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Arriving in Libya for the first time...

Over the years I've met all kinds of interesting people as the result of my blog. Some people come here just by chance and have a look around and then go on their merry way, others visit regularly. Most visitors come because they have some kind of connection to Libya - they are Libyan that live here or live abroad, married to/engaged to/dating a Libyan, ex-pats who are working here or thinking of working here, relatives of someone living here, etc. 
One visitor to my blog who's also become my Facebook friend is an American woman named Victoria. I think of Victoria as my Wheelus connection because she came to Libya when her father was working on Wheelus Airforce Base. She's also a writer and has got a blog of her own called Words on My Mind and has written a book about her experiences in Libya titled: An Army Brat in Libya; Memories of Tripoli in the 1950s
A few months ago Victoria and I decided we should have a blog exchange. She'd write a post for my blog and I'…

Fresh Air

The weather is lovely during the day so we've been opening up the windows and doors. The iron gate on the front door does nothing to keep the puppies out. They keep coming in, trying to see what we are doing. Curious little things... Shoo! Shoo!

Tick Tock Says the Clock!

I was so thrilled about the implementation of daylight savings time in Libya. Oh how wonderful to be heading out the door with the sun shining brightly overhead! But the whole concept of daylight savings time has been ruined.....

Nora came home from university and said the lectures had all been moved back an hour.... Ibrahim's school announced that they will start an hour earlier...Upon arrival at Jenna's school we were told that she was an hour late - they have moved the start of the school day at her high school back an hour too...
Hmmm... you always hear the phrase 'the village idiot'. It's always singular, never plural.... except in Libya - it's definitively plural here.

Setting our clocks back an hour

Daylight savings time has been implemented this year in Libya. We haven't had a time change here for years. The whole idea seems to confuse everyone, but I'm happy to wake up in the morning as the sun rises. Breakfast on the front porch with a glorious sunrise - what a wonderful way to start the day! 

Who was that woman?

I had a car accident yesterday. No one was hurt, thank God, but the whole event just pissed me off. This is what happened:

I was on my way to pick up the kids from school which means it was high traffic time. The roads were really congested but cars were moving, albeit slowly. I made it round a round-about and onto the road and all of a sudden - BAM! There was a big crunching noise. 
Someone had hit my left rear bumper. Then the car swerved off the side of the road into a dirt road in an attempt to escape. But the dirt road ended in a dead end - trapped with nowhere to go. At this point I noticed that it was a female driving the car. She tried to back up and then went a bit forward, opened the door and got out of the car but the car kept going - she hadn't put the car in park! She managed to get in the car and stop it and then got back out. She took out her mobile and placed a call and then started walking quickly towards the road where I had parked.
I got out of my car and checke…