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An update

We told the kids that their aunt was having a baby. My husband insisted to say she had gotten married but that the marriage wasn't working out as planned so she would probably be raising the child on her own. Of course the kids saw right through this as I expected they would but they decided to go along with their father just to 'save face'.

I decided to put this in my mental file cabinet in the 'Libyan Legends' file. That's the place where I have filed the other tales that Libyans 'believe' such as; the sleeping embryo and the magical virginity fix.

I'll have to write up a post about these one day.. but then they would be exposed as myths... hmmm...

By the way - most people commented to say congratulations and were in favor of telling the kids. Thanks for the input!

I've got good news!

My sister told me she is pregnant! I am soooooo thrilled. When hubby heard the news the first thing he said was 'Don't tell the kids.'

CULTURE CLASH! - My sister is single. I think his reaction is stupid. Everyone in Libya watches Oprah, Dr. Phil, Friends, and the list goes on and on. What is the big deal?

What do you think about this?

Testing Voki... the kids say I look way too thin!

An English teacher's nightmare!

This card was given to me by a friend who got it from someone who stayed at the Alkabir Hotel in Tripoli. Well, at least there are no spelling mistakes!

Dear Guest

We are pleasure to welcome you in one of Social Security Hotels. We are sure that you will enjoy a very happy accommodations.

Our policy is good welcome for you and to Prepare amicable friendly good atmosphere for You, and to render for you brilliant service distinguished with courtesy, cleverness and respect.

We kindly request you to help us for achieving our Objective by filling the attached questionnaire Overload before leaving our hotel.

Thank you for your co-operation, and for Choosing our hotel, we are looking forward to Welcome you again soonest.

Click on the image for a larger picture.

Thinking back...

Every Ramadan I take some time to stop and remember my father-in-law. Actually I think about him more often than just once a year, but he died during the month of Ramadan in 1996 so the month makes me think back and mark his passing.

When I first came to Libya my father-in-law wasn't particularly thrilled with me. I think the whole idea that he was stuck with a foreign daughter-in-law just kind of ticked him off. Just shaking my hand seemed a huge effort for him. But seeing that my first year in Libya was spent living in the family house we were forced to get to know each other. There were good times... and there were bad. I swear that was the longest year of my entire life.

Once I nearly killed my father-in-law. It was kind of an accident that marked a turning point in our relationship.

Being stuck living with the family and only having one small room was pretty miserable. I was going through culture shock and hubby was going through re-entry shock. These were trying times and becau…

Get out your frustrations honey!

I found this game for Mustafa... now if he can figure out how to use a computer he can get his frustrations out by beating the heck out of a computer (instead of threatening to do it for real to mine). Now I have to find a game that has a television with Aljazero on it that I can pound my frustrations out on... LOL! Play the game: HERE

Links to Libyan History

I found these interesting links about the Garamentes of Libya:

Garamentes tunnel system watered early LibyaKingdom of the Sands

My last nerve

I saw this: Libya returns French to school curriculum and thought about laughing if I could only stop crying. My daughter said one of her friend's sisters was given a schedule and a book for Italian. In the past they had the idea to bring in Housa (an African language) into the curriculum.

Isn't this kind of stupid seeing they still can't manage to teach English in Libyan schools yet? This is just another thing to get on my last nerve.

Adventures.. just another day in my life

The kid's have really started school. And guess what? They are all going in the morning! This is the first time this has ever happened. I actually have peaceful and childless mornings! I've dreamed about this for years and years.

We've been running around different shops picking up things for school. Yesterday the girls and I decided to see if my friend Tara wanted to come with us. We got to her house and ended up chatting and joking around until it was pretty late. We decided we'd just stop at some shops on our way home. On the way out the door Jenna decided she had to give Tara a huge hug. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around Tara's neck causing her to become off balance and the two of them ended up falling backwards off the veranda in front of the house - a drop of about a meter and a half.

Boom!... Crash!... I was outside opening up the car and heard the screams. I got back inside to find Jenna screaming and saying she had knocked herself on the head. Poo…

Is it that time of the year?

School... does it start tomorrow or not? That's the latest question.

My kids are ready to go. School clothes, backpacks, pens, pencils, notebooks are all waiting to be used. I will be soooo happy to see the kids off to school. This has been one hell of a loooooong summer!

Tomorrow morning the kids will be groggy and complaining since they have been in the habit of staying up half the night (or more). I will have to go back into my roll of bus driver once again.

I hope school starts tomorrow... Please let it start tomorrow...please, oh pretty please!

The First Day

Ramadan began in Libya today. Apparently a day earlier than everywhere else in the world except an area of Iraq. Most other countries will start fasting tomorrow.

Last night the traffic in Tripoli was horrendous and the supermarkets were packed with entire families. It was crazy. I've had all my shopping done except for the vegetables and meat for about two weeks. I took the kids out for a drive last night just to watch the madness. Just getting into a parking area of a shop we often go to was almost impossible. Inside they had added an extra cash register to try to handle the crowds (but it didn't really make that much of a difference). Why on earth people had waited so late to do their shopping is a mystery to me. But the kids and I enjoyed watching them all. We drove around town at a snail's pace. The kids chose oldies from the 70s to listen to and we stopped and got shawarma on the way home.

Other than the God awful Libyan soup, I don't cook many Libyan dishes during…

A break, 'me time' and a new project... in Ramadan

My school goes on break every Ramadan. We've found there is no use in having classes for students (and teachers) who are fasting because everyone feels like a zombie and students have trouble retaining anything. One year I taught during Ramadan and it was hard going. Trying to talk to an entire classroom, making sure your voice is loud enough to reach the four corners, just makes your mouth dry and parched. It was exhausting. So starting from Monday there will be a break for me from teaching for a month, actually a little more as we won't start back until after Eid.

In the meantime I have lots to do besides cooking, fasting, praying and other spiritual things.

First on my list will be to make an effort to spend quality time with family and friends.

is 'me time'; plans include getting out my camera and shooting a photo a day. These days I haven't had much time to get out and take any pictures - no time and little inspiration. Hopefully having more time will solve…

Do weird dreams need interpretation?

I had a weird dream last night. There was a mother cat who had just given birth and was abandoning her kittens - there were three kittens. This was happening in a shop that sold a combination of lingerie, luxurious linens, and self help books.

I first noticed the lingerie. Lacy, soft and silky - just the kinds I like. Then I noticed the bedding. Fabulous stuff - not the kind they sell in Libya - this was real bedding! As I was looking at the section that had bath towels and touching and smelling the soft fluffy cotton I looked down and noticed the cat. Actually I heard the kittens and then noticed the cat. Mama cat was leaving and the three kittens were scattered about on the floor of the shop. I collected them up and put them in a display of silky pillow cases so they wouldn't get stepped on.

Then I looked up and found the self help books. I forgot all about the rest of the things and started browsing the titles. Then I woke up.

What does all this mean?

Look what I found

I found an interesting way to see who links to me in the blogosphere. It's all mapped out using a free site called TouchGraph Google Browser. It's an interesting way to see the connections between blogs and sites and how they interact with one another. I like that I can see how Libyan bloggers connect. It's also a way to find new places related to sites you like. Pretty nifty!

Ramadan in Libya

I've updated the page on my website about Ramadan in Libya. Go have a look! Ramadan in Libya

Getting ripped off

I went to the supermarket yesterday. It's a small shop just around the corner from my house. I don't particularly like this shop, I just go there because it's convenient.

I've noticed that they've been stocking up on new merchandise for Ramadan. This time of year they come out with all kinds of things that you don't find the rest of the year. Things like, pudding mixes and cake mixes, packets of mixed spices and all sorts of 'instant foods' like soup mix. After Ramadan they will stop bringing these things (as if we only eat one month a year!).

I was in the shop to buy the usual - cheese, milk, tuna, macaroni, tomato paste, harissa and those unmentionable female things.

At the cash register I put the basket on the counter... actually I put it on top of all the plastic bags and advertising promotion papers. I squeezed the basket in between the candy displays and all the other junk that's on the counter.... sigh... this is one of the reasons I hate this …