Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I've got guests!

It's amazing to see the number of foreigners that are here in Libya. Ex-pats, guest workers, call them what you like, they are an integral part of the workforce in this country and their numbers are growing.

How do they adapt to life in Libya? How do they deal with the people and culture? In the past Libyans would gawk at any foreigner they came across but nowadays, especially in Tripoli, Libyans are getting more and more used to seeing foreigners in shops and restaurants. It's starting to become normal.

And as the number of ex-pats in Libya increases, the number of ex-pat bloggers increases too. Chronicling their lives here for their family and friends back home. Life in Libya is an adventure!

There is a group of ex-pats here that have put together a website for other ex-pats. I asked them if they would like to have a guest post on my blog since I have so many ex-pat readers, and also because many people who are in the decision process of taking a position in Libya stumble across me in their research. I'm also interested in how cultures blend and mix. They agreed to be guests on my blogg. Here's what they sent me to post: – A peek under the veil

We are a group of enthusiastic expats with a positive outlook who want to provide relevant information on life in Libya. Before arriving here each of us had problems finding out how living in Libya might be. For this reason we got together to meet this need. As a group, we try to portray all aspects of this multi-faceted society – the good, the bad and the in between.

Look Out Libya aims not to provide exhaustive information, but rather an introduction for newcomers to the country, and an ongoing update for the online community here in Libya. We concentrate on the practicalities of life and hope to offer our readers first hand insights into life as a foreigner in Libya.

There is much development in Libya and the country is evolving at a rapid rate, hence we rely on the contributions of our readers to keep the site up to date and current.

Our largest readership is in Libya but readers from all over the globe have visited the site. We are thrilled each time we receive an email with feedback - from expats thirsty for information and Libyans delighted to see their country receiving a worldwide audience. The best feedback to date … “The Look Out Libya website has coloured in a country that for me had always been grey on the map”.

It’s so exciting to be a part of it. Come and be entranced!


  1. Khadija

    I have to say it is a wonderful website and Thank you for sharing it with us

    I would like to contribute to the website success (if possible) as I have lived both here and the UK which means I have a good eye for both sides :)

    Fe Aman Allah

  2. My dear Khadija the existing of the forigen workers was always normal may be you weren't in Tripoli at those days for example lots of Bulgarian and slovak health staff scattered throuout the health centers, philipinos, and pakistani some of them now can speak Libyan arabic better then me, also many russians in the area of abuslim it is not new to the Libyan to see the forigners also the workers of the oil companies.
    by the way the universities was loaded with forigners.

  3. salam alaykom... Oh i hope i will be an ex-pat in libya soon!! My husband is from libya, but we live in sweden ( iam swedish) but i really really wanna move to libya!!

  4. Thank you my lady for sharing it . I value the importance of it because this website just came on time.


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