Progressing through a Libyan Ramadan

We're getting through Ramadan. It's almost halfway over with an so far it's been pretty good. I've been so busy that the days seem to fly by rather quickly. But it's not been without it's trials, namely the daily power cuts that are annoying and seem to happen right when you really need to use something that runs on electricity. Also take into account the daytime temperatures have been 40C (over 100F) or close to it.

For God's sake! This has been going on for years now, surely they should have the power sorted out! I have given up trying to believe the stories the officials tell as to why we are still having power outages. Lately we have been having our fast breaking meal in the garden so that we can see what we're eating as it seems that they frequently shut off the power around sunset. In a way it's kind of pleasant as the air is fairly cool and there is a bit of a breeze, the bats are flitting about and the owls are just coming out for the start of their nightly hunt. We can hear the prayers and Quran coming from mosques in three different directions. But I said fairly pleasant - often times in the distance we can hear explosions and gunfire coming from one direction while in another direction we can hear and see fireworks. Some people fighting while others are celebrating... or maybe they just are obsessed with noise and danger? Who knows, I'm not so thrilled.

Apparently there is still some fighting going on in different areas from time to time. Who's is to say whether you might go out one day to work, or run some errands, or to visit someone and unwittingly get caught in the crossfire and what if all this happens in your neighbourhood? You could get killed by stray bullets while you are cowering in your house. Don't they realize that this is not going to move Libya forward?

I keep hearing about people who have decided that 'enough is enough' and they are packing up and leaving. Lately I've taken to looking at real estate adverts for houses back in my hometown.... at this point I am just looking. I keep telling myself that I didn't go through all this to give up. But when will it reach the point of the straw that breaks the camel's back?

I need to take the kids out to buy Eid clothes. In the past we worried about the crowds, traffic, pick-pockets, beggars and getting ripped-off by unscrupulous shopkeepers.Now we can add the threat of gun-toting shoppers, possible bombs, shootouts, and drive by shootings/assassinations...who knows.... We'll just have to say 'Bismillah!' and get on with it. 


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