Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting a good soak

It's been raining the last couple of days and the reports say it will rain everyday this week. I'm happy because I enjoy the rain so much. Actually there are only a few negative things about this kind of weather:

  • puddles - because you never know how deep they are and driving through them is dangerous. I try to drive behind someone. Today there was a puddle so deep and wide in front of Ibrahim's school that I just decided to turn around and go home. I've been wanting a 4-wheel drive vehicle for quite some time... maybe I can convince hubby now is the time to get one.
  • laundry - how to get it to dry when you have no dryer... the clothes line is full and sagging with the weight of very wet clothes. Solution... get a dryer.

I suppose I could get a 4-wheel drive, head for an appliance store and bring home a clothes dryer! This would solve all the problems and there'd be no disadvantages to rain.


  1. this the only solution to drive in Libya during winter time either invest in a 4X4WD or a second hand military tank :o)

  2. I was wondering how long it would take you to start talking about a 4 w drive , lol ... and a dryer . Next you will be talking about moving the laundry room closer or making a covered walk to the house from the laundry room . Lol ! Aw , the joys of country living huh ?

  3. heheh,, nice one Weldemdina,

    How are you ma lady , hope you enjoyed the rainy week. Lakes every where, Peds are also anoyed with drivers because they throw water at them. The draing system has failed to dump all water. It was unexpected so I could not see any one having an unmprella. But all in all I love rain too.


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