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A day at the beach & finally Tripoli gets some rain

Last Saturday my girls and I got together with some friends for a day at the beach. We went to a beach near Garabali and as we weren't sure about the situation on the road we all met up in the morning and convoyed out together - safety in numbers.
The ride out was uneventful and pleasant. There were only a few checkpoints, one we found interesting near Tajoura because it was made out of stacked empty shipping containers. We passed through quickly, the men manning the checkpoint were friendly and polite.

The day was lovely, the weather sunny and mild, the water warm. It felt so nice to be able to relax on the beach and enjoy the day. I hadn't seen most of my friends since before the war and some of them since last year - we had lots of catching up to do. 

Jenna had arrived at the beach looking pale but within half an hour her cheeks began to turn red and her freckles popped out - like magic! 
We had planned to leave at four o'clock, but as the ride out was uneventful we de…

Pouring Their Hearts Out

I've been busy getting myself back to some kind of normal. Life in Tripoli is improving everyday but it will take a while for everyone to get back to work and on their feet again. 
I went back to work last Saturday and resumed classes that had been interupted since last February. Not all the students have been able to come back yet. Although stability is returning to Tripoli, the war continues in Sirte and Bani Walid as well as part of Sebha.
Some of my students are fighting at the front, some are involved in getting supplies to the fighters and some I haven't heard from at all -  I pray they are safe and well. The rest are coming to class and we've been doing some review to get us started again. But most of all the students want to practice their speaking/communication skills.  They finally have something to talk about! Never before have I seen such an outpouring of thoughts, feelings and ideas from my students. They have discovered the freedom of being able to speak the…

It's the little things....

We have Doritos in Tripoli again!
Yeah! Woo Hoo!
Now if only they can bring Fritos here too....

Fritos... look at that package Mr. Supermarket man... get some to put on your shelves next to the Doritos. I guarantee the customers will be snapping 'em up!
I was out and about this morning. Almost all of the shops have reopened. The shelves are being restocked, slowly but surely. People look so happy to be out and getting back to work and soon school will start again too. And there's the smell of autumn in the air too. It feels wonderful! 

A Big Fat Libyan Wedding

Well, I finally got my invitation to Aisha Kadafy’s wedding. It was a long time coming. You’re probably wondering what on earth this is all about. Well, here’s the story:
Over the years, every once in a while, I would come across someone that would ask me ‘Do you like The Leader (Moamar Kadafy)?’. Of course in Libya talking about the leader has always been a taboo subject. You didn’t even dare to say his name; usually he was just referred to as ‘The Leader’. Of course, all that’s changed now – you can call him whatever you want, and most times it’s not something nice.
So here I would be, faced with this rather awkward question, wondering if the person doing the asking planned to report whatever I said to internal security. I didn’t want to lie and say I loved the man, or that I even liked him. So I finally decided that when faced with this rather inane question I would reply  truthfully ‘No’.
This answer always provoked a look of shock and disbelief. And then I would add ‘I wasn’t …

Keep praying for Libya

We've been pretty busy lately. We got through Eid celebrations and family visits. This year they were kept to a minimum because of the gasoline situation. Best of all we joined in the celebrations at Martyr's Square. It was amazing and wonderful! 

The last few days I've been getting the house back to a post-Ramadan state and rearranging our schedules. Unfortunately I seem to be the only one interested in changing our time schedule. I prepare lunch only to find no one's gotten up and had breakfast yet. It will take a while I guess. Yesterday and today were so hot that we only felt like eating sandwiches anyway. Maybe I should keep it light for a while.
I went for a drive to see what was going on in my neighbourhood. Some of the shops are reopening but they still haven't been restocked and the prices are still quite high. There are more cars on the roads because Tripoli has gasoline. There are lines at the gas stations but they seem to be moving quite quickly and no…

The Missing Months

We didn't have internet for about six months (March 3rd to August 22nd) in Tripoli, so of course I wasn't able to post on my blog during that time. I did however continue to write... and write, and write and write. It was daily therapy to sit down and type out the day's events. 
I thought about putting it all together and publishing it as a book. But as the war comes to an end and a free Libya opens up to a new beginning I've decided to put the past behind me and post these missing months on my blog. I need to get on with my life. The future is just too alluring for me to be dwelling on the past - but the past definitely needs to be recorded.  
I wasn't able to take as many photos as I would have liked because it was too dangerous to be running around with a camera in public during the war for anyone - imagine if an American was caught taking pictures. It would have made me an instant target and probably would have been the end of me and/or my husband.

The interne…