Friday, September 26, 2008

Counting down

The countdown to the end of Ramadan has started. Now is the time I start getting ready for Eid and the two days I'll spend at the in-laws. It's a combination of getting myself psyched up emotionally to handle it and also to find some way to occupy my time for two very, very, very long and boring days.

I've been saving up National Geographic magazines to read. And I have movies on my iPod and some books. This will keep my brain from going numb - my ass will be numb no matter what. My sister-in-laws sit around all the time, doing nothing but gossiping. How do they sit around all day, every day? Their bottoms must be paralized.. I know their brains are. .. sigh...

The third day of Eid I am taking off with the kids and doing something, I'm not sure what yet but it will be anything but sitting around. 


  1. man god be with you for the days of eid.. gossiping sister in laws are no fun.. must suck to have such pathetic peeps as relatives.. hope you stocked up on enough movies.. it is 2 days after all!

  2. you don't wanna gossip with your in-laws, but i see you like backbiting you in-laws.
    stop bitching

  3. anonymous... it is very, very hard for me to sit there all day (for at least 16 hours) two days in a row. I'm an extremely active person - I work full time plus as a rule and spend my days with a diverse range of professional people who have interesting and intelligent things to discuss. Two days with uneducated sister-in-laws is difficult - we have NOTHING in common. It's torture.

  4. Been there, done that. I know exactly how you feel!!! I admire your perseverance, courage and strength. Most Libyan families are weird.


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