Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting a good soak

It's been raining the last couple of days and the reports say it will rain everyday this week. I'm happy because I enjoy the rain so much. Actually there are only a few negative things about this kind of weather:

  • puddles - because you never know how deep they are and driving through them is dangerous. I try to drive behind someone. Today there was a puddle so deep and wide in front of Ibrahim's school that I just decided to turn around and go home. I've been wanting a 4-wheel drive vehicle for quite some time... maybe I can convince hubby now is the time to get one.
  • laundry - how to get it to dry when you have no dryer... the clothes line is full and sagging with the weight of very wet clothes. Solution... get a dryer.

I suppose I could get a 4-wheel drive, head for an appliance store and bring home a clothes dryer! This would solve all the problems and there'd be no disadvantages to rain.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Old to New

There is a picture floating around of what Tripoli will look like in the future. In the picture it shows that all along the seafront there will be modern buildings and skyscrapers. It will look quite different from what we see today.

Things are beginning to change already. But how much of the old should go to make way for the new? I'm all for improving things but at the same time I'd like to see traditional style and culture remain. Can the new blend with the old, making a modern-traditional mix?

And why does it seem as though there is not much thought for the people and businesses that are displaced in the process? It always seems that they are taken by surprise when the demolition crews begin their work.... A mad scramble to move before the walls cave in and endless talk about how much compensation they will get and the big question WHEN they'll get it. As well as whether it will be enough to buy something elsewhere - and is there something elsewhere.

Change is inevitable I guess. I seem to notice it more since we moved out of the city. I'm surrounded by work in progress everyplace I go.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Take your shoes off and stay awhile

The culture here dictates that people usually take their shoes off before they walk into the house. Although I prefer to wear shoes in the house (and do), I don't have a problem with this custom. If someone wants to walk around barefooted that's their business. What I do hate is looking at a pile of shoes next to the door.

I've spent years pleading with my kids to bring their shoes into the house and put them away in their rooms. This has been just a waste of my vocal cords because no one has ever paid any attention to me and I've had to endure looking at (and usually tripping over) shoes by the door. I tried a shoe cabinet next to the door and just ended up nagging at the kids to put their shoes inside... which they rarely did.

But a miracle has happened! We moved to the farm and now have four wonderful, shoe chewing dogs! Anyone stupid enough to leave their shoes (or anything else for that matter) outside next to the door is guaranteed to lose them to the dogs who are delighted to have a tasty chewy toy. The dogs love them! Yummy shoes, scented with the tantalizing smells of feet and far off places.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


One of the problems with living on the farm is that there isn't a grocery shop just around the corner. I need to stock up on everything, especially things like juice and cookies for in case someone pops over for a visit. I've got a cabinet in the kitchen specifically for the reserves.

Do you think the kids will leave the cabinet alone?

No of course not!

So today I went out and bought a padlock - the kind with a combination so none of the kids can sneak around and find the key. The combination is stored in my head... and I'm going to my grave with it.

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