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In the doldrums

The kids have been on their school holidays but not much has been happening because I'm not on holiday. They stay up half the night and sleep half the day so when I get home and start cooking lunch they are poking around the kitchen looking for breakfast. Hopefully next weekend we will go someplace or do something. Until then life is boring and there isn't much to blog about.

Yesterday was my brother's birthday... he'd have been 40 if he were still alive. Today is my oldest sister's birthday and she's a big, fat, five-oh!

Happy Birthday Andi-Sue!

One goal accomplished today.

Todays task of sorting out the window next to my desk - accomplished! I think the new plants look nice and I took care of the old plants. It still needs something with flowers - but this will do for now. The whole area next to my desk looks fabulous now. 
Here's another picture from behind my desk:

When I first came to Libya in 1989, I came through Tunisia. So Tunis was where I stepped down on the continent of Africa for the very first time. As I walked down the steps of the plane I looked out at the view  of a mountain in the distance which I later learned was called 'Jabal Bou Kornine' or the Two-Horned Mountain. I've been back to Tunis a few times since then and we usually take the time to go for a picnic and hiking on that very same mountain which is also a national park. It's quite nice actually, there is interesting wildlife to see, including wild boar (quite a surprise to come face to face with one when I didn't expect it). There's supposedly some anci…

Two weeks into 2011

Yesterday I had planned to spend the morning in the garden planting seeds for the future - flowers in spring begin their lives now. But it was cloudy and cold so I scrapped the idea and hung about the house. Today the weather is better. Ibrahim and I went to a plant nursery and bought an assortment of things to put in the area around my desk. That's today's project. I'll plant some seeds too - pictures to follow, hopefully.
Later I have to do the weekly big shopping at the supermarket. The Libyan government supposedly lowered the tariff on food in the country... it's yet to be filtered down to supermarkets. Everything seems to be getting more and more expensive. And the kids are eating more and more too. Teenagers consume a huge amount of food - like a hoard of locusts!
It's only fifteen days into 2011 and our household has increased in size. 
The last week of December, Yusef came across a heavily pregnant stray dog with a leg injury. He decided to keep her safely in …