Monday, June 22, 2009

Make way for the kitchen!

Cabinets are being installed in the kitchen... work is in progress!

On another note... some one, anonymous, has mostly figured out the answer to the "Where is This?" that I posted last week. Have a look and read my explanation.


  1. Congratulations,

  2. it seems very nice kitchen you have to take care of it and I what kind of food would you like too cook in it ( Libyan smelly food or do you know how to cook any other which is not like that )thank Ahmed

  3. The traditional Libyan said.. where is the Bazeen area in your beautiful kitchen ???...

  4. Really beutiful kitchen, we want a recipies now!!.
    you too take care when you use outside WC it looks clean but really it does contain STD(SEXUAL TRANSMITTED DISEASES)and other harmful bugs.

  5. Hi KT,

    Kitchen looks great. How close are you to moving in? Or is this going to remain a weekend house?
    Look forward to more pictures. Have fun decorating. I'm, jealous.

    Fan in America

  6. Hi Kadijateri,
    Just wanted to let you know that myself and a group of expats have launched a website with information on Libya, specifically directed towards Expats. I had so much trouble finding any information when I was considering moving here, and so decided to create a site for those like me. Anyway, wanted to put your blog on there as a useful link but wanted to check with you first. Check out the site at Would love your feedback also.

  7. the kitchen is looking very nice and american

  8. hi khadija teri
    it is big kitchen but be careful when you cooking we afraid for you from libyan smelly food, you well get bad odor (POSLA),

  9. Just LOVE IT Darlink !!!! Can't wait to come over for coffee !You deserve it !

  10. Congratulations for your kitchen.

    Wish you will get ready soon and move in.
    regards from Malta.

  11. Your kitcehn is going to be beautiful. I love the color of the cabinets.

  12. Your kitchen is lovely can't wait to see the final product.


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