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A nice surprise for the last day of 2009

Did you feel it?

Adding up

The Year's Posts - 2009 Roundup

Future flowers and one from now... and the dog.

A warm Christmas

Holiday Greetings

That's a lot of psychos!

Fun and games are over

Fun & Games

Bad weather but good company!

Shopping, relaxing, a movie and cheese sandwiches

A long day from start to finish

Tasteful home decor... or maybe not

The Anniversary Cake

December 7th... a day in history

Eye Candy!

Feeling sooooo much better now!

Time for popcorn.... movie night!

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Playing with something...

Two in one

Getting well

Slowly Recovering

A special note for November

The morning sun

H1N1 Vaccine in Libya?

A quiet day for a change

I've got guests!

Getting a good soak

Old to New

Take your shoes off and stay awhile


It just stinks!

On the road again...

The End of Eid

Almost over...

What day is it today?

Warm wishes...

Night blooms & the end of a special month

Please oh please oh pretty please!


The view next to my desk

Getting there

September 1st

Shopping adventures

Too hot to shop!

Day Three