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A nice surprise for the last day of 2009

When we moved to the new house we brought along our cat Layla. She wasted no time getting to know the neighbours and soon enough she was waddling about the house with a belly-full. I think the object of her desires was the orange tom cat that can usually be found slinking about among the cacti bordering the neighbouring farm. 

When Layla had her first set of kittens she had a bit of trouble and my daughter Nora had to help her deliver them. Ever since then when it's her time, Layla heads straight to Nora and has her kittens in her bed. This morning Nora woke up to a bed full of kittens, well, three actually. They are all healthy and beautiful and mommy cat is doing fine. Expect pictures soon! 

Did you feel it?

This morning there was an earthquake off the coast of Libya near the city of Misurata. You can find the technical info about it here: Earthquake Misurata
As far as I know no one was hurt and there have been no damages. In May of 2008 I wrote about an earthquake near Al-Marj and also gave a little bit of history of quakes in Libya, some of them taking thousands of lives.
Something really weird happened though. On the day of the earthquake in May of 2008 I visited a friend in an office near the Corinthia. I don't visit her very often, maybe a couple of times a year. Well guess what? I visited her today at the same office. Isn't that strange? Or maybe not... two minds meet and earthshaking stuff starts to happen. . . :)

Adding up

It's nearly the last day of the year. I've been counting my blessings. I wont bore you with the details but there are lots of blessings to count up. And I've been thinking about New Year's resolutions. I thought about making a long list of resolutions so that I could at least manage to accomplish a few. But really it ought to be just one or two.
I'm still thinking about mine.

The Year's Posts - 2009 Roundup

I'm wrapping up the year again. I'm happy to see the end of 2009. It was a difficult year for me in more ways than one. Anyway here is the roundup of events I've blogged about in 2009:
The beginning of the year starts off with a trip to Leptis Magna with family and friends. The rest of the month finds me sick with some kind of virus.
The kids have their school holidays and we take a trip to the countryside. I visit sick in-laws and question the use of pain relieving drugs in Libya.
The month begins with a trip to Ben Walid. Later in the month my favourite aunt passes away and I help to prepare her for her final journey which looking back had a profound effect on my life.
Some progress is made on our house, my water bed springs a leak and I learn how to sleep on a regular mattress. I drive and listen to audio books; multitasking at it's best!
My only brother passes away unexpectedly and Ibrahim and I make the trip home to Florida to be with my fa…

Future flowers and one from now... and the dog.

My flowers in progress.

My helper, Cisco... with sand on his nose.

One of the cacti in the garden bloomed for the first time.

A warm Christmas

The weather the past few weeks has been really weird; sandstorms, then cold and a bit rainy and now hot. It feels strange to be the end of December with such hot weather. Today's temperature was close to 90F. I'm writing this post on my front porch, wearing short sleeves and drinking iced tea! At the same time I'm getting emails from friends in other parts of the world who are snowed in.
I took advantage of the weather by going out at dawn for a walk with hubby. We watched the sun come up and at about 7:30 a humongous flock of starlings appeared over head. Starlings arrive in Libya this time of year and eat the olives that are just now ripening. Hubby says they are considered as pests but I think they are amazing. They spun about over head with their wings making a whooshing noise and then landed in our back field. A minute or so later they rose back into the air and flew above us in a swarm for about a minute before descending on the farm behind ours. I commented to hubb…

Holiday Greetings

(+) *** ***** ******** Wishing a very Merry Christmas to my family and friends. ************************ *** ***

That's a lot of psychos!

I've been doing quite a bit of reading lately. Not any book or any thing in particular, just reading. I've been using Google Fast Flip , the Times Skimmer and Wordds and reading whatever headlines seem to jump out at me. I like these three websites because the articles are all current and up to date. When I find something that really strikes me as interesting I look up more information about the subject using Wikipedia.
Today something led me to look up psychopathy. I never really truly understood the subject before reading what Wikipedia had to say. I found out some amazing facts:
One, psychopaths are predators who use charm, manipulation, sex and violence to control others and satisfy their needs.Two, they lack the ability to show empathy and they have no conscience - no guilt and no remorse! Three, forget about a cure because there are no medications or effective treatment for psychopaths. Even talk therapy is useless because they will just learn to be more manipulative.Fou…

Fun and games are over

Ibrahim's mo-hawk has been cut off. He had fun for a day and now his hair looks normal again. The strangest thing happened though. When we pulled into the driveway and got out of the car the dogs went wild, barking and growling.... they didn't recognize him! It took a few minutes to settle them down. Thank God they didn't bite anyone.

Fun & Games

Ibrahim with his mo-hawk, acting silly. For a while he had fake piercings but they came out for some reason when the kids decided he had to have his picture taken. Oh... and he had a black collar with spikes in it too.

Is this Sara?......
Fun and games are over! There is school to look forward to in the morning!

Bad weather but good company!

The weather started out in the morning dusty and windy and just got worse as the day went along. I went out to do some shopping and came home and found Ibrahim had his hair cut.... well part of his hair. Yusef decided to give him a mo-hawk! I'll get a picture of Ibrahim and post it later.
The plans for the afternoon were to have Luna come over with her mom to have a walk around the farm and to get Luna's mom to give me some ideas of what to do with the garden. With the weather so awful we spent only a few minutes outside. We hurried inside and gave up on our plans for a walk. But we had a lovely time anyway, visiting and eating chicken salad sandwiches.
Hopefully the weather will clear... we're going to be buried under a dune soon.

Shopping, relaxing, a movie and cheese sandwiches

I had a nice peaceful Friday. Hubby's been off on a business trip so we didn't have to eat bazeen today. We had packet soup with some extra vegetables and noodles thrown in instead. No one complained... we were all happy.
In the afternoon I dropped Jenna off at her friend's house and then Ibrahim and I went shopping. We headed straight for the toy store of course. We bought one big huge bag, and two smaller bags, of toy soldiers and army stuff . For 20 dinars we're gonna have one heck of a war! Don't walk barefoot in my house... you will definitely step on something. There are toy soldiers and matchbox cars scattered everywhere.
We also stopped at the DVD shop and picked up some new movies to watch. When I got home I turned on the computer and started Mary and Max. It's hilarious... for some reason I think I know all of the characters. They resemble certain people in my life! LOLOL!

While online I got an email from my sister with a picture of my poor nephew bein…

A long day from start to finish

It was a big day yesterday. When I sit back and look at all that happened it seems like a dream. Run, run run from the first thing in the morning until the night.
First on the schedule was to take the girls to have their day with Sheila. Three girls having 'me time'. Nora and Sara went first. They always want a haircut but at the same time they don't want it to look like it's been cut. They want their hair to be as long as possible. So after a trim and shape and some texturizing and they now look fabulous!
Then it was Jenna's turn. She had this style in mind that was like Halle Berry in Catwoman... but Sheila took one look at the pictures and said it just wasn't gonna happen. Jenna has three times as much hair as Halle Berry. But no worries... she would give her something similar, but better.
This is the before picture.

This is how much hair came off Jenna's head!

And this is after... Jenna looking very pleased with the outcome!
She says I have to pay her 10 di…

Tasteful home decor... or maybe not

We are back to looking for furniture again after having taken a break for a while. A lot of the shops still have the same merchandise that they had a few months ago. We get in the car and go from shop to shop hoping to find the perfect dining room table (that seats eight). No luck so far.
The marbowa (men's sitting room) needs to have custom made furniture. It's the room with traditional Libyan decor... so we need to pick out some gaudy upholstery so that the Libyan visitors will feel comfortable. Something that borders on seizure level. I draw the line at covering everything with clear plastic... why do they do that?.... ewe...

The Anniversary Cake

The kids were so excited about the cake. First because it was white - like a wedding cake, and second because there were fresh strawberries on the top. The inside was chocolate, caramel, cream and nuts. It was sinfully delicious!
Hubby and I cut the cake together... of course we had a small argument about just how it should be cut first... lolol!
A good time was had by all!

December 7th... a day in history

This day is not only famous for the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, it's also my 27th wedding anniversary today. Yep... 27 years! It comes to nearly 10,000 days. Imagine someone putting up with me for that long... hehe... Imagine me putting up with my husband for all that time...
Wow.... 27 years.... sigh....
Happy Anniversary Habibi!

I hope he doesn't forget...
I reminded him abouta thousand times.
Maybe he'll bring me a present...
he better not have forgotten....
I love you honey!

Eye Candy!

I noticed that National Geographic's Photo of the Day was a stunning shot of a Tuareg in Libya taken by Bobby Model. It's also featured in a National Geographic book Visions of Paradise.

My mother sent me a link to a photo journalism site of Chris Peterson, a photographer and the editor of Glacier Park Magazine. He spent 100 days in Glacier National Park, Montana USA taking photos and publishing one for each day. They're all beautiful and the stories behind each picture are so interesting.

I love photography and I enjoy taking pictures, but I am definitely a novice. I've always wanted to do something like a 100 days of Libya or even just Tripoli (as I'm unlikely to be travelling all over the country). I'm not sure my pictures would be any good, but I bet I'd improve! Something to think about doing for 2010.

Feeling sooooo much better now!

I've got a lingering cough but otherwise I am fine. Actually I'm really fine because I have been to Sheila and she has worked her magic. I'm sportin' a new hairstyle! Wooo Wooo! When I came home Nora said it was too bad I didn't get before and after pictures.
The girls will be having their day with Sheila on the 12th. Now the search is on for a picture of a hairstyle for Jenna. She has been talking about getting something like what Halle Berry had when she was Catwoman. If she does that I will have to start calling her Ratwoman, or Ratgirl because she was born in the year of the Rat, the month of the Rat and the hour of the Rat... Jenna is a triple rat. Hehehe... Ratty hair for a Ratty girl!

Time for popcorn.... movie night!

I've been relaxing and watching movies. Today I downloaded a film called Precious. I watched it straight through without stopping. Wow! It's a very powerful film, very realistic. Thanks Tara for suggesting it.
Then, I started Marley and Me but Jenna begged me not to finish it because she watched it first and said it was too sad - the dog died and she thought it was just too much to bear. So I'll watch it later when I think I can handle the sadness... lolol..
I'm waiting for Sunshine Cleaning to download next. It's going slow so it probably wont be until tomorrow.
What films have you watched lately? Got any favourites? Anything thought provoking?
Click on comments..... Suggest something.

Getting back into the routine

I'm still recovering from the flu. I got back behind the wheel of the car today and drove Ibrahim to school. Eid is over, the kids are back to school and things are beginning to return to normal. The only thing left is to finish the drying and processing of the gadeed (dried meat), hopefully tomorrow.
Eid this year was strange. The government officially proclaimed Eid Adha to be on Thursday when everywhere else in the world celebrated it on Friday. Thursday morning the mosques made a feeble attempt to call people to Eid prayers but because most Libyans decided to celebrate Eid with the rest of the world on Friday, no one seemed interested in answering the call to prayer on Thursday. We celebrated on Friday, as did most Libyans.
There was also a debate this year in Libya over when Ramadan would end and Eid Fitr would begin. So both Eids; the two biggest holidays in the Muslim calendar, have been disrupted. It seems really weird not to have had Eid prayer this year.

Playing with something...

Two in one

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Eid!

Getting well

I'm on the mend, moving slowly about the house and trying to get things back in order. I'm coughing and still weak but the fever is gone. I'll need to get up enough energy to make a trip to the supermarket to try to refill the fridge and cabinets. The kids ate everything in sight and the stuff that was hidden too.
Thanks to all who sent get well wishes, emails and texts. Sorry if I didn't talk to you - for a good part of the time I was comatose. Now I need to sort out my house.... Nora is starting to feel ill now. I think it will make it's way around the house.

Slowly Recovering

I have the flu. It all started last Thursday morning I woke up with a headache and by the end of the day I had developed a cough and a slight fever. On Friday I had invited some of my students and another teacher over for a picnic, but by the time they started to arrive I was too sick to join the fun and had gone to bed. I was out like a light... comatose!
Someone had taken some pictures with my camera and it looks like they had a great time. The picnic lasted all afternoon and into the night. Sorry I missed the fun.

Over the next few days my husband kept trying to wake me up. Everything was hazy and all I knew was that my entire body ached.. my eyeballs even hurt. By day three he insisted I go to the hospital. So after a huge effort to make myself somewhat presentable to the general public, we headed out the door (one day I will look back at the sight of Nora trying to put my clothes on for me and laugh).
We decided that since there was a chance I had Swine Flu the best thing would be …

A special note for November

I've been enjoying the weather. It's warm during the day and cool at night. The leaves are starting to change colors and flocks of migratory birds can be seen flying over from time to time. Yesterday morning, as I was driving Ibrahim to school, we saw two flocks of larger sized birds flying over in V formation. I like this time of year.
A few years ago a friend of mine gave me a poem she had written. It was on a small piece of folded paper that I kept in the top drawer of my dresser. Every November I would happen to come across it and take it out and read it. And then I would pick up the phone and call my friend and we would have a long chat. For some reason the paper with the poem on it disappeared and I searched for it last November but couldn't find it. So I asked my dear friend to write the poem for me again. I'm posting it here so I don't misplace it again.
November Cricket
November Cricket singing by my kitchen door- You fill my heart with gladness, You fill my h…

The morning sun

Ibrahim running around in his Spiderman costume in the morning. That boy loves Spiderman!

H1N1 Vaccine in Libya?

My husband told me the H1N1 vaccine was available in Libya but it cost 1,000 dinars a shot. This has increased the costs of anyone travelling to Saudi Arabia for Hajj this year. The vaccine isn't required to go to Hajj but you have to pay for it whether you take it or not.
Why are they charging so much for the vaccine? Does anyone know anything about this?
In the US the vaccine is given either for free or possibly with a fee for the administration. Kids and pregnant women are the ones really at greatest risk and there are plenty of those here in Libya. I can't imagine that families would be able to afford a thousand dinars for each member of their family, especially since Libyans usually have BIG families.

A quiet day for a change

I've been enjoying my day off. The weather has been wonderful and the only major thing I did the entire day was a few loads of laundry. I rested, I napped, I enjoyed the breeze. I noticed flocks of migratory birds flying over from time to time. I needed this break. Tomorrow is another day.

I've got guests!

It's amazing to see the number of foreigners that are here in Libya. Ex-pats, guest workers, call them what you like, they are an integral part of the workforce in this country and their numbers are growing.
How do they adapt to life in Libya? How do they deal with the people and culture? In the past Libyans would gawk at any foreigner they came across but nowadays, especially in Tripoli, Libyans are getting more and more used to seeing foreigners in shops and restaurants. It's starting to become normal.
And as the number of ex-pats in Libya increases, the number of ex-pat bloggers increases too. Chronicling their lives here for their family and friends back home. Life in Libya is an adventure!
There is a group of ex-pats here that have put together a website for other ex-pats. I asked them if they would like to have a guest post on my blog since I have so many ex-pat readers, and also because many people who are in the decision process of taking a position in Libya stumble acros…

Getting a good soak

It's been raining the last couple of days and the reports say it will rain everyday this week. I'm happy because I enjoy the rain so much. Actually there are only a few negative things about this kind of weather:
puddles - because you never know how deep they are and driving through them is dangerous. I try to drive behind someone. Today there was a puddle so deep and wide in front of Ibrahim's school that I just decided to turn around and go home. I've been wanting a 4-wheel drive vehicle for quite some time... maybe I can convince hubby now is the time to get one.laundry - how to get it to dry when you have no dryer... the clothes line is full and sagging with the weight of very wet clothes. Solution... get a dryer.
I suppose I could get a 4-wheel drive, head for an appliance store and bring home a clothes dryer! This would solve all the problems and there'd be no disadvantages to rain.

Old to New

There is a picture floating around of what Tripoli will look like in the future. In the picture it shows that all along the seafront there will be modern buildings and skyscrapers. It will look quite different from what we see today.
Things are beginning to change already. But how much of the old should go to make way for the new? I'm all for improving things but at the same time I'd like to see traditional style and culture remain. Can the new blend with the old, making a modern-traditional mix?
And why does it seem as though there is not much thought for the people and businesses that are displaced in the process? It always seems that they are taken by surprise when the demolition crews begin their work.... A mad scramble to move before the walls cave in and endless talk about how much compensation they will get and the big question WHEN they'll get it. As well as whether it will be enough to buy something elsewhere - and is there something elsewhere.
Change is inevitable…

Take your shoes off and stay awhile

The culture here dictates that people usually take their shoes off before they walk into the house. Although I prefer to wear shoes in the house (and do), I don't have a problem with this custom. If someone wants to walk around barefooted that's their business. What I do hate is looking at a pile of shoes next to the door.
I've spent years pleading with my kids to bring their shoes into the house and put them away in their rooms. This has been just a waste of my vocal cords because no one has ever paid any attention to me and I've had to endure looking at (and usually tripping over) shoes by the door. I tried a shoe cabinet next to the door and just ended up nagging at the kids to put their shoes inside... which they rarely did.
But a miracle has happened! We moved to the farm and now have four wonderful, shoe chewing dogs! Anyone stupid enough to leave their shoes (or anything else for that matter) outside next to the door is guaranteed to lose them to the dogs who are…


One of the problems with living on the farm is that there isn't a grocery shop just around the corner. I need to stock up on everything, especially things like juice and cookies for in case someone pops over for a visit. I've got a cabinet in the kitchen specifically for the reserves.

Do you think the kids will leave the cabinet alone?

No of course not!

So today I went out and bought a padlock - the kind with a combination so none of the kids can sneak around and find the key. The combination is stored in my head... and I'm going to my grave with it.

It just stinks!

We've been out on the farm for a little over a month now. We're adjusting to things such as the drive into town, mosquitoes, how to manage our garbage in an area where there is no garbage collection, and sorting out how to get four kids to four different schools that all begin at the same time.
Yesterday in the late afternoon I noticed a tank truck pulling into the neighbour's farm. It was the kind of truck they use for pumping out septic tanks and they are a common sight in my area because no one here is connected to a sewer system - we all have septic tanks. When your septic tank is full you go out and get a tank truck to come out and empty it.

What happens next? Sometimes the driver will unload the contents into the sewer system, usually by pulling over the side of a main road and opening the grate that covers the sewer and pumping out the tank. Yeah! But more often than not, the drivers just drive along the road and unload their tank of human waste on the side of the ro…

On the road again...

I've finally got ALL the kids back in school.... As of today I officially regain the title:

Pray for me please!

The End of Eid

The kids convinced me that we should bring some of their cousins home with us so they could run around on the farm. I think during the entire month of Ramadan I walked around on the farm just once! It was too hot. But today the weather was nice, especially in the evening so we had a look around.

The weeds have mostly dried up and turned brown from the summer sun. And the leaves on the trees are just beginning to turn. Within a month or so they will be falling off the trees. Could I smell the scent of autumn? Maybe faintly... the weather is cooling off slightly.

About four months ago we planted a mulberry tree. When it was planted it was just a stick - no branches or leaves to be seen. It's doing really well!

Sorghum... well watered it looks so nice and green.

The sunset was amazing. The kids had a nice time in the fresh air.
Later the weather changed... it poured rain and then the electricity went out. There was strong winds, lightening and thunder. The kids jumped up and down like a …

Almost over...

Eid has been pretty much uneventful. We've done the usual stuff at my inlaws and I've sat and sat and sat on the cushions until my bottom is numb and my legs ache. Masha'allah, the family keeps getting bigger; every year there at least five new babies. So there are kids everywhere! I told my mother-in-law that soon enough we'll have to rent a wedding hall for Eid so that we'd all fit... masha'allah!
My plan for today is to arrive late and leave early. I've had lots of experience with the last day of Eid! Day three is when the real fun begins; the sister-in-laws have no new clothes to ooohh and ahhh about and by then they are all tired of looking at each other. First they make a few snide remarks to one another and soon enough the arguments break out. Amazing that only two days ago they were kissing each other and asking each other for forgiveness! lolol... They've learned long ago that I'm not interested in taking sides with anyone or getting involve…

What day is it today?

Lots of Libyans are continuing the fast of Ramadan today despite the announcement of Eid which was issued at the mosques during the Friday prayers. Many state that Eid cannot be announced until the new moon is sighted and this would be impossible so early in the day on Friday. So Libya is divided over this issue; mosques called For Eid prayers and many Libyans ignorred the call.

It feels very weird.

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Warm wishes...

Another Ramadan has come to an end. Best wishes to all for a very safe and peaceful Eid!
Eid Mubarak!

Night blooms & the end of a special month

The last few days were scorching hot and very dusty. In fact, yesterday it was so dusty that you couldn't see the sun. Today the weather cleared and I went out in the garden and had a look around. I noticed that one of my cacti was getting ready to bloom. It's flowers open in the evening but by the next day they wilt and fall off. So we brought it inside and put it on the windowsill next to my desk so we could enjoy it while it lasted.

Ramadan is nearly over. My mother-in-law came this evening to see how the house was progressing and she said that Eid would be on Saturday. She said it was mentioned on TV. We haven't been watching TV this month.
At the beginning of Ramadan we bought a new satellite dish and receiver but we never bothered to install it. We've spent the entire month without TV... it's been truly wonderful. Actually we enjoyed not having TV so much that we might just forgo TV during Ramadan every year.
I'll have to go out tomorrow and do some shopp…

Please oh please oh pretty please!

Can someone create a Libyan version of the website People Of Walmart?
It could be called People Of Suk Mahari. I see the weirdest stuff whenever I go to Suk Mahari. I'm either staring in disbelief or laughing, or doing my darnedest not to laugh... I especially like the country bumpkins that are visiting Tripoli and it's like maybe their first time in a supermarket in their entire life .... hehehe... Actually it doesn't have to be limited to Suk Mahari.
I see weird stuff all the time here. lololol.. I've had another experience with a flasher this Ramadan (too bad I didn't have my camera) and lots of beggars, but so far no pickpockets. I've seen lots of strange looking people and cars and people wearing weird things. It's funny when you see someone wearing a t-shirt with something written on it in English and you know FOR SURE that the person wearing it has NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what it says. Or stickers on cars. Once I saw a religious looking guy (with a bear…


The weather has been wonderful the last two days and is expected to stay about the same for a while – we even had some rain and most of the time I’ve had the ac turned off.
The kids have rigged up a simplistic kind of go-cart and have been riding it back and forth on the drive way area of the garden. By children I mean ALL of them, including the one that’s in university…. The wheels make a clack, clack, clacking noise and the girls are squealing and giggling. Being out here in the farm makes you forget that you have neighbours because they are so far away. I keep reminding the kids that the sound carries on the wind and the neighbours can in fact hear them quite clearly. But they don’t seem to care and from the noise we hear coming from the neighbours house it seems as though the kids there don’t care either. In a few weeks they will be back at school so I’m letting them have fun.
I’m adjusting to life in the countryside. There are lots of changes to make in one’s life when you move to…

The view next to my desk

The weather is cooler today! I can finally breathe.
Here's Ibrahim sitting on the windowsill next to my desk. Nora and I went out a few days ago and got plants to put next to the window. I still want to add more. Maybe something that hangs, or something with more color, or something with flowers. The kids were talking about how the windowsill is a perfect spot for putting our Halloween pumpkins - I think they are right! I'm being nagged about having a Halloween party this year.... we'll see...

Getting there

The month of Ramadan is more than half way over. It's been hot the entire month, well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit every day and today we had 75% humidity too. Thirst, not hunger, seems to be the thing that's bothering most people this year.
I try to stay inside as much as possible during the day with the ac set to the lowest possible temperature. This makes visiting my mother in law difficult because although she has air-conditioning she uses it sparingly. She has the idea that you can get loza tain (tonsillitis) or a cold in your kidneys if you use the ac. I'm not looking forward to spending Eid this year at my in-law's in the heat.
We're still in the process of moving. I'm glad we're doing it a little at a time because the house isn't a mess. We just move enough every day or so to easily sort though and keep organized. We're also still shopping for furniture. Today I bought some houseplants to put in the area near my desk. The kids are calling …

September 1st

Big day in Libya... there are so many words that describe how I feel about the day. You can find them all here: How I feel

Shopping adventures

The house is starting to look like a home on the inside now. We're getting more furniture and furnishings and it takes time. There is the risk that you will get tired and settle for something you really wouldn't buy if you weren't tired. That's when it's time to quit for the day and go home.
We did get some really nice things. Today's haul was two mirrors - one we will hang next to the entry and the other in the vanity area of the main bathroom. And we also got a cabinet that is supposed to be a TV table but we're going to use it in the entry (under the mirror). I'll take a picture as soon as we hang the mirror.
Yesterday we got a coffee table for the entry. We need another for the ladies sitting room too, but the only one we saw that we liked didn't have matching side tables. So we'll keep looking. The bedroom furniture arrived today and will be assembled tomorrow. Not sure what time though. It's sitting in the hallway in a huge pile of boxe…

Too hot to shop!

I decided to sleep in today. That was a mistake because I just woke up with a headache. Then I decided to go out and walk around in the garden to see if my headache would clear. It's baking hot out there! I managed to last about 5 minutes outside and then came back inside where it's cool.
I had planned to go out and do some shopping. But the thought of getting into a hot car is just too much. Maybe it will cool off a bit later. Or I'll just wait until night.
The good news is that last night we finally found a bedroom set. And it was on sale AND the price included delivery AND installation. So hopefully by Saturday (which is the earliest the shop can manage) I will have someplace to put my things and a bed to sleep in. Of course I'm not stupid... if the shop said Saturday that really means like maybe Monday. This is Libya after all and it is Ramadan. But OK.. I can be patient and wait.

Day Three

Everything gets turned upside down during Ramadan. Tonight I had a dentist appointment at midnight, but as I was getting ready to go, the dentist's office called to reschedule my appointment until mid September. Dentists don't like to work during Ramadan during the day because people think having dental work done will break their fast. Most dentists work at night during Ramadan. I'm not sure what's up with my dentist. I was looking forward to getting my dental work done. I'll have to wait now.My PC has been giving me grief. Coming up with errors… RAM parity, checksum… sigh…The advice I got was to get a new PC because mine is about 8 years old. But I like my PC. We’ve been through lots of stuff together.I like it better than my old laptop and my new netbook.I don’t want a new one. And besides, money these days is going to the furnishing of my house.I opened up the case and cleaned away some of the dust bunnies. Then I went to the shop and bought new RAM and came hom…