Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Computer wars

My husband has decided, for some reason unbeknownst to me, to try to attempt to become computer literate. Basically what this means is that he has taken over my computer and is attempting to totally screw it all up... I can see a reinstall of the operating system in the near future.. or possibly a format. He clicks on anything and everything.... sigh.. He's become a malware downloading maven!

The most annoying thing is that he has discovered YouTube. He spends hours happily watching reruns of long forgotten crap from Aljazeera and totally inane things such as live traffic reports from the city we lived in twenty years ago. When I caught him doing that I nearly exploded! WTF!!! 

He has used up all the internet time and I am now paying LTT ten dinars for just 500mb which lasts him less than a day.  I've got another five days before it's time to renew the internet so I'm looking at about 60 more dinars of hubby watching pointlesss videos. .... ummm.. I don't think so. 

Tonight I am changing the password.


  1. I did not get that WTF!!! Explain PLs

  2. Khadija,
    Hi my name is Alaa El-Buri. I was born and raised in the US and my husband and I are possibly moving to Libya in a few months. I am sooooo nervous and scared to death. I visited Libya for the first time and it was exactly as I expected. I am trying to find any resources to try to figure things out a little bit or know what to bring with me from the US. I am taking online courses and am planning to continue in Libya. Youre comments about the internet are really freaking me out. Is it expensive there? Reliable? Im sorry to bombard you with all these questions, its just that there isn't much online about Libya. I was sooo happy to read your blog and I would love to talk to you and meet you when we get to Libya.

  3. zuhare... I have a laptop and there is a computer in the kids room too. But he likes my desk because it's comfortable... he's invading my space...ugh

    anonymous... WTF is the internet acronym for What The F*ck!

    Alaa... ADSL is 20 dinars a month for 7 GB. If you go over that amount you can buy extra time 10 dinars for 500 mb. For most people this would probably be OK but there are three computers and two smartphones in my house using the internet... 7 GB doesn't last that long, especially if you are downloading a lot, uploading a lot, or watching videos

  4. LOL LOL HAHA It's time to up the household budget from hubby.....I am sure he has heard "IF MOMMA AIN'T HAPPY, AIN'T NOBODY HAPPY!!!!" Sandi

  5. is it now aha. Keep using that language .PFO!! Was I thanking it's ramadan?

  6. WTF!!!

    anonymous... WTF is the internet acronym for What The F*ck!

    Are u girl ? Women ?? Lady ???

    what could Libyan guys says !!!


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