Monday, November 16, 2009

A special note for November

I've been enjoying the weather. It's warm during the day and cool at night. The leaves are starting to change colors and flocks of migratory birds can be seen flying over from time to time. Yesterday morning, as I was driving Ibrahim to school, we saw two flocks of larger sized birds flying over in V formation. I like this time of year.

A few years ago a friend of mine gave me a poem she had written. It was on a small piece of folded paper that I kept in the top drawer of my dresser. Every November I would happen to come across it and take it out and read it. And then I would pick up the phone and call my friend and we would have a long chat. For some reason the paper with the poem on it disappeared and I searched for it last November but couldn't find it. So I asked my dear friend to write the poem for me again. I'm posting it here so I don't misplace it again.

November Cricket

November Cricket singing by my kitchen door-
You fill my heart with gladness,
You fill my heart with joy.

Now as evening falls
Your merry little notes fill the peaceful air
"This is a happy home."

Yes, you know we face our share
Of trials and tribulations.
Yet we are richly blessed
With all the goodness that comes
From our Father up above.

Sing November Cricket!
November Cricket-
I love you.

Rhonda Ahmed
November 16, 2001


  1. I know this is a bit random --
    however -- what are your thoughts on arranged mariages? Coming from an American background , would you like to see your daughters pick their own mates - or would like to search and put the word out yourselves as parents.

    My husbands family just sent the word out - regarding our 16 year old daughter - I'm livid that they should even be considering her as a possible candidate for a 4 year engagement ... WTF.

    If you have the time I would LOVE to hear your thoughts regarding both genders, actually , when it comes to arranging their futures...

  2. anonymous.... what do you mean by 'sent word out'? As far as I know in Libya no one goes out looking for a partner for a female.

    16 years of age is too young for a girl to be thinking about getting married. In this day and age a girl has to be ready to take care of herself. And this means getting a university degree and having a job. Who knows what the future holds. Life today is not like the past when people helped each other out. Everyone nowadays must be able to take care of themselves. Your daughter just may have an entire family to support all by herself - so make sure she is able to do it.

  3. Let's put it this way -- the sister in laws got news of a potentialy ' great ' man who was looking for a wife , first they considered one niece - who's father said no - too young, and then my daughter came to their mind, who is the same age as the niece, 16. I WAS LIVID...
    And the selling point ... you can have a 4 year engagement then marry her when she's 20 .... WT..
    Sorry I have alot of trouble with the concept of arranged marriages .. from what I have seen it's rare that Love ever develops post ceremony.
    I believe everyone should find their own partners , ultimately the couple must live together and function not with their families but together - how can you do this especially - when you don't KNOW one another...

  4. If you agreed chances are they would wait a bit and then say something has come up that has made it important that the marriage take place right away... very rare for anyone to wait 4 years.

    If they think your daughter is so wonderful they will come back when she is twenty and ask again. Child brides are never pretty, but young women are lovely.

  5. What's your opinion on arranged marriages?

  6. anonymous.... why is my opinion on arranged marriages so important?

  7. Curious ... that's all.
    coming from an American background, married to a Libyan, converted to Islam - having chosen your own partner - just wondering where you stand on the subject - and also wondering if you would choose your own children's mates...

    Is this a sensitive subject ... my apologies..


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