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at long last . . .

Finally my ADSL problems seem to have been taken care of. Now my major worry is whether the electric company will not mess up whatever work it is that they are doing in front of my house and leave me without electricity.

The streets in my area are all dug up. There are trenches dug everywhere along the streets and roads. It's a mess and it's also very noisy. While digging they broke the water pipes that supply water to my neighbour and they have been without water for the last couple of days. But so far our house has been OK. I am expecting that they will turn off the electricity at some point. I just have to remember to save my work as often as possible in case it happens.

Around the corner from my house is a street that's a bit wider than the others and the workers have been storing all their vehicles and equipment there. It looks like they will be staying there for a while. What a mess they are making. They did this a few years back and it took them forever - now it seems…

News and a new blog

I woke up this morning and started in on attacking the dust in the house. The kids joined in to help as soon as they got home from school. Of course they thought it was fun because they got to spray things with the hose, play in the water and get wet.

Afternoon found me at Sheila's getting my hair done. It was a wonderful treat as she's been away for about three months and I was looking pretty dreadful. I'm looking like a million bucks now. Isn't it funny that you can get your hair cut and a bit of pampering and it treats your soul too?

There's a new Libyan blogger out there. Benghazeeya is a Libyan who lives abroad but makes annual and sometimes semi-annual visits to Libya. Stop by and welcome her to the blogosphere. I've put her link on my sidebar as well for future reference.
We had one heck of a sandstorm yesterday. The day began looking as though it might rain. Then the wind picked up and it became dusty. By two thirty in the afternoon the sky turned orange. This is Yusef next to the window at 2:30.

Even with the windows closed the dust manages to get in and cover everything.

I had to go to work at three. At that time the cars were all coated with dust and it had begun drizzling - so it turned into rainy drops of dirt that covered everything.

By around 8pm things were settling down. This morning we went to the farm to see how things were doing and I took this picture of apricot blossoms. The trees and plants are coated in a layer of dirt. Now what we need is a nice rain to wash everything off, but the weather looks clear and I guesss we will have to tolarate the dirt and dust for a while.

High speed internet . . . oh really?

In my last post I mentioned that Libya had the wonderful thing called ADSL - yes... it's available . . . maybe?!?

I decided to take the plunge and get off the frustrating dial-up - graduate to something speedy and fast. I had dreams of being in another realm of the internet at the click of the mouse. Of course, my husband said 'NO WAY! - You play enough on the internet as it is. Just what we need is to have you able to do it at high speed!!' He also didn't like the idea that I could be on the internet and the phone would be able to ring. How on earth could he tell if I was on the internet then when he called to check up on me? Oh the life of an internet addict is a tough one!

But I'm a woman with my own money, so when I got paid I spoke with one of my students who said he would arrange it all for me. The plan was that I wouldn't tell hubby, I'd just leave the phone off the hook once in a while to throw him off. As usual when I try to pull one over on the man …

Currents events and information about Libya

I got a comment from someone who is thinking about cancelling their trip to Libya to see the eclipse next month because of the recent events in Benghazi. That makes me sad - I think that there were some problems, but for the most part the media has blown them out of proportion as usual. I feel safe here and many of my friends are planning to work as guides for the event. I certainly wouldn't let the incident spoil your maybe one chance in a lifetime to see a total eclipse. Many people in Libya think Chicago or New York is a dangerous place to go - 'How can you even think to go there? There are mafia there and gangs!' Of course, if you are from any big city you know that's silly, but if you've never been there it's easy to be influenced by what you see on TV.
I got the following letter from Nathan with questions about Libya. I've tried to answer his questions, but if you have anything to add please click on comments.
Hi, my name is Nathan and I am very intere…
Spring has arrived in Libya! We went to the farm yesterday to breathe the fresh air and look at everything green and blooming.

Sara found some flowers that we have never seen before - there was abundant rain this year so maybe we might see lots more flowers than we usually do.

This grows on the edge of our land next to the barbed wire fence. It has a very soft, delicate smell.

These are soooo tiny and were full of bees.

The cows are very happy to be out of the barn and eating all the sweet green grass. Milk at this time of year has a completely different taste.


another Libyan blogger

There is another Libyan blogger out there. Safia who lives in Denmark and has been a recent visitor to my blog has started a blog of her own. Go have a look:

It's nice to see another Libyan blogger and I hope more and more Libyans discover this wonderful medium of self expression.

I'm slowly recovering from this chest cold and of course it's not being made any easier by the fact that my 'friend' Fatima Omar's sweet voice can now be heard on my phone when I pick it up and try to dial. Hopefully, the bill will get paid (although that never seems to be at the top of hubby's list of things to do) and I will be back to business again.

spending time with the in-laws

Today I've got to attend the party held in honor of the birth of my brother-in-law's son. I hate these kinds of events. Hours and hours spent with in-laws. . . .uuuugh!

My husband complains about the fact that I always get depressed about going to any family event. He wanted to know why I never look depressed when the event involves one of my friends. I told him it's because I LIKE my friends. I LIKE spending time with my friends. I know that I'll ENJOY myself when I'm with my friends. We'll have a good laugh and none of us will be compairing what we're wearing, or the amount of gold we have 'or don't have'. My friends are intelligent - I can discuss such things as current events, work, and things that require thought and insight. My friends don't discuss such boring things as how many blankets they've washed in the last week or whether smeed is available at the jamiah like most Libyan women (at least the ones in my family). My friends d…

Feature Article

The Lonely Planet has an article about the eclipse that will take place in Libya on March 29th. They also have a 17-page guidebook that you can download for free. Click on the image to have a look.
We had some really wild weather in Libya during the past week. It was even recorded by NASA!

Dust and Clouds over Mediterranean Sea - a low pressure system over Libya that was recorded by NASA last week. Click on the image to visit NASA's Earth Observatory site and read all about it.

Tripoli Zoo

Going to the zoo is something we do as a family once in a while. As a child I always loved the zoo. When I was small we lived near Chicago and spent many enjoyable days at Lincoln Park and Brookfield Zoo . When I lived in Miami the Miami Metro Zoo was a good place to spend time. (click on the links for these wonderful zoos to see what my idea of what a zoo is)

Now I live in Libya, and Tripoli does in fact have a zoo. Well, at least it has a good base for a zoo. When I first went to the zoo not long after arriving in Libya (about 17 years ago) I was pleased to see that there was a zoo. There weren't many animals, but there were plants and flowers and nicely paved paths to walk on or for the kids to ride bikes or skate on. It was simple, but nice, and since it had wide open spaces and I could see that there was room for expansion in the future I was optimistic.

Over the years, the zoo has seen some improvements in the services offered. There are all kinds of newly installed play e…

work is underway . . . again

Mustafa has convinced Adam that he should help out with the painting by scraping the old pealing paint of the kitchen ceiling. I'm not sure how he managed to convince Adam to do that, but something tells me there must be some big-time money involved to get Adam enthusiastic about being up on a ladder with a scraper.

Money is always a big issue with Adam. Probably it's a big issue with most 16 year old males. He wants all the fun gadgets like MP3 players and the latest in mobile phone technology (at least what's the latest here). So he's up there scraping away and he has a smile on his face - there must be money involved! I am not asking any questions. As long as the work gets done and it's not coming out of my pocket.

I am not sure how I am going to prepare meals for the next few days, but I'm sure we won't starve. I see lots of sandwiches in our near future.

Cheese anyone?

Denmark is a big word in Libya these days. It all began with some cartoons that were published in Denmark that had an anti-Islam slant. Libya asked the Danish ambassador to leave and the Libyan ambassador in Denmark came home. There was a big, world wide call for the banning of products from Denmark by Muslims.

Actually, when I asked around I hadn't found anyone that had actually even seen the cartoons so I found it really weird when Libyans went down the street near my house demonstrating. Shouting and chanting all the way to the Danish embassy which is nearby. Demonstrations here are always a planned event. They go to the university, schools and government offices and take the students and workers to the demonstrations by bus. It's very weird in my oppinion. Isn't the idea of being in a demonstration because you WANT to be there? It should be something that you really have strong feelings for. Not, 'You're going to a demonstration. Get on the bus'.

As for banni…
Yusef and Ibrahim went to have their hair cut this evening. Ibrahim has been refusing to have it done for a long time and has been looking really scruffy. So when they got home I made Yusef hold Ibrahim still so I could take a picture of him with his newly cut hair. Had to put him in a headlock . . . such a silly boy!
Jenna worked really hard creating a clown today. I haven't ever been able to find construction paper here in Libya. All they have is a kind of shiny paper with a sticker back. I like construction paper much better, I'll have to keep looking for it.

Thanks and links

I looked over at my site counter and noticed that it's gone past the 10,000 mark!! It's really nice to know that so many people read my blog and after looking at the site statistics many people regularly read my blog. Thanks!

Recently I was wandering around the blogosphere and happened across an interesting Libyan based blog. Cyberdigger has an interesting look at life in Libya - a look through the eyes of an expat working here. Very interesting!

Also I'd like to mention a Libyan website, Libya Connected. It's a site dedicated to news, articles and information about Libya. I'll add both links to my sidebar so that they're easy to find.

Again, thanks to all who read my blog, for those that come back, and especially for those that comment!

weather and more paint fumes

It's been a cold, wet and windy week and quite honestly I have enjoyed every minute of it. I really like the weather when it's rainy. This season lasts for only a short time so I always feel that I should take complete advantage of it. Some people tell me the weather makes them depressed, but for me it has the oposite effect. I feel energized and the weather also gives me all kinds of inspiration.
I am blessed in that I have a very warm home, temperature-wise that is. You can usually wear short-sleeves inside and only need a light blanket at night. I'm sure it will probably be much colder when we move to the farm.
Mustafa is still on his project to paint the house - he's finished three rooms and now he says he'll take a break before starting in on the kitchen. I could definitely use a break! That man is going to drive me crazy. He complains saying he wants us to help him but if anyone tries to help he complains that they aren't doing a good enough job. The kids h…