the Guerilla Gardening, It was to promote vegetation and plants. We clean specially all the places that garbages were thrown by people, we sensibilize them at school. Try to promote social activities and help them by giving them as much information as you can , open their eyes, make them love and adore nature. You will find out that they will be more sensibilized not to throw garbage everywhere.


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