Getting into the groove

Jenna and I went out today at about three in the afternoon. It's the first time I've been out since two days before Ramadan. It was hot and dusty and most of the shops were closed. We stopped at an office supply shop and bought art paper, and water colors. We're ready to go back into hibernation again. 

I've settled into the book 'This is where I leave you' by Jonathan Tropper. At first I thought 'Oh no! Not another moaning, I'm so depressed' book - because it's about a guy who just left his wife and then his father dies. But it turns out to be quite funny actually, it's more about a dysfunctional family. I'll probably finish it tomorrow and then decide what I want to read next. 

I'm really enjoying my break. Resting, reading, hobbies, and only cooking when I want to. The girls pulled off a lovely meal today of all Libyan food. For a treat, tonight I went into the kitchen and made tortillas and burritos for suhoor. Of course Sara insisted I clean up the mess... sigh...never mind, the burritos were delicious. 


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