Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ten Dinars

Hubby came home today and told me that they will be issuing 50 dinar banknotes soon, maybe this week. I can't understand why they didn't do that a long time ago. Whenever you have to buy something that requires a large sum of cash you have to carry around big stacks of money to do it. Also the fact that credit card use in this country is virtually unknown carrying around piles of cash is quite common. Having 50 dinar notes would take up less space.

Another thing I can't understand is why people here hate using coins. When they raise the prices on goods in the shops they usually add a quarter of a dinar because that is the smallest banknote used here. When I first came to Libya, in 1989, using coins was common. It certainly would be better if they went back to using them again and then only raising the prices a few cents at a time instead of in big chunks.

For example, last Ramadan I paid 1.75 for gouda cheese that cost me 2.75 today. And pasta that was .75 a year ago is now 1.75. Everything has gone up in price and each time they raise the prices they add a quarter and sometimes half a dinar. The only place I ever see coins being used is in the baker's. Maybe if Libyans went back to using coins they probably would raise the prices in smaller increments.

Well that's just my humble opinion.

Something I did in 2002 with a scan of a 10 dinar banknote.


  1. Hi KT, the 50 dinar is actualy in circulation, (its butt ugly btw).
    It came out on the 1st of september.
    I can't believe how expensive it is here now, before people had money but nothing to spend it on, now there is so much available and people don't have money. (or enough money) but then again, judging by the amount of people in the shops...I might have to retract that statement.

  2. I agree about coinage. The l/4 and l/2 dinar notes are so useless and annoying. By the way, love your artwork -- especially the coin pic!

  3. Fabulous graphic artwork! Love it!
    Coins are no longer really used here in Saudi Arabia either, so when change is due, you just get screwed out of the cents part.
    There's talk in the US of at least doing away with the penny, since it now costs more to produce it than it's actually worth.


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