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The internet stopped

The internet stopped at this point and I began writing daily and saving it to post later. March 2011 continues here: March 2011

A normal day in Tripoli

It's some kind of a holiday here in Libya - 2 March; the anniversary of the declaration of Libya as a Jamahiriya in 1977. I'm not going to go into an explanation here, you can find out more if you are interested here. One thing I was sure was that there would most likely be a big long speech. And I was right, of course.
I haven't been out of the house in over a week and I wanted to get out. I needed to refill some medicine, so hubby and I went for a drive. Essential shops were open; pharmacies, grocery stores, butcher's, and bakers which had long lines of people. Most of the vegetable stands were closed - the Egyptians who had previously run them had left. In some areas farmers had parked pick-up trucks along side the roads to sell their produce. The supermarkets were busy, but most of the basic food stuffs are running low. The aisle that had once been full of ladies sanitary needs had only 5 packages on the bottom shelf so I took all five and made a mental note to hunt…

Delusional dictators

Today I tried to get away from watching the news. Sometimes you need a break. So I checked into the Chive for a laugh.... boy a laugh is pretty useful now and again! 
While I was there I found this example of a delusional dictator: 

Is it March 1st already?

The days are all pretty much the same lately. The difference in my house this week is that it's Jenna's week to do the dishes and she's incredibly lazy and doesn't do a good job in keeping up with it. So the result is there are piles of dishes on the kitchen counter. I need to cook and I hate starting out with a mess. Since my throat surgery  last year I try to avoid shouting (which never does any good anyway).

Jenna's been on my nerves lately anyway. I'm not sure what bugs me the most - is it her teenage attitude or is it the Justine Bieber hairstyle she's sporting? Maybe a bit of both!

Staying at home. Being domestic. Trying to keep Ibrahim from getting bored. Planted the top of a pineapple - I hope it takes root and grows. Listening for planes and helicopters overhead.Reading the news on the net. Wondering when all this will end.