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The past 12 months - Recapping 2013

Libya's Running on Empty

Libya Hurra! ... Libya Free!


Back again

Still at home...


How's life?..... About the same.

Making Predictions

Making plans

Back to school soon in Libya - I'm excited!

Is the holiday over yet?

Eid Wishes!

A Very Important Guest Post

Some good news about the future of Libyan health care

Disturbing the Peace(?)

A Gaggle of Geese

Progressing through a Libyan Ramadan

Adjusting to Ramadan

Ramadan wishes

Ramadan Preparations Underway

Life's annoyances in Libya

A 5-minute Adventure

Beach weather

Just around the corner

The Libyan Waiting Room

A quiet morning surprise

Ideas anyone?

Duty calls...

A drink of inspiration

Two trees

Finding some respite in my garden

A Milestone for Sara

Things that make you go 'Hmmmm'

Finally have some time to enjoy spring

One more year

Waiting for the results...

A day with my baby boy - yes! he'll always be my baby!

Two years on...