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I've returned

I'm back from my adventure. Where did I go, what did I do, and who was I with?....

The story begins on Saturday, November 17th, the day I took Ibrahim to the book fair. While at the fair I got a call from my friend Tara who said she was in the hospital with a ruptured Achilles tendon that she got playing squash. The doctors wanted her to have an MRI and suggested she take the results to Malta for emergency surgery. So I dropped Ibrahim off at home and met her at the clinic to wait with her while she was doing her tests. Then, while her husband left to make travel and hospital arrangements, I took her home to help her pack her bags and send her off with her husband to the airport.

She arrived in Malta and went straight to the hospital. The next morning she had surgery; everything going as planned. She was soon able to move out of the hospital and into a hotel. The only problem she faced was that her husband needed to get back to Tripoli for work and she couldn't stay alone - so…

Off on an Escapade

I'm hoping to go off tomorrow on an adventure.

It's a holiday tomorrow (Thanksgiving) but I'm not going to be doing any holiday celebrating... at least I don't think so. There will be NO CHILDREN OR HUSBAND involved in this adventure either.

Eventually I may decide to get around to blogging about my mysterious adventure... I'll let you wait in suspense...

I'm going to further drive you crazy by not allowing any comments on this post. Lately people have been abusing the comment feature of my blog and let me tell you this:


So have a nice Thanksgiving for all of you who celebrate it - Stuff your tummies with delicious turkey, creamy gravy and sinfully rich pie! Mmmmm yummy! Enjoy your families and count your many blessings.

For the abusers of the comment section of my blog:

I'm off.... having an adventure... be back soon... maybe....

Feeling better now

I think I've recovered from my bout with the flu. The rest of us who were sick with it have recovered as well.

Tomorrow starts mid-term exams for Jenna and Yusef.

I took Ibrahim to the book fair today to give the others a chance to study. Ibrahim behaved perfectly at the fair. I was so proud of him. He never left my side, held my hand most of the time and only touched things when I said it was ok. It was wonderful!

The book fair was OK too. Most of the books were in Arabic but there were quite a few books in English, both for academic reading and for pleasure. Ibrahim got a book and four hand puppets; a man with fuzzy black hair, a woman wearing an abayah, a child and a giraffe. We played with the puppets this evening, using them to work on some of the pronunciation problems Ibrahim has. We had fun.

Stunning Photography of Libya

There is some stunning photography of Libya on Eric Lafforgue's website.

Makes me want to get out my camera and keep working towards taking better pictures! His shots are lovely!

Still hanging in there

I'm still sick. One minute I feel like I'm freezing; teeth chattering and the next minute I feel as though I'm sitting in a hot steam bath. It hurts to swallow and of course the kids have found where I was hiding the throat lozenges and they have finished them all.

This morning while I was laying in bed I heard them all in the kitchen discussing how the microwave oven was broken. They were trying to turn it on, pushing all the buttons, unplugging it and plugging it back in again. Nothing worked. Maybe the microwave has the flu too.

Then hubby decided it was time to defrost the freezer. This is his big job. I refuse to do it because it was his choice to buy the cheaper model refrigerator. I mean really! I think it is amazing that they even make refrigerators that have to be defrosted in this day and age. So while I was 'resting' in bed he was banging on the built up ice with a hammer (and cursing).

I finally dragged myself out of bed around 10:30. No one had remem…

I feel awful

I've got the flu. It's been ages since I've had the flu and I had forgotten how miserable it makes you feel. This morning I didn't get out of bed until about eleven o'clock (instead of the usual seven). Of course the whole time I was trying to sleep hubby kept coming in and telling me I had to get up, insisting the whole time that I was just being lazy and I was imagining that I was sick. Mothers are never allowed to be sick (his opinion, not mine).

I dragged myself into the kitchen thinking if I downed a cup of coffee or two I would feel better. Did it work? No.

I'm going to get something from the pharmacy around the corner. I am too busy to be sick. I have a million things to do. I will push myself through the day and collapse at the end of it.

I feel awful.

I have a new boyfriend!

Today I was on the computer checking my mail and reading news and blogs. Over my shoulder I heard 'Who is this guy Mark Read?' I turned and looked at hubby and asked 'Whaaaaaat?' He glared at me and said 'Yeah! Mark Read. You've got all kinds of emails from him.'

'I don't know what you are talking about.' I said. The only Mark I know is my mother's neighbour's son and I don't think I have ever received an email from him. There is another Mark I know of - that's our neighbourhood tomcat who I have named Mark because he leaves his scent all over everything. I know for sure that I don't get any emails from Mark the cat.

Hubby was insistent that I was communicating with Mark Read. 'Look on your computer. His name is all over the place!' So I turned and looked. Sure enough I saw Mark Read..... On the Bloglines RSS feedreader I use there is a place that says Mark Read with a check box next to it on every entry so that you can…

I have eaten way too many sweets!

My friend's daughter got married and the bride wanted my girls to be bridesmaids. They all wore specially made pink satin dresses and they all looked lovely! They've been planning this for months and it all turned out just perfect. Of course I took lots of pictures and the girls all said 'Don't blog us!' but I couldn't resist this picture of Jenna sitting at the bride's feet. She looked so cute!

After the bride's party I went with the bride (at her request) to the groom's house. She said ' Oh please Aunt Teri you've gotta come with me.' So off we went, following the bride's car... Beep! Beep! Beep! all the way there.

They had the most awesome wedding cake! Covered in marzipan and filled with chocolate and hazelnuts. The bride found it on the internet and had it made here. Yummmmmmy!

Tonight is the last night - The Mahdar. I'm tired but I'll go. Gotta be there for 'my niece'.

Furniture ideas

Hmmm... sometimes I wish I was a dog!... hehehehe...

Zoom Room

Watch the video and find out why. I found this when I was looking for
furniture ideas for the room next to the garage that will be used as a
guestroom/office. Click the Watch Video button on the website.


Awarded by
to Teri


Awarded by
sydney hamed
to Khadija Teri

Work in Progress!

There are banners up all around the Medina in Tripoli proclaiming the area's renovation projects. Actually work has been underway for quite some time now.

The Medina is part of Libya's heritage and deserves to be preserved, not only as an attraction for tourism but mostly for the pride of Libya's citizens. The ancient sites and mosques contained in the old city as well as the bazaars are visited and utilized daily by both tourists and local people. Preservation of the area is key to its continued existence.

The city dates back to the 7th century BC when it was founded by the Phoenicians and named Oea. Its name changed over the years; the Romans called the city Regio Syrtica and later Regio Tripolitana which in modern times became known as Tripoli, the Arabic pronunciation being Tarabulis. The Medina has been continuously inhabited and evidence of the ancient Roman and Ottomon periods as well as the more recent Italian colonial period are readily evident throughout the city.

Happening now

Ibrahim is swimming in the bathtubJenna is decorating her notebooks and watching TVSara is washing the dishesNora is sleepingYusef is watching TVHubby is out buying vegetables I hope (he gets off track all the time)Adam is at his grandmother's houseand I am taking a break from marking papers, checking my email and chatting with friendsOK... back to work!

It's time to pay the phone bill again...

A few days ago I picked up the phone to make a call and heard the lovely voice of Fatima Omar... 'Time to pay the phone bill again', she said on the recorded message. For a few days the phone company lets you receive calls but not make them. Then they shut off the service until you pay.

I think my teen-aged daughters have the telephone glued to their ears from the minute they get home from school until late. I have even had the phone ring at 1 am and have had to tell Nora's friends that they are not allowed to phone her after 9pm. But they call anyway. One particular girl is a nuisance. I have threatened to send my husband to have a talk with her father. At one point we unplugged the telephone and locked it up.

In a way I feel bad because in Libya girls don't have much of a social life. It's not like they can go hang out at the mall together or meet for a pizza. If my daughters want to visit their friends arrangements must be made. You have to take them to their frie…


The story of an orphan boy in Libya:

Click here for the story

He's adorable! He needs a home...