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Memoir | Libya. A Love Lived, A Life Betrayed - 9/36

Back in 2013, my friend Susan wrote a guest post on my blog. She shared an important message about her experience with Libyan inheritance laws. The post generated a huge amount of interest so in 2014 she wrote a follow-up post. Many people, myself included, urged her to write a book about her life. I'm happy to say that she took our advice and wrote her story.
As a British woman, marrying a Libyan diplomat was the start of her adventure, little did she realize the complexity and intrigue she would live through for the next 33 years. Having lived through these times she decided to share her experiences and perspective on this period of Libyan history.

The following excerpt has been published on my blog with the permission of the author. Information about where to purchase the book is below the excerpt. 

Libya. A Love Lived, A Life Betrayed
9/36 By: Susan M. Sandover
One ١ 9/36 is the end of the tale but the beginning starts with so many previous events that have had to be sealed in my memo…