Monday, September 01, 2008

I'd kill for coffee...

Two days of Ramadan have past. I've survived without coffee during the day so far and not killed anyone. I feel groggy during the day; a listless feeling like I'm in a fog. I just want to sleep, and I try to stay away from family members to avoid inflicting myself on them - I am a considerate person after all. After dinner (breakfast) I have a cup of coffee and then I start to feel normal again.

For the past two days I've only been out for short trips during the day to the vegetable market. I get what I need and come straight home. I've had a few days off work. Tomorrow I will go back to work in the morning. I hope by then the coffee cravings will have abated some.


  1. Same here! I've been coffee deprived and somehow making it through the day! Ramadan Karim:) I am craving coffee at the moment and still 13 hours to go haha!


  2. هذه هي الحكمة من صيام شهر رمضان لنشعر بالاحساس الذي يعانيه ملايين البشر لفقدانهم اساسيات الحياة من أكل وشرب وهذا يجب أن يدفعنا لمساعدتهم أينما كانوا.

  3. a translation from anonymous (most likely abullatif):

    This is the wisdom of fasting month of Ramadan to feel a sense suffered by millions of people for missing the basics of life from eating and drinking, this should prompt us to help them wherever they are.


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