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Finding some respite in my garden

I've been feeling depressed lately. Events in Libya (the French Embassy bombing among other things) are enough to make anyone here feel depressed, but the weather hasn't helped as we've had days of sandstorms and dust so bad that it even closed down the airport for a while. I had a busy week too, but I woke up this morning and decided to tackle the dusty house.... but first I had a look around my garden to see how things fared through the dusty, windy hot weather.
The morning glories are glorious as usual. Nothing seems to get them down! 

My succulents all seem to be thriving this year. Purslane seems to be growing in almost all of the potted plants. It's edible and many Libyans cook it in a tomato based sauce and eat it with bread or rice... it tastes similar to spinach. Nutrition facts about purslane: here

More cacti and purslane.

We've been trying to xeriscape as much as possible which means we are choosing plants that need as little irrigation as possible. So …

A Milestone for Sara

So much to do this weekend, but the exciting thing was Sara's braces. She'll have the bottom ones put on at the next appointment.