Just days away....

If you are out in Tripoli for the next few days you'll notice even more traffic than usual. Everyone is out and about, going to the supermarket to pick up enough food to feed an army. Ramadan is just days away. What am I doing about it? Nothing. The tiny shop near my house has everything we need, there is a small greengrocer stand next to the shop. Hubby will manage to sort out meat for the month. 

I have no interest in fighting through the crowds of people at the supermarkets. I've decided to stock up on other things to get us through the month: The kids have requested some new DVDs, and I think some craft supplies might help keep Ibrahim out of trouble. Nora wants to do some macramé. I need to hang some pictures that have been waiting, propped up in the corner, since we moved in last year. And of course, there are other things to focus on aside from food in Ramadan... spiritual things!

I had hoped that I would go to visit my family in America this Ramadan... but hubby is acting helpless and complained that no one would be here to cook for him if I left. What he doesn't know is that I have no plans to cook for him anyway this year. I've decided to leave it all up to the girls  - it's time they managed it all on their own. Last year I slaved away by myself in the kitchen while they slept or watched TV. All they had to do was clean up after I got through. It's their turn now to take over the role of chef. I am just not interested in it anymore. I've had 30 Ramadans in my life so far... thats a lot of time spent stirring the soup pot. It's time to hand my apron over to someone else.


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