Friday, June 11, 2010

What will they come up with next?

Here's an excerpt of something I read on the internet this week:

Egyptian scholar Izzat Attiyah caused a stir and raised many eyebrows when he issued a 2007 Islamic ruling urging women to breastfeed their male colleagues to avoid illicit mixing between men and women at work. The act, the scholar argued, would establish a symbolic maternal bond between the men and women and would inhibit any sexual relations.

I bet that would stir up lots of interesting things in the office. I suppose it could be pretty useful as an excuse if people got caught doing naughty things at work... 'It isn't what you think it is.... we're just establishing a symbolic maternal bond!' hehehe....

Ughh... I think some of these 'shaikhs' are just a bunch of perverts. I imagine they spend their days sitting around thinking these things up - possibly during the commercial breaks on Aljazeera.


  1. Religious people in general tend to be sexual perverts.

  2. dear Khadija.........assalam
    This is an old story...we had joked about it and envied the male teachers for their new duties..!!!!!
    But last week it came-up in the Al-Arabiya news again.. Aparently a saudi female teacher went to court as she sued her school egyptian driver for sexual herrastment. because he kept asking and insisting for the female teachers to breastfeed him so they will be brothers and sisters in islam in order to carry on his job, according to a well known saudi shekh. The shekh in the intervew said no, in my fatw, I made clear the exception of male drivers and male home servents..
    I honestly thaught the egyptian shekh story was all a joke, till I wached Al-arbia news.
    now I am going to have a chat with my all young female colleqes....


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