Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time for popcorn.... movie night!

I've been relaxing and watching movies. Today I downloaded a film called Precious. I watched it straight through without stopping. Wow! It's a very powerful film, very realistic. Thanks Tara for suggesting it.

Then, I started Marley and Me but Jenna begged me not to finish it because she watched it first and said it was too sad - the dog died and she thought it was just too much to bear. So I'll watch it later when I think I can handle the sadness... lolol..

I'm waiting for Sunshine Cleaning to download next. It's going slow so it probably wont be until tomorrow.

What films have you watched lately? Got any favourites? Anything thought provoking?

Click on comments..... Suggest something.


  1. ***The Proposal, The Taking of pelham, Funny People, ***Love Happens,****He's Just Not That Into You.

    you don't need to download them. have them on DVD

  2. A.Adam... they dont always have the movies I'm looking for at the DVD places. So sometimes you just gotta download em.

  3. I mean that I've them. will give you a copy if you need. :D

  4. Hi teacher,
    You must watch the Libyan movie الشظيةits written by Ibrahim Alkoni

  5. 2012
    Be sure to watch it on a BIg screen with HUGE speakers and BASE level at the top of this world in order to feel the earthquakes in your living room.


    I recently enjoyed watching "Changing Lanes"

  6. - Amores Perros
    - One hour photo,
    - Solaris - great but book is better :)
    - Pursuit Of Happiness,
    - Volver - spanish, very interesting, for women,
    - Children Of Heaven - iranian,
    - Lyar Cake - Danielem Craig, great soundtrack, action, drugs..
    - Rabbit proof fence - half caste children in Australia,
    - Page Turner - french, interesting,
    - Gran Torino - Eastwood reminds me my grandfather! :D
    - American History - racism problem,
    - Million Dollar Baby - Eastwood again :)
    - The Kite Runner - i think iranian,
    - Babel - good,
    - Elephant Man - famous (1980),
    - Atash - palestinian,
    - Secretary :D
    - Pulp Fiction - famous one of my specials,
    - Gattaca,
    - Spirited Away - animated, japanese, also good for children,
    - Apocalypto - dialogue yucatec maya :P
    - 84 Charing Cross Road - Hopkins,
    - Nuovo cinema Paradiso - !988, nice italian,
    - East Is East - pakistani man, english wife, mixed children rised in UK, about cultural identity etc.. funny :)
    - Bridges Of Madison County
    - Fried Green Tomatoes,
    - Coraline - magic for kids and grownups :)
    - Unfortunate Events - also magic :)
    -Khuda Kai Liye - superb soundtrack, pakistani movie abt current problem of Islam, terrorism, fundamentalism..etc :)
    - Goodbye Linin!

    Please if i missed something interesting let me know, i am movie eaterrrrr!


  7. Little Miss Sunshine . Loved it since it is all about a dysfunctional family , lol !Could so relate !Glade you are on the mend.

  8. salam

    i love watching movies... and i have a great collection that can save you time and gigabits ....
    its yours if you like want to .. just tell me how i can hand it to you... its about 270 GB of movies new and old.. soretd as best good and himm i delete the bad once any way :)

    and it depends on the types you like to .. action romance or comedy and animation...
    and i recomend
    seven pounds
    lake house
    inside man
    hot fuzz
    crash ( this is must see)
    the skeleton key ( this is must see 2)
    deja vu (also must see)
    eagle eye (good idea)
    smokeing aces
    madagascar 2 and 1
    the bucket list ( dont miss this one)
    mad money ( funny )
    no country for old man ( dont miss this also)
    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ( long one but good)

    the list is non stop...

    i am ready to bring it all to you all clear copy and nice movies :)

    and i may trade with you with the once you have and i dont :)


  9. Wow! Ask and you shall receive!

    Lots to choose from on these lists... some I have seen and some not. Will have to look them up and see what my next movie will be.

    LadyCroc... it's been ages! Where are you hiding?????

  10. I suggest The Changeling...very nice movie based on a true story!


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