Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Doing nothing

The ONLY thing I did today was cook, and that was something minimal - soup, marinading and throwing chicken in the oven and making pasta salad. I'm taking a break from everything and just resting. 

Tomorrow I'm going to start slowly sorting through the growing piles of books and papers that are stacked on, under and next to my desk. There is also a pile of books next to my bed and in the corner of my bedroom. The girls have been complaining that my stuff is starting to take over. 

I'll get to it tomorrow... or maybe I will just do nothing again tomorrow. It was kind of nice today... for a change.


  1. Dear Teri,

    Hope you are well. I just came across your site. Great stuff! I am writing to you because I am launching a website that will be populated with cross-cultural information about every country in the world. We will be looking to the web community to help do this with all the information being available for free. I was wondering if you and/or members from your community may be able to help us out with the Libya pages. We would love your input. Let me know if you would be open to this and I'll send along a brief questionnaire.

    Here is a link to the site: http://www.culturecrossing.net/

    Thank you for your time!


    Michael Landers
    Director - Culture Crossing
    Email: michael@culturecrossing.net

  2. Hello,
    recently I was talking with my friend- he's a road engineer.He told me that he worked in Lybia building roads. That was some 20 years ago. It was under the communist system. Now he said that he's very interested how his work looks like, after all those years. I was not able to find any specifics on the Internet, unfortunately.He mentioned that he worked near Tripoli. Then I found your blog, which I really like. Lots of very interesting information. I wonder- would you be willing to give me some info how are the roads in Libia, or maybe you can direct me to websites which specifically deal with this issue. I wuold really appreciate your help.Thank you
    Keep up the good work. Lydia

  3. Hi Lydia - 20 years ago was a long time. The roads that were built then are full of potholes or have possibly been dug up in the new demolition phase of the country. What roads was he working on specifically? Maybe someone can get a picture.


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