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Lovely Rita

We've got a new dog. She came to us. It's weird... I'll try to explain... 
The other day as I was heading off to work, I had to drive down our road to turn the car around in order to head in the right direction down the dirt road that leads from our house. I noticed a stray dog in the distance. I stopped the car and watched as it slowly approached. It was limping. It would take a few steps, then stop to rest. Sometimes it would sit down for a bit and then it would get back up and proceed, ever so slowly, down the dusty road. It walked with a purpose. I just sat in the car and watched, mesmerized. 
I said out loud 'That dog is coming to us. It's coming to our house.' And sure enough, as it reached our gate it stopped and laid down. At the same moment Yusef opened the gate and walked over to the dog and bent over to look at it. He stood up and called out 'Take the side road.' - There are two roads leading to our house that run parallel to each other. I slow…

Look what Jenna found

Jenna found a cute little toad in the garden this evening. He's so sweet and very difficult to photograph!

Nora tried to kiss it to see if it would turn into a prince... but it jumped out of her hand and tried to escape!

Riding through the week

I've had my nose to the grindstone all week. Out the door early in the morning as the sun is rising, home for a quick bite to eat and to change my clothes mid afternoon, out the door again, and then finally coming home at night. 
All I've seen of the outdoors has been while driving the car. There really wasn't much to see. The weather was bad this week - sandstorms turned everything a dirty brown colour and made the air feel so thick you could bite off a piece and chew it. It made my eyes feel itchy, my throat feel scratchy and my chest feel wheezy. The weather seemed to be affecting everyone this week. I saw lots of fender benders on my way about town. A few of them resulted in drivers jumping out of their vehicles to have violent fistfights in the middle of the road. Of course traffic always comes to a halt while the hotheads sort out their situations. Entertainment!
One morning, at the beginning of the week, on my way through Fashloum, a neighbourhood of Tripoli, I drove …

My favourite month - October

Nothing exciting has been happening in my life lately (thank God). I've been enjoying my weeks and savouring my weekends. 
The kids are back to school, with the exception of Yusef. I'm looking for a tutor for him... Arabic is such a complicated language...sigh... imagine having to repeat the year because you failed one subject (Arabic) by two marks... one subject by two marks...sigh.. depressing. He's being allowed to retake just Arabic. I need to find someone who can pound Arabic into his hard head. I am soooo happy that it wasn't English that he failed - I can blame the Arabic on his father!
The weather is changing. Last week there were a couple of hot, muggy, humid days, but for the most part it's been lovely. I've been doing things in the garden and getting some fall cleaning done inside the house. I was out in the garden this morning... it's that time of year again - tortoise mating season - a very noisy business...clunk, clunk, clunk! The tortoises in o…

Where would you go?

If you won a ticket to anyplace in Europe where would you go?  Rome? Paris? Vienna? Someplace in Scandinavia? A popular tourist spot? Someplace romantic or someplace quiet? Would you go to a place rich in history and culture, or a place well known for parties and excitement? Maybe you would use the tickets to visit friends and family. Would you extend your finger and spin a globe, travelling to the place where the tip of your finger landed when the globe stopped spinning?
I saw this today while looking on the site to see what was happening in Tripoli.  There's a chance to win a ticket to anyplace in Europe from Tripoli.  And it's not just one chance, it's four! And there's also a chance to win a trip to New York. Oh Yeah! 
The link is here: Play and win with Lufthansa Tripoli Game

I'm off to the shops to buy a globe!