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Yesterday I was on my way up the stairs to my apartment when my husband's nephew called out to me and said his mom wanted to talk to me. Since my sister in law and I normally avoid each other it could mean either one of two things... (1) someone in the family died and she needed to tell me about it, or (2) something from my apartment was leaking into hers.

It turned out to be a leak. Something in my kitchen. From the looks of it the main drainpipe going from under the kitchen sink, had sprung a leak.

I went upstairs and informed my husband. First he said 'She's imagining the leak.' - the denial phase. Then he decided that we'd just shut off the water in the kitchen and wash dishes in the bathroom from now on. ... Since I no longer wash dishes (that's the girl's job now) the girls were none too pleased. Now dear husband has decided he is a plumber.... sigh... he will get into his DIY mode and attack the problem himself.

Hopefully soon he will give up and hire …

No Open Source Laptops in Libya This Year

This is a picture of Nigerian children booting up their open source laptops (cnet - It was supposed to be happening this year in Libya too but it didn't ... what happened??? We were looking forward to it... promises, promises... sigh...


We bought some strawberries today. They were so red and sweet that not a bit of sugar was needed.

Jenna ... freckle faced girl!

Silly! Yummy!

Nearly time for final exams...

It's nearly final exam time for the kids. This is the time of year that I hate - the final push to the end of the school year.

Are the kids studying? Right now... at this very moment? No. Of course not!

Nora is on the phone talking to one of her friends - it's been a marathon conversation that I've been eavesdropping on. What are they discussing... nothing.

Sara, Yusef and Jenna are planted in front of the television. MBC2 has something mesmerizing on. Before that they were watching cartoons and before that it was playstation 2.

Adam, who is in the final year of high school, has done nothing but listen to music and pick fights with his siblings all evening.

Ibrahim has been flyinjg around, full speed ahead. He's been up to his usual tricks; taking the broom and running through the house beating things with the stick part, playing in the sugar bowl, water games in the bathroom and terrorizing the cat.

I've decided that I'm not going to interfere with their refusal t…

Business is Booming in Libya

Since the end of economic sanctions in Libya there's been a flood of all kinds of products into the country. Shops are full of all kinds of things from all over the world. There's been a plethora of personal hygiene products. A fantastic selection of hair care products and soaps can be found on store shelves.

Libyan women are all for improving their appearance these days too. Coloured contact lenses are popular, as are all shades of hair dyes and bleach. It seems they want to be as white a possible - you can find all kinds of creams promising to whiten and lighten. Lately I've been seeing some unusual merchandise in the shops. Are Libyan women really buying this stuff???

This will make you white....

and this soap will whiten your armpits...

Having white armpits must be a big concern for Libyan women because there are lots of different products claiming to give quick results. I don't ever remember my husband commenting on the colour of my armpits... I guess that means they …

The Weekend

It was a quiet Friday. Yesterday Adam took his friends to the farm for a picnic. It was nice having one less teenager in the house, especially since Adam seems to be the one that has been getting on my nerves the most lately. I stayed home with the rest of the kids, only going out in the evening for the daily trip to the bakery to buy bread.

Today I got up early and roused everyone in the house out of their beds. I decided it would be a good day to do some spring cleaning. Sorting out junk and dusting all the nooks and crannies of everything in sight. No one was particularly thrilled with the idea of cleaning house, but I was on a mission and nothing was going to get in my way......

I think everyone in my family hates me now..... too bad - a mother's got to do what a mother's got to do!

Busy Saturday

Today's been a day of running here, there and everywhere. First thing was getting my hair trimmed. Now I feel human again. After that it was a run and a dash to the vegetable market, supermarket and computer store. Got home and cooked lunch and then packed the girls in the car and took them to the International Fair. We met my friend Tara there out in front at the fountain and went in together.

This year the fair is boring. They're selling basically the same stuff as they were selling last year. One thing that was weird was that I didn't find any African countries except for the north African ones. Maybe I just wasn't looking in the right places or something.

Last year I missed out on the American pavilion because it was closed when I went. So this year I wanted to see it. We got there and a guy was standing in front of the door. He said it was closed. 'What? Why's it closed?' He said it would open at five o'clock. 'OK. So, do you speak English?' …

Nalut Spring Festival - 2007

Everyone wants to know where I was off to last weekend. Well, I'm getting caught up with the laundry and back into my usual routine and now I can spare a few minutes to sit down and post about my recent adventure. (click on images to see them enlarged)

I was invited to visit Nalut for the Nalut Annual Spring Festival. Download brochure hereThis is the fourth year that the festival has been held and one of committee members who is an avid reader of my website and blog invited me to come for the festival.

Nalut on Google Earth

I was thrilled to be invited and I asked my friend Tara to come along. We had originally planned to have a weekend away from husbands and kids. Tara's husband said 'Have a nice time.' my husband said 'What? Are you serious? There is no way that you are going un-chaperoned! What will people think?' Aaahhhh... he's sooooo Libyan! Change of plans - we would have to drag along husbands. And then the day we were to leave Tara's husband had…