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Disturbing the Peace(?)

I had been planning to take the kids out shopping this weekend, but we're staying home because of widespread protests and keeping away from any violence sparked by protests following theassassination of an activist in Benghazi. I saw this online recently: There are reports that early this morning (approx. 06:00Hrs) the airport road, and roads in Gergaresh and Gurji were closed by burning road blocks. Furthermore, the offices of the Muslim Brotherhood were attacked by protestors in the Ben Ashour and Ras Hassan Districts. Protesters in the Abu Salim District have been seen carrying small arms weapons. It is reported that some protesters are now making their way towards the Qatar Embassy. The protest are reported to be non-violent currently, but, as always, the potential for violence remains.
Reports are indicating that protest are taking place in the following areas: Tripoli, Benghazi, Zintan, Tobruk, Ajdabiya, al Marj, al Bayda, Jalu.
I guess we will put off our shopping tr…

A Gaggle of Geese

We were driving home the other day and came across some geese crossing the road.... a gaggle of geese. The geese made it safely across the road and Nora snapped a picture.

Later I wondered about the term 'gaggle' and looked it up on the internet. A gaggle refers to a group of geese, usually more than five together that are not in flight. Groups of geese can also be called a flock, a plump, a skein, a  team, or a wedge. Actually there is a huge list of collective nouns here: Collective Nouns I'm glad I came across the list... it's interesting and a bit peculiar.

Progressing through a Libyan Ramadan

We're getting through Ramadan. It's almost halfway over with an so far it's been pretty good. I've been so busy that the days seem to fly by rather quickly. But it's not been without it's trials, namely the daily power cuts that are annoying and seem to happen right when you really need to use something that runs on electricity. Also take into account the daytime temperatures have been 40C (over 100F) or close to it.

For God's sake! This has been going on for years now, surely they should have the power sorted out! I have given up trying to believe the stories the officials tell as to why we are still having power outages. Lately we have been having our fast breaking meal in the garden so that we can see what we're eating as it seems that they frequently shut off the power around sunset. In a way it's kind of pleasant as the air is fairly cool and there is a bit of a breeze, the bats are flitting about and the owls are just coming out for the start…

Adjusting to Ramadan

We're adjusting to Ramadan in my house. A different time schedule, different times to eat. And there is the electricity to deal with. The announced that there would be no power cuts during Ramadan... as soon as they announced it the electricity went off. It's been on and off for the last few days. Usually when it's on, the power is so weak that the lights are dim and the air conditioner is all but useless. Hopefully they will sort it out.... but I'm not really that optimistic!
Meanwhile, I've come down with a head cold. Pounding headache, stopped up nose, runny, watery eyes and a fever.... which is miserable enough as it is, but remember the power keeps going off and the air conditioner is barely there. Mostly I stay in bed with a box of kleenex next to me, dozing and waiting for sunset. I did manage to get up yesterday and make a casserole, but I've been relying on the girls to help out. 
It doesn't matter whether we have power or not, or if I have a cold…

Ramadan wishes

Wishing a peaceful and blessed Ramadan to all who celebrate.  Ramadan Karim!

Ramadan Preparations Underway

Ramadan is right around the corner, less than a week away. I've been stocking up the house with basic foodstuffs, spices and buying new dishes to replace some that we've broken this past last year. There is always a big last minute rush to get things done.

In a recent post I wrote about wanting a BBQ grill that I had seen. I went back to the shop but it was gone. The shopkeeper said he might get some more in about 10 days. I will have to check back sometime soon.

When we built our house we added a small room off the terrace to be made into a kitchenette. It's still just a small tiled room. This week I bought a small stove/oven and a kitchen sink. I'm leaving it up to my husband to get the sink installed. He'll also have a piece of marble or granite cut to make a counter-top... and have it installed as well.Maybe... maybe... it will get done so we can use the kitchen this year??? Maybe....

I noticed that the International Capture the Spirit of Ramadan Photo Contest