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A peaceful Friday

We had a nice peaceful day. It began with Mustafa out in our garden trimming the trees. The neighbour behind me has a huge overgrown and sickly apricot tree that touches my clothesline and he trimmed that back - the neighbour wasn't very pleased about it, but since it's hanging into our garden she could do nothing about it. I wish they would get rid of the tree - the fruit is useless and the tree puts out this awful sap that sticks and stains anything that it touches. It only seems to offer shade which is why they refuse to remove it.

Mustafa trimmed the tree (above) in the front of our house that I grew from a seed from the tree in my mother's garden back in Florida.

In the afternoon we went to the farm. It's nice now that we have two cars and I am driving. Mustafa left in the truck and I took my time getting ready and followed later in my car.

My house these days is full of roses from our farm - above is a weird varigated rose - I think it's ugly! No need to cut it …

Tripoli Castle - Assarai Al Hamara

I had an invitation to the International Women's Group - Libyan Day which was held today at the Tripoli Castle. I brought along my camera and took some pictures. It was late in the day and the weather was cloudy, cold and very windy. I'm going to try to see if I can visit the castle again sometime in the future but in the morning when the lighting is nice. Part of the castle is used as a museum, but the section that the event was held at is usually closed to the public, so I was quite pleased to be allowed to visit. You can click on the pictures to see the original size.
Part of the castle has been restored but much work is needed to be done.

The gardens are really special.

Each courtyard had a different style of fountain in the middle.

Part of this area has been restored.

A doorway.

Archways and balconies.


A road in the castle.

A view of a courtyard.

Along the edge.

Looking down into a courtyard.

A door.

Along the roadway on the top front edge of the castle.

Another fountain. It's amazing to see these huge trees inside the castle courtyards.

A carved motif with words of welcome.

A cannonball, they have them all over the place!

All kinds of doors that made you want to just keep exploring. Unfortunately most of the doors were closed. Hopefully one day I will get another chance to see inside the castle. It was a wonderful opportunity today.

I have made a decision...

Every time I ask the kids to do anything it's always a big fight. No one ever seems to listen to me and I get all upset, stressed out and excited.

The thing that really pisses me off is when I ask them to do something and their father happens to be around.

Me: Will you fold the clothes and put them away?

The kids look straight at their father to see if he is going to back up my order. Usually he isn't paying any attention what so ever because his eyes are glued to Aljazeera (but recently he's taken up watching that God awful Dr. Phil too). No response from dad means the kids can completely ignore me.

Obviously they think I have no authority in the house. So since this is the case I have decided to let them have their way and I informed Mustafa that he was now 'THE AUTHOURITY' in the house. I said, 'Honey, you are now holding the reigns. I will no longer ask any of the kids to do anything. It's not my job anymore.'

Now I feel much better. I can live a stress-…

Live and learn

No one's heard from me in a while and it's not because I have been too busy with work. . . it's the internet . . . the dreaded LTT again.

After my big headache of getting adsl hooked up (click here for that story) it seems I am back to more headaches.

The service is 50 dinars a month and you have to pay for it by purchasing a card from one of the many representive's shops around town and recharge your account by phone. Now do you think that they sell cards for 50 dinars? No of course not because that would make sense, woudn't it! The cards are 30 or 100 dinars in the shops around me. So I thought I was being smart by buying a 100 dinar card and have uninterupted service for two months.

What was I thinking??

After the first month was finished I tried to open the internet connection and got this:

What?!? I kept trying, thinking there was something wrong. Finally, I decided to call the phone number that you call to recharge your account, it said I had a balance of zero din…

A morning out

I spent an extremely nice morning today at the Javanese Festival Show.

It was an OEA Tripoli club event sponsored by the Indonesian embassy.

The main feature of the event was a reinactment of a Javanese wedding ceremony.

The costumes were splendid! This is the bride's elaborate hairstyle with golden hair peices and a hairnet woven from jasmine.

Music was played on traditional instruments made from bamboo. The sound created was really amazing. I've never heard anything quite like it before.
These were wooden xylophones accompanied by an Indonesian singer. Indonesian children also danced and sang.

Intricate designs were woven on gifts that were presented to the bride and groom's family.

Bananas and coconut were also part of the symbolic gifts that were presented.

Everything was decorated with traditional Javanese and Indonesian designs. Of course there was lots of food too. Fantastic!

Being mentally ill in Libya must be pure hell.

Why is it such a big taboo to be treated for mental illness in Libya? I find it so strange that people here are left to sit and suffer because their families think that admitting to mental illness and seeking help is just unacceptable. There are also those who will put off mental illness as being possessed by jinn and evil spirits and they will run back and forth to various 'sheikhs' to have the spirits removed by exorcism.
In America you often see homeless people who obviously suffer from mental illness. Here you sometimes see mentally ill in the streets but I don't think they are homeless, just being let out to roam free by families who have either given up or are in a stage of denial. Of course this is being made worse by the numerous heroin addicts that hang around all over town. I've got scores of them lurking about right on my street - buying themselves a fix from the local drug dealers and then waiting around until they can either buy another fix or find a friend…

How weird am I?

I think that everyone who decides to come to live in Libya is weird. Some of us weirder than others, but believe me no one that comes here is normal. So I took this test to see how far from 'normal' I am. Hmmmm... it says I'm 60% weird... I guess that's not too bad. Actually I think it's more like 80 to 85 percent weird but I'm not going to argue. You Are 60% Weird
You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?
But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!How Weird Are You? - Go ahead! Take the test and see how weird you are and then post your results in the comments or on your blog..... go ahead... what have you got to loose???? [I found it over on Carol's blog... thanks Carol for linking to me ;) ]
A picture from the fair. I thought the girls look so cute standing next to the manequin.

weekend, music and a new week begins

I had a nice weekend - worked on all kinds of my projects, catching up with things and 'organizing' and finishing off some stuff that I've had on hold. The pile is getting smaller (for the moment).

I visited my mother-in-law yesterday evening. We were having a nice quiet chat by ourselves until my sister-in-law came out of her room and turned the TV on. There was some stupid Arabic music program on. Like a talk show only with the host singing and guests who are 'singers' and with the audience full of really stupid looking Arab females who are singing along, dressed to show off as much cleavage as possible - most wearing coloured contact lenses and bleached blond hair. uuuugh! I hate those shows - so totally stupid.

My sister-in-law is one of these that are religious when the mood strikes her types. One minute she's spouting off about how music is haram, blah, blah, blah. The next minute she's watching music vidoes, singing and dancing. She does this just to b…


I'm the kind of person who likes things to go according to some kind of plan. Organization is the key to my daily life. Unfortunately I am living in a place where there are no definite schedules and no one seems to be at all bothered by this (except me). It doesn't make things much better to be married to someone who doesn't seem to care about being organized either.

This is our usual Thursday evening conversation:

Me:What's the bernamij (program) for tomorrow?

Him: I don't know.

Me: sigh . . . Well I'd like to know.

Him: Why?

Me: sigh . . . Like what should we have for lunch? Are we going anywhere?

Him: What difference does it make?

Me: sigh . . . Lots of difference. Like, should I plan to cook lunch at home or are we going somewhere? Do I set the alarm clock so we can get six children organized and in the car so we can get out the door in the morning, or do we wake up when ever we feel like it? etc, etc, etc.

Him: No response, just a glazed look in his eyes while he …
I found an interesting view of the recent solar eclipse. A video that focuses on the people experiencing the eclipse. Click on the image above to watch the video.