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The treadmill of life

This morning I had a meeting to attend. It was in an area I was unfamiliar with so I brought along Jenna to help me out by reading signs and pointing out landmarks.

We got to the area but never found the place. Poor UT who was also attending the meeting was on the phone with me trying to guide me in the right direction. Traffic was awful, the sides of the streets were full of people double parked and whenever I slowed down to look at landmarks and signs angry motorists horns began to blare. I found myself driving in circles and at one point a pick-up truck backed into the side of my car. I finally just gave up and drove around until I found a road that looked as though it might lead me in the direction of home. Jenna and I decided to stop and have a hamburger before doing some grocery shopping and then we headed home.

The afternoon was spent getting ready for a visit from my sister-in-law's daughter, a newlywed. To give the aroosa a little something different we made Mexican food.…

Libyan roads are getting rediculous!

Lately I have been wasting huge amounts of time driving around town looking for roads that are not blocked due to all the demolition and roadwork. It's becoming extremely frustrating.

What were once simple tasks or errands that took a few minutes now take much, much longer. The other day I drove to the copy shop and in the few minutes that I was at the shop all the nearby roads were closed to traffic. I drove down one street only to get to the end and find it closed and had to figure out how to turn around to go back where I started. Of course a long line of cars behind me were in the same predicament; all of us trying to sort ourselves out. Just when you thought you had figured out a through road you would find yourself at an impasse and have to back-up or turn around once again. What should have taken me a few minutes ended up taking me an hour and a half.

At one point the only way through was to cross a rather high median. My car is low so I stopped and had a look to see if I wou…

Nag, nag, nag....

OMG!!!! This song sounds just like my husband.....

Child brides

Girls in Libya seem to be getting married at younger ages these days. It's something I can't understand. If a girl in America got married at age 16 it would most probably be because she was 'in the family way' and even nowadays maybe that's a bit old-fashioned as most would just choose to have the baby on their own and not even bother about marriage. But in Libya, where arranged marriages are still pretty much the norm, it seems the trend is to marry young girls.

My daughter Nora's friend, aged 17, is getting married in July. The girl isn't thrilled about the idea; this is all her mother's idea. The woman (who I think is a complete idiot) is so excited because the guy (in her eyes) is filthy rich. 'He's given her expensive presents and says he has two houses in Europe, where he's been living for quite some time' she says gleefully.

What is this woman thinking? The man is about 20 years older than her daughter and the girl is only going a…

Nalut's Spring Festival - 2008

As soon as the kids got home from school last Thursday, we packed up the car and headed out to Nalut. Jenna, Ibrahim and Nora went with this year. Tara came along as well but left Friday afternoon.

We arrived feeling dusty and tired and were treated to dates, milk, buttermilk and ibsisa by the welcoming committee about midway up the mountain going into the town of Nalut.

This is Tara checking to see which sim card would work the best.

The festivities had begun earlier in the day and we felt bad about missing Thursday’s event but the festival would continue through Saturday. Abdulmenom, our friendly host from last year outdid himself with hospitality by letting us stay in his house. The Hilton has got nothing on Abdulmenom's house - It was fantastic! Tara and I decided to sleep upstairs on the roof under the night sky which was sparkling with zillions of stars The kids slept on the middle level of the house and Mustafa all the way downstairs on the lowest level.

In the morning we heade…

Be patient

I've got lots of stuff happening for the next few weeks. I'll keep blogging but I'm moderating the comments. I usually try to keep up with comments and remove any that I find particularly offensive and the spam that keeps finding it's way in despite the captcha - but it requires checking emails frequently and I might not get to them. So if you post a comment - be patient. I will get to it as soon as possible.

The weather is horrible these days - today is hot and dusty, made worse by getting stuck in a huge traffic jam half the morning. It's time to have the air conditioners serviced at home and at work. Another thing for the growing list of things to do. Patience, patience...

An afternoon in Rega'at

I took three of my kids and Tara to Bate's Mountain in Rega'at this afternoon. The weather was overcast but nice. The kids and I walked up the mountain and Tara attacked it with her bike. It was the first time she'd ever been there.

Finally Tara ditched the bike and we climbed up to the peak and took in the view.

Conquering the mountain made me realize how out of shape I am these days. I huffed and puffed my way to the top. The kids beat us to the top - they are like little mountain goats. Tara got to the summit and I snapped her picture with her arms waving triumphantly in the air. We had a lovely afternoon.

It's official! I'm addicted!

The other day I was just dragging. I couldn't get moving no matter how many cups of coffee I downed. After about the fifth cup I realized I had been drinking decaf. No wonder...

This morning after dropping Ibrahim off at school I stopped in at the supermarket and bought coffee and as soon as I got home I slurped down two cups as quickly as possible. I felt human again. When I sat down to read the news on the net I found an article about how Libya is funding a coffee plant in Uganda. I wonder if coffee will become cheaper because it's costing me a small fortune to keep my habit going. Especially since my kids are all joining me too.

I'm off to the kitchen... gotta get myself another fix....