Friday, June 25, 2010

Seasons changing in my garden

Spring is over and summer is underway. The spring flowers that I planted in my garden have faded and dried. This morning Ibrahim and I went out in the garden to collect the seeds so that we can plant them next year. It's kind of sad to see the dried-up plants that were once glorious. But there is beauty in the prickly seeds and flower heads. 

We've been putting out birdseed in the garden to attract birds. In one place a millet plant sprouted and we liked the look so much that my husband decided to plant a border with them. It will look interesting and attract lots of birds too. The basil seeds my mother-in-law gave me are coming out, about 8 inches tall now, and I've got some sage, mint, rosemary and marjoram in the garden too.

There's a basket on the window ledge next to my desk that I fill with plants in small pots. I can change the plants so there's some variety.  Ibrahim calls the area next to my desk Mom's forest. :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Singing the summertime blues

I haven't done much of anything lately aside from work and forage for food to feed my tribe.  

We've started the countdown to Ramadan, and taking into consideration my busy schedule, I've been stocking up from now. I got some really nice soup bowls and plates the other day. I stopped at a shop at a time that a football match was playing. The shop was nearly empty and I was able to get in and out quickly without anyone pushing and shoving. I plan to do ALL my shopping during a match - yeah! World Cup, it's good for something! 

I'm looking forward to Ramadan this year. If dreams come true I will spend it in the US with my son. I'm not sure who is going with me because the kids' passports are expired and hubby says there are no blank passports (jilda) available in Libya at the moment. How can a country run out of passports? This has happened before as I remember, and it was also at the beginning of summer too. How very (in) convenient!  This might mean that I will have to go alone.... hmm... I kind of like that idea... 

Between now and Ramadan I expect to be on a treadmill. Not much chance for adventure - not unless adventure crosses my path. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

He's legal now

It's my first born child's twenty-first birthday today. It seems like only yesterday that I was in Salahudin Hospital. It was a 6-day ordeal that we both survived. We're has the time gone?... OMG that's something my mother has said before!

Happy Birthday Adam!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lions & tigers & bears...oh no... just serpents!

It's been hot and humid for the past few days. The kids have been playing outside early every morning before it gets too hot to go outside - that means about 5:30 in the morning they go out and come inside around eight. They have breakfast and then go to bed for a long nap. 

Being up at that hour of the day and being outside allows the kids to see different kinds of wild life they would normally have missed. Number one on the list unfortunately seems to be snakes, particularly horned vipers which are nocturnal (and venomous). They bury themselves in the sand and lie in wait for their prey - rodents, lizards and other small things. They don't usually bite humans.

For a list of snakes in Libya, and more information: Snakes of Libya

Friday, June 11, 2010

Working hard to get things finished

Work is progressing slowly on the outside of the house. Hubby is still working on the marble, the main gate to the farm and the arbor is ready to put up over the terrace. Soon it will be time to paint, unfortunately, we are still butting heads about the colours. Lately I've been suffering from low blood pressure... the painting is probably going to change that. 

I've been looking at plans for gardens. We have an area that I think would make a fabulous succulent garden. These two pictures caught my eye:

It will take a while for the plants to fill in and look like this, but it's do-able. And Hubby said he could make a garden bench something like the one in the picture.... so there's hope. Gotta get the house painted first. 

Yes? ..... No?.... What do you think?

What will they come up with next?

Here's an excerpt of something I read on the internet this week:

Egyptian scholar Izzat Attiyah caused a stir and raised many eyebrows when he issued a 2007 Islamic ruling urging women to breastfeed their male colleagues to avoid illicit mixing between men and women at work. The act, the scholar argued, would establish a symbolic maternal bond between the men and women and would inhibit any sexual relations.

I bet that would stir up lots of interesting things in the office. I suppose it could be pretty useful as an excuse if people got caught doing naughty things at work... 'It isn't what you think it is.... we're just establishing a symbolic maternal bond!' hehehe....

Ughh... I think some of these 'shaikhs' are just a bunch of perverts. I imagine they spend their days sitting around thinking these things up - possibly during the commercial breaks on Aljazeera.

Friday, June 04, 2010

'Mom..... I'm bored!'

Yusef finished his exams this week as did Nora. Now they'll wait for their results. Sara and Jenna have received word that they've passed, but it's second-hand information because they haven't been to the school to see their results for themselves. Apparently their friends have gone to look at the lists. They'll have to go on Sunday to have a look just to be sure.

The kids are already complaining about being bored, so they nag me daily to take them into town to see their friends. I think they should plan a party and invite their friends over. 

The big problem with summertime is that the kitchen always seems to be a mess (or a bigger mess than usual). Snacking goes on all day and half the night. Crumbs and spilt juice and tea on the counters, and lots of dishes piled in the sink..... ugh! We have a small kitchen outside in the garden next to the terrace, but it's still not finished. It needs the sink installed and the marble counter-tops put in. Then it will be ready to use. I will then be able to keep the kitchen in the house locked (and clean!) most of the time while the outside kitchen is put to use. I'm trying to limit the mess and snacking. 

This morning hubby was watching some stupid program on TV when I went into the marbowa to remind him of the long list of things that needed to be done. Now he has a full-time team of teenagers to help him get things accomplished. That will keep them all busy and no one will dare say they're bored.... maybe...

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Long days... very long days..

We're still getting through exams in our house. I get up each morning at 6 o'clock to get breakfast ready. Yusef is miserable to wake up in the morning. I have to call him about 8 times before he finally drags himself out of bed. But worse than that is Ibrahim, Today he had to be physically picked up (by his father) and carried to the bathroom, held over the sink and dowsed with water. That was of course after I spent about 15 minutes trying to wake up his father. I set my alarm and get up... why can't everyone else in my house do that?

My day begins at six in the morning and finishes after midnight. It's a long day! When all the kids finally finish their exams I will get to sleep a bit later... but most likely I will get up early... and enjoy the peace and quiet while everyone sleeps in.

On another note... It's my father's birthday today. He'd have been 81-years old if he were still alive.... sigh.. I miss you Dad.

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