Friday, June 04, 2010

'Mom..... I'm bored!'

Yusef finished his exams this week as did Nora. Now they'll wait for their results. Sara and Jenna have received word that they've passed, but it's second-hand information because they haven't been to the school to see their results for themselves. Apparently their friends have gone to look at the lists. They'll have to go on Sunday to have a look just to be sure.

The kids are already complaining about being bored, so they nag me daily to take them into town to see their friends. I think they should plan a party and invite their friends over. 

The big problem with summertime is that the kitchen always seems to be a mess (or a bigger mess than usual). Snacking goes on all day and half the night. Crumbs and spilt juice and tea on the counters, and lots of dishes piled in the sink..... ugh! We have a small kitchen outside in the garden next to the terrace, but it's still not finished. It needs the sink installed and the marble counter-tops put in. Then it will be ready to use. I will then be able to keep the kitchen in the house locked (and clean!) most of the time while the outside kitchen is put to use. I'm trying to limit the mess and snacking. 

This morning hubby was watching some stupid program on TV when I went into the marbowa to remind him of the long list of things that needed to be done. Now he has a full-time team of teenagers to help him get things accomplished. That will keep them all busy and no one will dare say they're bored.... maybe...


  1. That can be a great thing, to get the kids to help but do they want to do it? Because when my daughter starts complaining and saying that she is bored, I always give her a list of things that she can do and of course, she does not like any of them... I wish you luck!

  2. I think it is really boring to sit at home after exams.because after exams first of all we need to relax, to roam, to meet friends, to go out at nights and much more.

  3. Does your kitchen floor have a drain or have you gone for plush tiles or carpet. So much water is thrown around everywhere when cleaning that the appliances start to rust.!! Have you gone for American style flooring or Libyan. Do you know where I can get a candy thermometer here in Tripoli. As I want to make fudge.!!!!Thankyou. Much appreciated.

  4. I've got tiles throughout the kitchen with a drain in the floor. The kitchen is a step down from the rest of the house to prevent water damage. All the cabinets and appliances are on a raised, tiled surface so they wont be effected by water.

    I saw candy thermometers at Ace Hardware in Tajoura. They had oven thermometers and timers too.

  5. Would have Mustafa do that kitchen 1st !!! I am a firm believer in ones own child slave laborers. Put them to work definitely at once !!Then they would have something to do , lol !


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