Friday, June 12, 2009


All of us should take a lesson from the weather:

It pays no attention to criticism.


  1. KT,

    Well you took some pretty harsh hits for your last post. I hope people have calmed down and given themselves time to reflect. You are a good soul and meant no harm but you clearly touched a nerve. Perhaps some of those people will open their eyes and look around see for themselves the truth.

  2. khadija
    we agree with you that some of our roads and cities is dirty not "all of theme" but you affront us when you said " Libyans smell like Libyan food - even when they aren't eating, so I'm surrounded by the odor of onions (basla), and the spices used in Libyan cuisine. ... sigh"
    you meant we are dirty . we don't forgive you never ever
    ask from our god clemency

  3. {{{Hugs}}}

    Sometimes, the truth just hurts people. They'll get over it.

    Just stay real :o)

  4. Of course, but the weather continues in its road and caresless. Good day.

  5. hi Mrs Teri
    we missed your writers although you affront libyans
    hope to be ok
    best wishes

  6. You're not affronting Libyans - you're confronting them. Good for you!! They need it! Admittedly, they don't grow up in a culture where constructive criticism is encouraged.
    We Americans have plenty of rednecks who'd probably react the same way if you said anything at all derogatory about, say, West Virginia or Tennessee. At the end of the day,it's all about education.


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