Sunday, October 04, 2009


One of the problems with living on the farm is that there isn't a grocery shop just around the corner. I need to stock up on everything, especially things like juice and cookies for in case someone pops over for a visit. I've got a cabinet in the kitchen specifically for the reserves.

Do you think the kids will leave the cabinet alone?

No of course not!

So today I went out and bought a padlock - the kind with a combination so none of the kids can sneak around and find the key. The combination is stored in my head... and I'm going to my grave with it.


  1. hahahahaha this is exactly why i love visiting your blog, makes me smile everytime. :)

  2. You made me laughing Madam,

    My mother used to do the same long ago to keep my younger brother away from the stuff she kept for the visitors. But before she thought of the padlock , she really had suffred from him stealing and attcking all supplies. what also he used to do,, he denies that he was the one and push acusation for somebody else, awwww, how I miss those days. But anyway the lock is a good idea.

  3. ah brings back memories of my years in mom-in-law used to do the same thing...that is, hide the stuff and her very naughty favorite grandchild would always make her raid her stash for the grandkids. memories...i read your blog because i can reflect on what my life might have been like if i had stayed in libya...i am also an american and i was there from 1983 to 1990. thanks khadija teri for letting me see what life may have been like for me. you have a beautiful family and i envy your new home. may God protect all that is yours.

  4. Salam 3laykom...
    I have the same problem, not with my child, but with my husband, and his mother had the problem with him when he was young...
    It seems to be a good idea :) Maybe gonna try it in the future when i have something to lock it in to...

  5. I once , stupidly laughed at a freind when she told me she had hidden her goodies in her locked closet . She said to me , Just you wait until your babies get big enough to raid the cabinets .Then you will be hiding your food too .

    Many years later . I still think about what she said , because when my son comes to visit now , I still have to hide certain foods .


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