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Ideas anyone?

What would YOUlike me to write about?
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Duty calls...

I arrived home after a busy day. I put down my bags and went to see what the kids were doing in the TV room. The television was blasting a Turkish soap opera and everyone was staring, not at the TV, but at their phones, tablets or laptops. Sara looked up and said 'You need to visit Maima (my mother in-law) because she broke her foot.''When did this happen?' I asked. 'My cousin said she woke up in the morning and her foot was broken.'  It didn't seem plausible that you could wake up in the morning to discover you had a broken foot and I said so to the kids. But Sara said she had heard that Maima had dropped a pot on her foot not long ago - so maybe that was what happened. I went outside in the garden to find my husband and ask him what was going on with his mother. He said that he had seen her the other day and she was fine. 'Let me take a shower and change and we'll go over to see her' I suggested.
Customs in Libya require that you don't sh…

A drink of inspiration

I stopped at the supermarket yesterday and picked up some different kinds of herbal tea.  One of the herbal teas is verbena... it's supposed to be calming, which is perfect to drink while I sit in the new lounge chair. Oh, did I forget to mention that I bought myself a lounge chair for my front porch?
According to wikipedia verbena has some other useful aspects... "In the Modern Era, it is sometimes considered a powerful "ally" of poets and writers, as its relaxing effects can relieve writer's block." 
So look out... I might be inspired to post more often.

Two trees

I spent yesterday with family and friends - a picnic and a hike.The day started out dusty, but it rained a bit while we were hiking and the air cleared some. There hasn't been much rain this year and everything is really dry. I'm expecting a very hot and dusty summer.