Monday, October 19, 2009

Old to New

There is a picture floating around of what Tripoli will look like in the future. In the picture it shows that all along the seafront there will be modern buildings and skyscrapers. It will look quite different from what we see today.

Things are beginning to change already. But how much of the old should go to make way for the new? I'm all for improving things but at the same time I'd like to see traditional style and culture remain. Can the new blend with the old, making a modern-traditional mix?

And why does it seem as though there is not much thought for the people and businesses that are displaced in the process? It always seems that they are taken by surprise when the demolition crews begin their work.... A mad scramble to move before the walls cave in and endless talk about how much compensation they will get and the big question WHEN they'll get it. As well as whether it will be enough to buy something elsewhere - and is there something elsewhere.

Change is inevitable I guess. I seem to notice it more since we moved out of the city. I'm surrounded by work in progress everyplace I go.


  1. salam...
    the question that i am asking all the time they talk about developing the infrastructures and the buildings is,,, who is going to use them ?
    The development can’t be in the buildings only cos they will be misused if there is no one to use them the proper use.
    The efforts to tear up and build again ,,, should start from restructuring the humans and preparing them first ,,, there is where the real development and modernization is all about... humans...
    But it seems so far far away :( hopefully not...

    i liked the photo...

    Thank you

  2. Very typical and very pathetic.
    Modernization and development should start from beautiful minds of Libyans then in infrastructure. As long as hand shaking hand under the table nothin gonna change Libya..

  3. let me key in and commence a reply on my Libyan friends, To be honest I do not know how the governments will develop the Libyan people,(the minds), which way and how? remember, that the generation leading Libya now are not ignorant if your talking education wise. If you mean they are corrupt, then I believe all the anti-corruption programs are gonna fail. In Libya, before the oil discovery, we were simple people ,, yes ignorant but not spoiled and corrupt and there was no governments, so how they succeeded in maintaining that,, you name it? ok back to the subject,
    I believe the current development was urgently needed and the panic we have seen is just because of the lack of organisation, I am sorry I just cant be against that because of minor problems.

    finally , I believe they can develop things blended between the old styles and new. We have seen that in Morocco and recently in Alshariqa UAE.

  4. "Please, don't be a blind imitator of the West, nor a slave to the past,but build on the rich history and traditions of your Civilization". That was the advise of the Chinese born architect,I.M.Pei to his countrymen in the early Ninties.

    Can someone traslate!!

  5. While riding around town the other day I was admiring the architecture one sees in the old City or in the downtown area along some of the main streets . These buildings are old but beautiful and should be preserved . They represent a rich history. Not always we need to knock down everything old to make way for the new . New doesn't always mean something Great.


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