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Another year has passed

Problem.... solved!

Don't leave home without it!

A Break!

A change in the weather


Bumper to bumper traffic

The Rumor Mill


Cleaning up

Thanks, recovery and Eid preparations

Eid - a break from work??

Furniture shopping

Lovely Rita

Look what Jenna found

Riding through the week

My favourite month - October

Where would you go?

A Guest Post - Driving in Libya: The Thrill of the Chase


Training for Libyan nurses and healthcare workers

Some pictures

Eid and other events

Coming to a close

It rained today... this calls for a celebration!

A change in the air


An interesting observation

Day Time is Night Time

Will I survive this?

Charity - A Pillar of Islam

Are you hungry yet?



Waiting out the heat of the day

Get your act together...please

Ramadan..... a time for visiting friends and family

Getting into the groove

Eat, Pray, Love... ummm... no thanks

What do you suggest?

Day One - Done

Ramadan in Libya - wordle

Just days away....

For the Birds

The yearly trip

Working hard - I deserve a day of rest

Just hanging out

Wasting Time on Facebook

A month wasted

Tripoli, the past and the present