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Shopping with Ibrahim

The kids are studying for exams again so I decided to take Ibrahim out yesterday so the kids could attack their books in peace.

We weren't sure where we would go, no plans for anything special. We just drove around and stopped here and there. The pet shop had some sorry looking cats in cages and some turtles in another cage with rabbits jumping around on top of them, three healthy looking parrots and some other birds.

After that we looked at shoe stores. I'm looking for the perfect shoes. I hate walking into a shoe store and smell plastic and glue... it's got to smell like leather in a shoe store! We looked around in a few shops and I didn't see what I wanted.

Next stop was the toy store. Ibrahim of course wanted a plastic battery operated gun that shouted out 'Fire! Fire! Fire!' when you pulled the trigger. 'Put that back Ibrahim!' I said. We got two big bags of balloons instead. The kind that are long and skinny and you can make things with. Then we he…

Life might be more interesting if I had a decent Libyan T-shirt

In America most people like to dress casually and t-shirts are sold everywhere. When my son came back from visiting last summer he had all kinds of t-shirts that he got while he was there. T-shirts are big business - advertising all kinds of things and they make the perfect souvenir too. So easy to pack in your bag and it seems like there is something that would suit everyone on the list of people to buy for.

Sadly, the selection here in Libya stinks.... sigh... I don't think I've ever seen a t-shirt in Arabic either. They sell some in the medina and at stands set up near the snack bar in Sabratha and Leptis but they are of poor quality and most of all BORING. I like t-shirts that say something funny, or maybe profound...

OK... so here's the challenge... what would you want your t-shirt to say? Click on comments and let me know.

Lots more links!

I have been totally lax about mentioning new links and adding them to my sidebar. I've been super busy for the last few months rearranging things at work. Of course as soon as things settle down and it seems I can breathe easier I find a few more things to fit into my schedule.

Anyway, enough excuses. A few bloggers have left me comments and sent me emails asking to be added to the list on my side bar. There was also a post on Libyan News List that contained my list of links. So now I'm adding some more that I've collected. Be patient it may take me a bit to add them on the side bar... I'm working on it!

One blogger Libya Ghariani even made some caligraphy for me! So nice - Thanks!

Please remember that even though I am adding these links their writers may not hold the same views as I do. Also there are some blogs that are written in Arabic or other languages besides English. Although I can speak Libyan Arabic (my grammar is awful, but comical) I can neither read or write …

It's officially spring for sure.... Poppies!


Progress on the house

After the marble floors were laid in the house a layer of plaster was poured over the top to act as a protectant for the surface while other work was being done on the house. When I saw the plaster coating the first thing I asked was 'Who is going to remove that?' and Mustafa replied 'We'll hire a black guy (African) or an Egyptian to do it.'

Yesterday we went to the house to remove the plaster... Guess what - I've turned into a black guy... or maybe I'm an Egyptian now! It took us the entire day to clean the plaster off the floors. First we had to pour water on the plaster and then scrape it all up with scrapers. After that we had to pick it all up and haul it outside and then wash the floors with as much clear water as possible. Then came the fun part of pouring on liquid soap and scrubbing the floors. More rinsing followed that.

After all that work there is still a slight film on the floor and some plaster spots that need to be gone over again. Next time…

Thieves & beggars

Jenna is tough! The other day she was on her way to school and a teen-aged girl grabbed one of her earings and pulled it off in an attempt to steal it. Jenna, the quick thinking girl that she is, grabbed hold of the girl's clothes and started screaming and pulling at her clothing. The girl, dropping the earing as she was pulling herself free from Jenna's grip, took off running down the street.

Jenna was shaken but her ear was undamaged and she recovered her earing. She was really upset that no one stopped to help her even though there were many people in the area. She said she wasn't sure if the girl was Libyan or not, but she said she was dressed in a scarf and jalabia - not in school clothes.

Most likely the girl was a beggar. I've noticed quite an increase in children begging these days. Nearly every major intersection has beggars and young kids selling boxes of tissues and small Qurans. They work the street corners from early in the morning and stay there all day lon…

Sounds in the night

Last night I was awoken at about 3 am by some strange noises. Layla, the cat, was having her kittens. And as usual she was having them in Nora's bed. Nora had been sleeping but was woken up by the noise of little kittens saying 'Mew, mew, mew.'

The first time Layla ever had kittens it was in Nora's bed and she had complications - the first kitten was coming out feet first. Nora had to pull it out. Ever since then Layla has always gone straight to Nora when it's time to have her kittens. Maybe she thinks Nora is a midwife or something.

After Nora told me what was going on I told her 'Well, you know what to do. You handle it.' and then I went back to sleep. This morning I had a look at Layla and her babies. Nora had moved them out onto the balcony and put them inside a play tent that the kids have. Layla was proud but protective of her offspring. Four of them - two calico kittens which are definitely girls, a grey one, and a black and white one.

Next to the wa…

Quiet.... dull.... Friday

It's been a quiet Friday. I had no car for the day because Mustafa decided he wanted to use it to drive out to visit his sister who lives outside of Tripoli. Of course he made the decision to use my car when he found out it had a full tank of gas. After he returned I checked and he's used up more than half.

The price of gas in Libya went up this week. I used to be able to fill my tank with about 6 dinars. Now the same amount only fills my tank 3/4. It's still cheap by world standards but when you consider the cost of living here in comparison to the salary it's a lot. Every dirham counts.

I also got in the car and discovered that the tape I use to connect my iPod to listen to music, etc. while I drive has been broken. So another thing to spend my money on. Sigh...

Since I was car-less for the day I decided to go for a long walk and do some window shopping. I bought a beautiful handbag... quite a find and a good price too. Otherwise I didn't see or do anything interes…