Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'll keep blogging

My blog anniversary is this week, September 24th. It's hard to believe that I started this blog four years ago in 2004. The weird thing is that's nothing has really changed since then - I'm still waiting for the house to be finished and complaining about my husband and kids. lolol...  

Alajnabia , an American blogger in Palestine,  posted to say she's been thinking about me and many of the other bloggers of the blogs that she reads. I certainly think and worry about her too over there in Palestine. My life is safe in Libya - and boring in comparison. 

I hate it when I get hooked on a blog and then suddenly the posts stop. A lot of Libyan bloggers who had been actively posting have stopped. Some of them still comment from time to time so I know they are still around, others seemed to have disapeared completely.

Khalid Jorni  had decided to quit but has returned. Lonehighlander posts sporadically and Safia who has come and gone and come back and is gone once again. Lebeeyah blog is now closed to only those she invites - maybe I will get lucky and she'll invite me. These are just a few of many - you can find a updated list of Libyan bloggers here

I think of my students.. Heba , Huk-Huk  and Behi. I'm always happy when I see that they have posted and that means they are safe and well.

Some non-Libyan bloggers that I think of... Nzingha; an American in Saudi, Manal  and her husband Abu Sinan  a Saudi-American couple in the US - different because the husband is the American one, Gina who is off on a big adventure, SJ  who lived here when she was a child makes me laugh out loud. Oh there are so many, the list would take up pages. Thank God for RSS feedreaders!

Maybe blogging fills a niche for some for a time; a kind of therapy that when no longer needed gets swept to the corner of the person's life. Sometimes abandoned forever and sometimes kept around in case it's needed again. I guess I'll keep blogging for now.


  1. I love your blogs keep it up !
    A Libyan friend sent me your link - in April 2008 and I 've been reading ever since. I have been to Libya twice and REALLY enjoy your " observations ". I have a few of my own as well ;].

    Keep Writing
    We love reading your entries

  2. Thank you for thinking of me! Your blog is precious to me - a link to the beautiful land of my childhood. You're one of the few people whom I know truly understand my love for Libya.

    I'm guilty of slacking on blog posts lately, but that's largely to do with how my Medifast regimen is consuming my life right now. It's such a life-changing process I'm experiencing. Also, I've got a redesign in the works that makes me want to just go on hiatus until it debuts! (But I won't!)

  3. KT

    We disagree then we agree, we argue then we make up, We say things we regret but despite all this I have only respect and admiration for you as a person and you as a blogger and although i dont always commet but rest assure I never miss any post

    Keep up the good work as you give a vivd view of life in libya

    Fe Aman allah

  4. Did I mention that yours is one of the first blogs that I regularly followed, and one of the reasons that I decided to try it my self? When is your house going to be done? Seems like forever ago that you picked out pretty tile for all the rooms. I thought it would be done soon after that.

  5. You write my most favorite blog! Of course you are my sister... I love you!!!

  6. My blog anniversary is coming you know
    Hard to believe I started four years ago

    Nothing has really changed since then
    I'm still waiting for the house to be done

    Living a life surrounded by empty heads
    Complaining about my husband and kids

    I hate it when blog posts suddenly stop
    Libyan bloggers walk away N’ let it drop

    Some still comment from time to time
    To keep your blog alive is not a crime

    I know some bloggers are still around
    I search the net for them like a hound

    It’s like a jig saw or restless great Dane
    Some come, go, comeback & go again

    While some of them got their life geared
    The others seemed to have disappeared

    My blog informs my family back in US
    With so many blogs thanks to the RSS

    Blogging fills a niche for some for a time
    I will keep blogging & I don’t give a dime

  7. Great blog.....i really enjoy reading.

  8. Congratulation to your blog anniversaire! Throug your blog,I discoverd the (for me completely new)world of blogging. And, living on the countryside in Libya, I am able to follow how life looks in the capital.

  9. Great blog, keep-it-up.

    Best regards,


  10. Just stopping by to say thank you for you comment on our blog. Am a a little nervous now that a local is reading it! Hope you are not offended by my freshly arrived westerner observations! Looks like we share a blog anniversary too!



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