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Link List

My Other Blogs:
  • Picture This - a photoblog.... sometimes updated as the mood strikes
  • Libyan Street Art - A blog made to document the street art and graffiti that was inspired by the February 17th Revolution in Libya and the Arab Spring
  • Learning English in Libya - a blog for staff and students of Almaqar IT & English Language Training, Fornaj, Tripoli, Libya
  • Access the Ladder - a blog for the students and staff of Yethreb School, Benashur, Tripoli, Libya
  • Top 21 Class - a collaboration with an EFL class in south America.

Libyan News Services and Sources:

      Local Sources:
      International Sources:

Libyan Blog Aggregators:

Expats in Libya:
     Blogs of people passing through Libya

Wheelus links:

Married to Libyans:

Libyan Foodies:

Interesting Blogs by Libyans:
     Mostly in English, this list is in random order


Places I Lurk:

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