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H1N1 Vaccine in Libya?

My husband told me the H1N1 vaccine was available in Libya but it cost 1,000 dinars a shot. This has increased the costs of anyone travelling to Saudi Arabia for Hajj this year. The vaccine isn't required to go to Hajj but you have to pay for it whether you take it or not.

Why are they charging so much for the vaccine? Does anyone know anything about this?

In the US the vaccine is given either for free or possibly with a fee for the administration. Kids and pregnant women are the ones really at greatest risk and there are plenty of those here in Libya. I can't imagine that families would be able to afford a thousand dinars for each member of their family, especially since Libyans usually have BIG families.


  1. salam..

    i haven't heard about that yet. but i guess its the black market not the official...
    cos its clear government wouldn't do that especially when it comes to hajj,
    as you mentioned its given free in America where the health care is in trouble... actually ours in trouble to but with a different kind of trouble...

    i think its just a black market with those pirates that love to take advantage of any thing at any time...

    but who knows it might be right might be wrong....

    the good thing is it has nothing to do with hajj...

    if i know something will let you know

    thank you salam

  2. 1,000 LYD ? I doubt..some people told me it's free.

  3. Khadija,

    The H1N1 virus is nor as serious as it has been made out to be. We have thousands of cases of it here in the UAE. I heard 2 million in Kuwait.
    I and the 7 kids had it and it was just a very bad flue. The doctors here and in the USA (lots of doctors in my family (including my mother and uncle that just passed)are saying the same thing. No reason for vaccine, most cases are mild, (and out of me and 7 kids it was me who was the sickest cause of my compromised immune system) lots of vitamin C, fluids and rest. We all did fine, major muscle aches is the worst part.
    Most cases are very mild, its actually a relief to have had it and passed. I would never suggest the vaccine as they are dangerous.
    Only the elderly, very young and those with compromised immune systems need to be hospitalized.
    Otherwise treat like any other flue.

  4. hi every one , Mrs Khadija from where your husband get this bad information , libya always buy all vaccines and get it to anyone free , Mr A.Adem yes it is free i am sure i know some of libyan who travel to Hajj get it free, regards

  5. I honestly don't know where you come up with some of this...The vaccine is free as ALL or most vaccines in libya are provided for free or at a nominal fee. My brother in law left for Hajj this week and he had several vaccinations all for free.

  6. oh...and another thing in regards to previous comment made by Bumedian. BLACK MARKET VACCINE??? I mean a lot of things can be sold on the black market, illegal medicines maybe but the H1N1 vaccine. Who would be stupid enough to buy a vaccine on the black market? Its not a stolen stereo. Am I the only one who thinks that many of the stories on this website are fabricated? In all the years I've live in Libya I have NEVER seen any of the following: a)someone exposing themselves b)a funya truck dumping human waste in any farm. This may anger you but I feel after all the years you've lived in Libya that maybe you've become like the 3zayez and like to add little bits to your stories just to make them sound better? One day I'd really like to see a post about something nice in Libya? Some advantages to living here?

  7. A.Adam... if you know where it's free please let me know. I don't want to be sick and will be happy to get a flu jab if it's not gonna cost me an arm and a leg.

    Jessica... you don't want to risk illness in Libya.

    Anonymous... last year they were selling the flu vaccine (the regular one - not the one for swine flu) at Manshiyah Pharmacy in Benashur... so that means there is a black market market for such things as it wasn't available to the general public for free through government agencies. Also I have been exposed to by men on more than one occasion and have even seen a women exposing herself to men on one occasion (that was really weird!) Two of my daughters have been victims of flashers as has my neighbour, a colleague and a few of my friends. It is a common crime in Libya.

  8. I am definatly not coming to Libya, seriously hubby passed the offer.

  9. it is also common to get your ass pinched, groped, have men stare at you, follow you around, whistle at you...sorry, but i believe what khadija teri a foreigner we see a different side of life and libya. libyans are in denile about what their society is think if we don't think about what is wrong, then it does not exist...libya is just like the rest of the world with its share of weirdos.

  10. If you are blonde and walking on the streets of Tripoli WITH your Libyan husband - you are still fair game game to be leered at, kissed at, stared at , flirted with and spoken gibberish english to ... Libyan men are fascinating with their protective nature towards their wives sisters or Libyan females - but all bets are off towards foreign women - we are harlets , whores , loose and very willing to behave immoraly

  11. WOW ! I was just gonna comment on the vaccine , but feel compelled to mention that as old as I am now, I still have an occasional flasher do his thing .

    As to the vaccine , I heard that the elementary schools in Tripoli issued a note one day a week or so ago saying that if the Swine Flu got worse , the elementary schools might have to close for 2 months in Tripoli. And that ALL infants over 6 mos, all elementary school age children should be vaccinated .Whether or not this is true ... I am not too sure . Just what I was told by someone with contacts to the health department.

  12. Dear Friends,
    As I have served in Public Health (Not in Libya)and worked with World Health Organization also for many years I would like to offer few pieces of advice for your consideration.

    1. Kindly check with Migration Office,Tripoli and Centre for Disease Control Libya (website:,and, E-mail: and Phones 0521 626202 and 051 4626202 & 4626022.
    2. In number of countries The H1N1 vaccine for Swine Flu is in process of manufacturing, licencing and certification of security for use in Human beings. Hence even if it is available and you want to receive it please check with NIDCC Libya (stated above)and website of World Health Organization(stated below) the particulars of vaccine to be sure that available vaccine is recommended as "safe and effective" by any of the above organizations.
    3. The authentic information respected by almost all the countries of world on health issues (including H1N1) is available free of cost on WHO websites (International) and info about Libya and other neighbouring countries). This will tell you precautions for international travelers to avoid H1N1, vaccines and Medicines available and recommended. When and where the vaccine and Medicine for H1N1 is recommended.

    I am not able to give you specific information applicable for Libya desired by you, as information on NIDCC Libya and Migration Office website is mostly in arabic and I can not read it.

    Regarding information available on WHO website for personal safety and precautions and when to take vaccine /Medicine etc if any one finds it difficult to extract and is willing to share the e-mail id with me at caring friend,I will be happy to send the summary of information copied from WHO website on H1N1 or any other public health concern.
    With best wishes
    Caring Friend

  13. for your information people libya provided evrything for their country with not cost espiacally vacssine and it care about their people and what the country goes through.

    secound khadija hun listen every country has this problem.
    i have seen worse thing in the arabic country. Libay is nothing when u see things in Eygpt and UAE and so on. we do have these things but niot as u said.
    there is no guy who does not to flirt with a girl and son on. so i think u should get your news write and comment.

    LIve in libya and see how the people are well understanding and great.

    no Country is perfect and no person is perfect.

    if everyone is perfect then their will be no life. that why god created so many race with different colour and culture.



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