Saturday, July 27, 2013

Disturbing the Peace(?)

I had been planning to take the kids out shopping this weekend, but we're staying home because of widespread protests and keeping away from any violence sparked by protests following the assassination of an activist in Benghazi. I saw this online recently:
There are reports that early this morning (approx. 06:00Hrs) the airport road, and roads in Gergaresh and Gurji were closed by burning road blocks. Furthermore, the offices of the Muslim Brotherhood were attacked by protestors in the Ben Ashour and Ras Hassan Districts. Protesters in the Abu Salim District have been seen carrying small arms weapons. It is reported that some protesters are now making their way towards the Qatar Embassy. The protest are reported to be non-violent currently, but, as always, the potential for violence remains.

Reports are indicating that protest are taking place in the following areas: Tripoli, Benghazi, Zintan, Tobruk, Ajdabiya, al Marj, al Bayda, Jalu.

I guess we will put off our shopping trip for later. 
Yesterday was a day without electricity. We prepared our meal and set the table in the garden. Shortly after the call to sunset prayers we heard a car racing down our dirt road. We continued eating but a few minutes later we heard two huge explosions and then bursts of gunfire. It was so close that we all jumped up and took cover inside the house. We could hear women and children screaming and crying. My son and husband tried to find out what was happening but it was too dangerous to go out in the road and they could see nothing from looking over the wall. The screaming and crying lasted for about an hour. Later my son said he had heard there was a fight about drugs and as far as he knew no one had been killed. There certainly was plenty of drama!

I don't know where all this is leading to.. We had nearly five hours without electricity again today. Let's just hope the neighbours behave themselves - there's no 911 to call here! 

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