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Bomb Clean-up Continues

Over the past few years I've posted about a location near my home in Libya that has been used to store munitions. They've been cleaning it up, slowly but surely! Here are some interesting pictures of the progress that's been made from November 2015 to January 2016.
In the first image, which was taken on November 1, 2015 using Google Earth's history feature, you can see an abundance of bombs being stored on the triangular-shaped site. Especially notable  you can see the unexploded ordnance lined up along the walls in the bottom left of the triangle. If you look on the streets you can see the size of the cars and compare them to size of the bombs - they were pretty big! I'm no expert, I can't tell you what they are, maybe someone who knows can leave the information in the comments. 

In the second image, taken on January 10, 2016, a little over two months later, you can see that the land has been cleared with the exception of a few scattered bombs remaining. It a…

Out and About

We've had a break this week from doctor's appointments. I'm not quite sure how we managed that because it seems that every week we have a few doctors' visits for my mother. We're enjoying the break. 
The medical care system in the United States is a mess. The doctors order a million tests and not all of them are covered on my mom's insurance plan. She's being charged astronomical fees for medicine too. She spends more on her health care than she receives for Social Security so she's dipping into her savings to cover her expenses. When I wasn't here she was deliberately cutting back on her medicine to try to stretch them and make them last longer which resulted in her getting blood clots in the arteries in her legs, more surgery, more stents... like a revolving door. She needs to be on the meds to keep going. Without the medicine she risks getting blood clots or having a stroke - or worse.
Mom seriously needs hearing aids. The television is blasting…