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Looking Gruesome

Medusa sculpture in Tripoli's museum

This is about like what I look like these days.... It won't be long and I will be looking better... I called for an appointment today. I'm hoping that a bit of pampering will get me through the summertime blues. Poor Sheila - she's got her work cut out for her... Sheila come to the rescue! lol


The Miss Arab World 2007 had a Libyan contestant. Was there a pageant here in Libya to choose her? I wonder what Miss Tripoli looks like? or Miss Benghazi, or Miss Sebha.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... Beauty is only skin deep - my father always replied with 'But ugly is straight to the bone!' LOL

So totally gross

Jenna and I went out this evening and there was a car in front of us when we were stuck in the traffic. He had a dvd in the sunvisor thing... he was watching porn...ewe

Should I take a break from blogging?

Lately I've been depressed. I get this way every summer. It's a combination of the heat, having to look at my kids 24/7 and lack of sleep:
The weather is hot and humid.. today the weather report says 86% humidity - it almost feels like Florida here.
I am sick of my kids. They do nothing but fight all the time and I even drag some of them with me to work so really I never get a break from them.
And I'm not getting enough sleep because the kids are up until late (fighting and watching TV) and even though I just give up and go to bed I still find the noise they make disturbing.I was chatting to my mother about the idea of taking a break from blogging. My blog has just turned into a big long list of depressing! But my mother says she enjoys reading about what I'm up to and she likes knowing that the kids are driving me crazy. She keeps mentioning something about it being 'pay back time'.

Today I decided to break up the monotony and go to the museu…

#18 Solved!.... Finally!

Yes, it's true... some one had the correct answer... go have a look and see what other pictures I've added.

Where is this? - #18

One more clue added

I've added yet another clue... it should be way too easy now.... sigh...

Have a look here: Where is This? - #18

Clue Added!

I added another image to the Where is this? - #18 post. Go have a look and see if you can tell me where it is.

Ok... it's my turn now...

Seems like many of the bloggers are posting about the Bulgarian nurses and the Libyan AIDS tragedy. Over the years I've been watching the events unfold and I am torn.

On the one hand, there are the nurses and the doctor who most probably could have been injecting people with infected needles. During the years of the sanctions when medical supplies were hard to find it is highly likely that needles were being reused. But then the sanctions did not prohibit the import of medical supplies... the fact that Libya was lacking was a local issue, not an international one. It was just so easy to blame the sanctions for not bothering to make sure there were properly stocked hospitals and medical centres. Regardless of whether there were enough needles or not, the nurses and doctors should have refused to ever reuse a needle. Did they? I am not sure if they did or not.

On the other hand, was it needles that caused the infection or something else? Hospitals in Libya both then and now are filth…

Where is this? - #18

Does adding this picture help?

Another clue.... come on! This should make it too easy!

Time for another challenge. . . . If you think you know where it is (or you want to guess) click on comments. Click on the picture to see an enlarged image.

The pictures for the game 'Where is this?' have all been taken from someplace in Libya and are in an area open to the public. The prize for the winner will be the satisfaction of knowing that you had the right answer! - I'll let you know who the winner is.


At long last , and after more than one clue, there is a winner... A. Adam said:

it's an old church the Former Catholic Church (Saint-Mari) , Now it's Mohammed Ali La`a for Artsand he also commented this: by the way I posted some pictures before in my Blog

I'm not sure if the Church is called Mohammed Ali La`a for Arts or not though. We went for a walk in the medina and came across some workers in front of the church and they said we could have a look inside.

At the…

A little black dress

We've been out shopping every weekend for the past few weeks... looking for the perfect dress for Nora to wear to her friend's sister's wedding.

She wanted a little black dress.... something classic... something special... not too flashy...

Finally, finally, after going to every shop in town (it seemed like it anyway) we found THE dress. And of course we found it in a shop nearby. Why does it seem like we always look all over town and then end up finding something nearby? And the price was not bad either ... and we got the shopkeeper to take ten off. Thank God she already has shoes!

A blog for dental students!

I'm always thrilled to see blogs being used for educational purposes. Recently I was asked by a dental lecturer how he could put useful images and information on the net for his students and of course I said: 'Put them on a blog!' Then I told him how to go about doing it.

So starts the beginning of My Best Student - a blog for Libyan dental students. But really if you think about it it's not just for Libyan students because blogging is global. How wonderful to have teachers who care about their students. Good work Dr.Ziad!

A Libyan Mystery

Can someone please tell me why they leave manholes open and uncovered all over the place in Libya? Usually they stick all kinds of garbage in them. Sometimes they even stick big pieces of wood, long pipes and sometimes even furniture inside the holes as a kind of flag to warn motorists.

Why are they removing the covers in the first place? Don't they realize that it is dangerous? Someone could fall in, a small child for instance. And hitting them or swerving to avoid them could cause drivers to lose control and maybe injure or KILL someone!

This particular manhole is on Jaraba Street and has been uncovered for about three weeks. You can see the cover over on the sidewalk next to the road. Why don't the boys and men that hang out for hours in the vicinity ever think to put it back on? ... Are they are too busy watching girls and women? ... Or is it the hole in the road they are watching? ... Is there a purpose for these deathtraps?

Who knows the answer to this mystery of Libyan li…

How Funny!... in a strange kind of way

America will finally have an ambassador in Libya. But I think it's kind of funny in an ironic kind of way. Why? Because the guy is currently the American deputy chief of mission at the US embassy in Israel and Libya doesn't let anyone in the country that either holds an Israeli passport or even has an Israeli stamp in their passport.

My sister has been wanting to visit the Holy Land but never could because she was afraid the stamps in her passport would affect her ever visiting me here. We thought she should wait until her passport was nearly ready to expire and then when she returned she could get a fresh passport with no Israeli stamps in it.

So what does this mean? Have the laws been changed?

The Best..... Really?

I was voted the Best Of the Blogs number one in Libya blog in 2006. I stumbled across this today. It says you can suggest my blog for 2007. I'm really amazed that I was best blog... Wow!


The promise that we would get our flat painted as soon as all the exam results came in is being fulfilled. The paint has arrived, along with the rollers and brushes.

This evening the kids removed all the furniture and carpeting from the living room and entry. We are ready to paint. Now we wait for the painter, also known as Mustafa the Procrastinator, to get started. In the meantime the kids are having a great time singing, yodeling and making noise just so they can hear themselves echo.

I have a headache.

Adam Passed!

Imagine that ! I've gotten one kid through high school!

As soon as Adam found out the news he was on the phone with his friends making plans. He grabbed his shorts and a towel and took my beach umbrella and flew out the door to celebrate at the beach with his friends.

I'm so happy... but at the same time something about all this makes me feel old.

Best wishes to all the final year students.. I hope you are all celebrating today!


Where is this? - #17 was answered. Scroll down and have a look.

Where is this? - #17

If you think you know where it is (or you want to guess) click on comments. Click on the picture to see an enlarged image.

The pictures for the game 'Where is this?' have all been taken from someplace in Libya and are in an area open to the public. The prize for the winner will be the satisfaction of knowing that you had the right answer! - I'll let you know who the winner is.


Ghazi Gheblawi said... This will be my first try in this competition, ok I think this is the entrance gate of Dar Al founon (the House of Art) from inside, it is situated in what we call Triq Al Seka (7th of November street), hope I am right.
Correct! Congratulations Ghazi!

I went this morning to The Art House with two of my daughters and my friend Tara. She'd never been there before. The Art House sells art supplies and does picture framing and also sells artwork and signed prints done by Libyan artists. Upst…

My life's news

I spent the morning looking in shops that sell light fixtures. The house has reached the stage of installing lighting and I am not thrilled with anything I've seen in the shops. We drove from one place to the next, getting in and out of the air conditioned car and we finally found our way to Suk Thalat and parked and just walked from shop to shop. Nothing appealed to me. It was depressing. I just ended up making myself hot, tired and grumpy. Lunch was two roasted chickens bought on the way home. I don't think I could have faced the kitchen.

Facing the kitchen these days is depressing. My stove is in the shop getting repaired. It had started turning the bottom of my pots and pans black with soot. So I removed it from the kitchen and it sat in the stairway until Mustafa decided to take it to be repaired. In the meantime I have been using a tiny tabletop type stove that has two burners. I call it the Barbie stove. Unfortunately I am not married to Ken... cooking on the Barbie stov…


Toni On! Libya:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
These videos look really nice... unfortunately LTT strikes again... connection is slow and I'm back to rationing out my internet time....
5 gigabytes a month...grrrrrr

Enjoy them if you can!

Day three of my long weekend

We all woke up late today. It was 11 am when I got out of bed and had my first cup of coffee. I started lunch (couscous) by 11:30 and then went on to enjoy my second cup of coffee. Everyone else was still asleep.

As everyone slowly started to wake up, one by one, the house became noisier and noisier. The males went off to the mosque for Friday prayers and I got the lunch finished and ready to put on the table.

After lunch there was a unanimous decision to shave Ibrahim's head. Why? I'm not sure... I guess it just sounded like a good idea - to everyone except Ibrahim. He had to be chased down and forced. Now that his head has been shaved he's happy.

The afternoon was spent just hanging out. This evening we highlighted Sara's hair and I did the usual run to the store for bread, tuna, milk and cheese.

Boring, the day was boring. Tomorrow hopefully we'll go to the beach. Ibrahim says I can take a picture of his head tomorrow at the beach.

A long weekend

Yesterday was the 4th of July, a holiday in America, but an ordinary day in Libya. But in a way it wasn't an ordinary day for me as I'm having a 4-day weekend. The break from work is because the building that I work in is being used to hold a wedding. I'm rather enjoying the much needed break.

Yesterday I spent the morning out scouting around Tripoli for a ceiling fan to replace the one in my entry. Libyans as a rule don't use ceiling fans. They think if you install an air conditioner that you don't need a fan, but I like the air to circulate in any season. Having a fan going keeps the house cooler in summer too. Unfortunately they only sell two models here - without lights, or with lights. A rather boring selection and both kinds are cheap. But I bought one anyway - the kind with lights. I also picked up an occilating fan with a floor stand and an electric popcorn maker. Guess what we had for lunch yesterday? POPCORN! (I made hubby a hamburger when he came home)


I've got it!

It's finally arrived! My Magic 8 Ball. Now I will be able to answer all of life's questions - well, at least the important ones. I won't have to use the one on the net. Thank you Tara! Thank you so very much!... and my students will love it too... Yes or No questions!