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Friday, August 20, 2010

Ramadan..... a time for visiting friends and family

Last night the girls and I (minus Nora) spent some time with my good friend OTE. We picked her up and drove around. Whenever we'd see a shop that had clothes displayed in the window that the girls thought looked good we'd stop and the girls would get out and investigate. While the girls shopped, OTE and I sat in the car and visited. Then the girls would get back in the car and we'd drive someplace else. At one point the girls came back with ice-cream for all. Later we stopped for more snacks.

This system of Eid clothes shopping-visiting is working out great. The girls are getting their shopping done and I get to hang out with a friend that I can talk to without any kids (or husbands) hanging around listening (and interrupting). It feels so nice to get a chance to have a one-to-one visit for a change.

This certainly beats the conventional Ramadan visiting of friends and family.  I'll have to see which one of my friends (or in-laws) wants to be my next guest.


  1. Me !!!! I want to do it all over again !!I had a ball !Let me know when the next trip is on ok? Thank you so much 4 the phone . I am going crazy learning how it works .LOL !

  2. Ok OTE... we will have a repeat visit! It was fun and the girls want you to be our guest again too. By the way.. my phone is on SILENT so text me.

  3. A totally awesome idea. You're killing two birds with one stone-- the necessity of clothes shopping for the girls, as well as the "expected" visiting being done. It's a win-win!

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